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they said i cant receive any more replacement phones

poorly trained workers on three levels

after upgrading two phones, purchased about ten day ago 5different sims cards-my phone number for my safelink being removed-inconpatable sim card-poorly trained workers-lying supervisors-inablity to correct their mistakes-not reviewing case files- before understanding the case problem -asking floor supervisor why didnt he review the file rather than me asking him to look and make sure all imput was there-this started at 5:30 (about)didn't end until about 9:25 with me asking for miama fl.phone.

bad service

I have been waiting for a replacement phone since april 17th and still I do not have the phone yet and when I call they just give me the run around saying the paperwork is not processed.. Then why do they say 7 to 10 days for delivery of the phone...someone at this company is not doing their job I hate this company worst phone company ever I give them a negative rateing

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