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This pizza is cheap and greasy and disgusting!

Terrible service terrible establishment. 1903 E Kenilworth Pl, Milwaukee The other night I ordered 2 orders of topper-sticks and one pepperoni pizza and paid then asked for my receipt and was ignored. The woman at the front desk looked like she was swamped with orders so I just waited for my order to come up not thinking much about it. I noticed there was a hectic mood around the area because a fight happened right outside of the toppers and cops showed up.. (sort of frightening, but not unusual for this too happen in Milwaukee.) When my order came up I was shocked to see that they had only given me one order of toppers sticks and my pizza. I asked why there wasn't another order for me and I was told I "didn't pay for another order" and that they would give me my money back for just the pizza and one topper-sticks. Outraged at this response I asked to speak to the manager. Unfortunately the asst. manager behaved herself very unprofessionally. I asked her for my receipt to prove that I had paid for what I was not given. She then talked to the worker at the front desk who told her I had signed for my receipt and handed it back to her as if it were a credit card purchase. Unfortunately not the case. I had paid in cash... The asst. manager then told me i would not be given a refund. So I asked for the corporate office phone number and left it at that. Angry, I went back to my house to file a complaint. To no surprise at her lack of professionalism the phone number was not too corporate but it was her own phone number which I soon noticed after talking to her she was a very foul mouthed individual where I received the 411 on how too **** myself. So all in all very terrible service and i will never again give a dime of my money to a company that allows their employees to behave in that manner.

i think that if toppers have ppl calling and they dial our number for a fax number we should be put on the pay roll i called yesterday and complained and got the run around i guess i will have to call contact six.. and see if they like the bad rep/ broadcasted on the tv. maybe then they will do something about it.. just got a call at 8:oopm 5-5-2010... ps you owe me a pizza....this keeps happening weekly.. (this week 2in 2 days and it was 2 calls...VERY UNHAPPY... I WILL TELL ALL MY FRIENDS NOT TO USE TOPPERS...

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