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V ery upset

I was told to sign up for a Talbot card and all are on headsets and VOIP. I am quite upset. You need to warn others about this please.

Love the store but find their advertising to be very misleading along with my friends. We went into the outlet store and asked if the 70% off sign that was on top of the clearance rack was 70% clearance we were told yes. Not true, it is 70% off the original price. Take the sign down or print it out you go back to the original price. Friend took everything back. I only kept my purchase because it was a gift. It's not that it wasn't a good deal but store needs to be clear of their sales.

Late charges

I have been a Talbots customer for over 50 years and have decided to destroy my credit card and to never shop Talbots again. The primary reason is the very expensive "late charges" that Talbots has. I was late with a payment by about 7 to 10 days, I now live on a pension that arrives on the last day of the month thus, the tardiness of my payment. $25.00 is a lot to pay for someone who has always paid her Talbots bills and has an excellent credit rating.

Deaf Not Welcome

The deaf are not accepted by this store and are turned away. It is unacceptable and so nasty. They do not care at all and allow it to occur


I purchased some clothes and took them home to try on since I do Not like to try on clothes in the store I purchased the clothes because I liked the looks of them paid Cash and today I took them back all the sizes did not fit true only to find out that they would not give me my cash back I'm getting ladled a check of $ 154.00 This was not told to me and on top of it all the clerk was rude now When I get the check I have to make another trip to the bank. I'm done with Talbots Hello Nordstrom's where you get treated Like a person

Goodby Talbots

I have made in the past week, repeated calls to the Talbots Customer Service Credit Card Division, now operated by Comenity Bank, asking where my March bill was. Got a difference story each time. Finally went on-line and paid the bill. When I got the payment confirmation, I learned that I will be getting a new Talbot card with a new account number. As far as I know, there was no information sent to Talbot customers about the new card. I have been a long time customer of Talbots (35 years or so) and I have had it. The quality of the clothes has gone down and frankly, it doesn't seem that Talbots wants my business anymore. I also don't think I should have to have deal with the recent aggravation I have had just trying to pay my bill on time.

Talbots has hit rock bottom

Having been a Talbots customer since college, it is sad to see the quality of its clothes and the competence of its employees distill into such a low quality production. I shopped at the LaJolla,CA location today and was treated so rudely that I left without purchasing anything. The store was vacant of customers quite understandably. Talbots had lots of high quality, cute clothes before the year 2000, then they really went downhill. I am finally giving up and closing my Talbots credit account after 30 yrs.

Canadian customers not wanted

I tried to buy a top last week on Talbots. They ding us $25 for shipping to Canada so you really must like something to pay that. I got the dreaded out of stock message and found out oh gee there are no more of those tops in the distribution center just in the store sorry we only ship from the stores to Americans not to Canadians, sorry we cannot ship one from a store to the distribution center then to you, sorry we cannot fix our website so that you know which items are only in the stores, sorry, sorry, sorry. One week later the item is still available just not to me. I have money to spend and can't find stores to take it, they all go after the young kids. Okay I get the message, I bought some new furniture instead of new clothes.

swinging too far

Like most others I had a really difficult time sticking with Talbots through your misguided marketing to a younger crowd as many times I walked out of the store empty handed saying I was never coming back. I see that Talbots has returned to a a classic look but now you have swung over to the ugly garrish side. You were always my go to store for business clothes. The last time I was in a store, it was only white haired retired women buying. It seems the pendulum has swung too far the other way. Looking at the selection of turtlenecks, the choices were either 4 super loud colors or two dead sad colors. The clothes have no "style". They seem to be plain with loud colors and mediocre fabrics. Again it seems you don't understand who your market is. Business women with $. Your clothes are geared for someone else. So long.

Recently I received a call saying I had not paid my bill.....I told the caller I had not received a bill in months!!! I was appalled at her attitude and charged 60 dollars (or so) for not paying. I find this totally unfair as I have always paid on time (just ask MasterCard). I live in a retirement facility that is considered first class. And I intend to spread the word about my treatment. Also there is a store in my town that I will never go to again plus I am cutting up my charge card. Yesterday I received a statement. (They found my address???) needless to say it is upsetting to senior citizens to be treated in such a manner.

Good Morning, Having just taken a quick glance at the September "Meet. Try. Love. (&Share.)" flyer I was thrilled to see the stlyes coming back to what classic women from ages 30+ can wear and feel both confident and age appropriate without sacrificing style!! Thank you I can again start shopping at Talbots. Sincerely, Donna Latraverse

This morning while folding some clean laundry, one piece was a classic TALBOTS stripe short sleeve cotton shirt that I purchased 15-20 years ago and still in perfect condition. It's one of my favorites! It brought to mind my sadness over the past five years or so how much the styles have changed at TALBOTS from CLASSIC to TRENDY. I had been a loyal customer of TALBOTS for years/decades ... and now I can't find anything that suits my taste. The below the waist pants are awful. The fluffy shirts are tacky! You don't carry any more golf shirts. Where has the tailored look gone? With it you've lost me as customer. Every month or so I walk around my local store in MASHPEE COMMONS, MA and find nothing that interests me in even trying on. BRING BACK THE CLASSIC STYLE!!!!!

I have been a Talbots customer for years. I have pieces of clothing from years ago I still wear. While the quality has not been there for some time I continued to purchase some items. I recently purchased some blouses and today I was wearing one of the recent purchases. The poor quality was visual. I called and spoke to a customer service representative who agreed with me the quality isn't there anymore and she said she often gets calls similar to mine. This weekend I will be returning all of my recent purchases. Talbots has never been inexpensive but you could justify the purchases because the quality was there. I also sent an email and received a standard email. Shame on you.

I spent about about 20 minutes in the store looking for a dress, but apparently made the mistake of wearing a sporty outfit because not one sales associate bothered to acknowledge me, even though one associate looked right at me. I was even willing to pay full price for a dress if I could find one!! I don't shop there much and now I don't know if I will bother to shop there at all. Note to all salespeople: what someone is wearing into your store has NOTHING to do with his/her financial status, willingness to purchase, or ability to pay.

Once again, your website has failed me. I have tried to take advantage of today's sale since early morning and have not been able to get through. I called Talbot's on line call number and was told that it must be my computer. How insulting and condescending! I am able to get on the Coldwater Creek and Chico's sites any time I try. This has been a problem Talbot's for a while now, but it is getting to the point now that I may just give up trying.

Still love the clothes, but get so frustrated with the website not working about half the time. Please fix this!!!

Talbot's return policy is absolutely acceptable. 90 no use wash is fair for such a quality brand. I never understand customer why they return merchandise the bought with a great sale or even final sale they want to returned after 6 or more moths is pitiful. They get mad if they don't get their way . I completely support returns for quality issues but because you founded in your closet or you washed instead the cleaners its absolutely pathetic.. I am happy to donate my clothing to the need it empower me to be a better human being

I believe this company is coming along . The clothing quality is exceptional.The styles are up to day even have items to fit any age. The associates are great educated and knows how tetao eeprovide good service.Retail market is tough to please but I strongly believe the service is exceptional. I have work on retail for over 10 yr different corporationand they didn't care about the customers there was not foundation and Talbot's brings something different. They want to establish loyalty and quality service.

I am writing to echo all the sentiments of the reviews I just read. I too have been a loyal Talbots customer since the early 80's and have witnessed the quality of the merchandise go downhill and the styles now being geared to teens and 20 something's thereby totally excluding the loyal customers, who are primarily baby-boomers, with money. From a marketing standpoint, I realize you want to bring new customers aboard to carry-on the Talbots tradition but you haven't succeeded. My friends and co-workers who have young daughters say their daughters wouldn't set foot in a Talbots store even though this seems to be the kind of customer you are now seeking. There are plenty of stores where these young women can and do shop. Please quit already with the hip/low waist pants as they don't fit well or look good on the more mature figure. We need a store on our side as we still like to dress well and many of us still work in the business world. My closet used to contain about 85% Talbots clothing. It is now down to about 40% and steadily declining. Shame on you.

I am amazed at how far Talbot's has dropped below my radar. The clothes are targeted toward the younger, high income crowd - customers over the age of 50 (many well-to-do) have little to choose from. Poorly made - don't have a fit or style for mature women. Your pants used to be my choice over all others, but they don't fit any longer. I have a closetful of Talbot's jackets, pants, sweaters, etc. They are the last of their kind. I will never buy another. You threw your older, faithful customers to the wolves. I find Cold Water Creek my go-to store now. Plus (and this is a BIG plus) I just found out that my most favorite saleswoman - a long, long time employee with a wonderfully helpful talent for advising me on the right thing for the right occasion - was dismissed because of a new company edict to do away with full-time employees below management level. Now you can hire part-time people with no benefits. What kind of people are you. This dear lady - single with no other income - just a few years shy of Social Security age,will have problems finding a position in this economy. How cold and cruel! What were you thinking. You practically murdered your company with poor choices and now the staff takes the brunt of it all. I will never, ever darken your doorstep again.

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