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Geez, that's unbeleivable. Kudos and such.

I was employed at a Scott Fetzer Company for over 33 years. When hard times hit as it does so often, the inventory specialist job I had was surplussed. I was demoted to janitor. I was very proud to have a job no matter what kind it was. That is until I started being watched and felt entrapped because almost everyday someone was watching me on the security camera, or as HR manager reported, someone was telling on me for every little thing they "thought" I was doing. I found out that another employee had access to personal information about me on a computer. I found another job and quit. I went to HR for my exit interview and asked about my remaining vacation time. Now, note that I have worked here for over 30 years, and I was told that they didn't owe me any vacation pay. However, after talking to another employee, I found out that he/she is retiring at the end of the year and HR told Her/Him that if he/she would work just 3 days after the first of the year, he/she would have 4 weeks paid vacation given to him/her. What is this? Sounds to me like it's according to who you are, whether or not you will get your vacation time or not. I was so distraught with management that I had to seek a doctor's help with my anxiety attacks.

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