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over priced and saletags

after reading all these reviews my concern is nothing I guess but this operation needs worldwide news exporsure Fox News 60 Mins for sure

over priced clothing

So a few weeks ago, I noticed the prices were quite high at the Salvation army I shop at in Canton, Ohio. There was a worn out shirt marked at $14.99! I was laughing my butt off, & took pics of the high prices, this is either price gouging, or a joke! If I could post pics, I would, because this is crazy!

Please Look into the store of Rochester New Hampshire

I have never seen so many Male Managers getting away with sexual harrassment then this store. Each Male Manager over the past 2 years are having affairs on the property and within the store. This looks horrible and makes for a terrible atmosphere.


Salvation Army in Charlotte, NC on Central is not a Christian based organization. They are not fair to the employees and someone need to check into this store. They do not care for the people only about themselves. I know because I have a love one that work there. The Major and the staff should be checked out. These are not Christian people. My prayer is for God to shut the doors to this place.

I am very disappointed with the salvation army store in Titusville,Florida. The store employee refused to sell me the item I was buying ,for $1.00 discount,and suggested me to shope other stores....well that's exactly what am gonna do.

I usually buy stuff from the Salvation Army, I know they help people and in Ridgecrest they are pretty good about it, many of the ladys are very nice but during Christmas it changes, for 3 years in a row I have signed up for toys for my grandkids and the day I go pick up the toys they are not there or they can't find the papers so we have gone with no toys. Also they sell stuff they call "collectibles" that are damaged. I bought 3 Norman Rockwell plates for $25.00 each cuz I was told they are expensive, I tried to sell them on Ebay and could not cus they are selling them between $3.00 and as high as $9.00 I tried to explain to them hoe collectibles work but the one lady that prices them will not do anything about it. Also the donated furniture is sold at almost brand new prices, some one needs to do something about this.


Salvation army is one of my favorite places to shop in my small town, Cheboygan Michigan. As I am a college student, I take opportunities to save money. I've bought a lot of clothes from this store. Recently, the policy has changed to stapling price tags on the clothes, which ruins them. I was informed by the store manager in cheboygan that after washing the clothes, the holes will fix themself. That will not work if the seam or fabric is torn or snagged during the process of removing a staple. Stapling price tages is unnecessary. I will not be returning to this store. I know this is a concern of many others other than myself. Quality is important, and for the price of the clothes, I expect quality.

need to speak to some-one

been asking to speak to miss philsbury @ the 3rd st location in lafayette,louisiana since 12/14/12 for assistance with furniture because of a house fire we had on 12/13/12, we left #'s and messages and we still have'nt gotten a response back, what can we do to recive help especially with beds and housing supplies

Joe Goron (store manager)

This guy has no clue how to run his store 2380 n clyborne in chicago they have electronics that are all donated and are not priced and give people a hard time on buying them when this money is for a good cause to help people out. He needs to be trained in how to talk to peple and control his employees thst are rude and don't help anybody nice charity.

They are crooks. They live off ppl. I know some one named Mark that worked for them during the cyclone in Joplin. He still Works for them in North Platte Ne and steals hundreds of dollars of meat a month. He stole a gas card to get from Joplin to North Platte from them. He also steals tithes on Sunday. He is a very evil man and a drug addict and smokes pot every day plays poker til 4 am sunday mornings drinking all nite then drives the Salvation army van, still drunk, to pick up little Kid's for kid's church. That's what they want to employ though. PPL just like them.

Hey, I'm 23 years old but i'm not gonna say who I am, also I'm in A wheelchair and I never ask for any help but the salvation army never even bothered to help me. Also, I have donated slot of clothes to them but they never helped me out in any way, they are nothing but a scam and they are very selfish.

Last week I went to Salvation Army for help with my electric bill,because I had been out of work on disability and I wasn't making enough to pay all my bills at that time. I was treated so nasty!!!. I have never asked for help before. I am a hard working woman and I just fell on hard times this month. I tried to explain that my husband is on oxygen and I can't afford to let them turn off the electricity .The womans response to me was, you have to make an appointment, I told the woman I called the previous friday and they told me to call that Monday and I couldn't get through.She told me she was busy and had other appointments, but there was just myself and one other Lady there. I felt like a piece of dirt when I left there because of her attitude. I use to donate clothes and money when I would see the people on the streets. NOT ANYMORE! THIS HAPPENED IN SUMTER,SOUTH CAROLINA

I recently went to the salvation army for help. I did jump through hoops to get the assistance I needed. they agreed, and then didnt send the money to duke energy. That information wasnt given to me until the last day before disconnection. I currently now will not have power for me or the kids. I am not expecting help, however before being let go and going to unemployment, I gave every year to share the warmth, a charity that salvation army disberses, and every year put a 50.0 in the red kettle at christmas, I give clothes and toys at donation sites. I do enjoy giving to people in need, that is the reason I give. However, all should be paid forward, as I pay forward in life, and I will not donate to this organization any longer, nor will my family or many friends that have in the past. The amount was only 41.0 but the principal, I was treated rudely and they did not even make the payment to Duke Energy that they had promised. They promised Duke energy with verbal conformation. I guess the next time I need forty dollars I will have more than that amount considering no more charity to this organization will be provided by me. I was at the Salisbury Nc site. Big thanks...

My husband and I frequently visit many Salvation Army stores in our area..more often then not we find treasures that just need a little love & we enjoy that.However,the disregard of the price ticketers that just slap a sticker on an item without even thinking about it is rediculous.Most items become ruined when trying to remove the sticker,most of the time the sticker becomes imbedded in the item making it impossible to remove without damage to the item.All it takes is a little common sense in the training of your employees & volunteers.Why would you slap a cheap sticker on the front of a painting,decorative item,etc instead of on the back or the side where the sticker will not jeapordize the integrity of the piece?Lack of judgement for sure.We spend alot of money to support your organization,but this is really becoming a bone of contention because it happens in all of your stores.

My partner& I are staying at tampa fl. rsl. he has full blown aids and cancer also . I myself am hiv symptomatic with terrible neuropathy . both of were told that we have medical beds through our caseworker on december 23rd and was told that we .are able to come in from the elements to prevent us from getting sick..but every time we try to get in we are being told to stay outside in the cold..something needs to be done or we are getting ahold of the ada and the aids coalition.. we are also going to get ahold of an attorney and see about a discrimination lawsuit so if this the complaint line get ahold of us at 813-784 8595 before we get ahold of said agencys tomorrow december 28th..this place needs to be flushed we are constantly being called faggots aids infested faggots by the volunteers and including staff..

me and my 2 minor children was living in the salvation army zahn and i told tarnisha and sessy that this haitian man named jean clataire was chasing my son and a couple of other children in the hall trying to hit them with a dust pan and this man is very violent.tarnisha told me to put it in writing and i did. nothing came of it and one of their rules are if you threaten someone you are immediately put out. then about 4 days later on may22nd 2010 this same man came in the dining room and picked up a metal chair and hit my minor daughter in the head as hard as he could and then he hit nebra flewellen with the chair he busted my daughters head really good and spranged her neck then another resident named benny tackled him and thies man had a paint scraper in his pocket that he was gonna use on them. so maria was working that day and she ran in the office and locked herself in and started calling anna the director instead of dialing 911. the residents dialed 911 anna knew about this man and she never did anything to protect these people all they kept doing was talking about the money that they was getting for housing us for 3 months. anna stated that she trained her staff to lock themselves in the office if anything goes wrong. when you tell anna about anyproblems with her staff she will make you pay. but she tells everyone to tell her personally if you have a problem with them. just like everyone was afraid of yolanda which is annas best friend we told how this lady was basically harrassing everyone in there except for the mexicans yolanda had eveyone afraid to come out of their rooms on saturday and sundays. this lady was acting as if she was having a nervous breakdown on the job! we told anna and she got really mad and we all hjad to suffer. anna stated that she trained her also to harrass people and she did nothing wrong.to this day my family hasnt gotten an apoligy compenastion or anything. now my family wants compensation and a apoligy and if we cant get that i will go after the insurance company of that building cause it happened in the premises when it could have been avoided if everyone would have put them damned checks aside and put our safety first. and i hold anna responsible for the whole thing cause she had a chance to stop this from happening instead she runs around play as if she's the salvation army bragging about how she's the director and what she don't mention is that she trained her staff members to lie all day i hope she's proud of herself.

i felled to mention that it's all on tape and i have pictures witnesses and i believe the cops has a tape also i have 4 of the cops name that looked at the tape and i contacted them andthey are willing to speak about this on our behalf. i am not trying to start trouble but i want closure. and i cant get it until every responsible party gets what they have coming to them this should not have happened just take responsibility for your actions

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