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I bought a very expensive sheet pan which pitted with the first use. And I bought the spatulas,also, very expensive, which fell apart Neither the representative nor the company did anything about it. Never will have another party nor buy any products again. Inflated prices and low quality!!!

I am done buying Pampered Chef, I bought a medium sheet pan and it pitted after the first use. And the spatulas I bought at $ 40.00 per set fell apart and I had to glue them, Neither my representative nor the company would do anything to replace them.

I received an Oval Baker as a gift. I put it in the oven to cook somethig and it cracked in half. I contacted customer service and they said since it was more then three years old they could do nothing. I was under the impression a product is suppose to perform for the purpose it was sold for....silly me. I will never buy another Pampered Chef Product again and I will make sure anyone I know does not attend or purchase any Pampered Chef Product. Very disappointed in his company.

thanks for great customer service!

I worked as for you national confrence in in Denver this year 2012.Poor treatment of employees and staffers. I was told by one your executives that pampered Chef did feed service staff? As we had work 12hrs that day and did not have any close fast cheap food. Never again would work or buy anything from pamper chef. I hope you hold your conferences elsewhere in the future. Please contacted me in you have futher questions Ronschuetz@hotmail.com

I bought two pampered chef "professional" cookware skillets, the 8" saute pan and the 10" skillet with lid. I have tried talking to your customer service reps to no avail. When purchasing these items I was told they were guaranteed for life. The non-stick in both pans is no longer effective. I thought these items could be replaced due to the lifetime guarantee, oh how wrong I was. Unless I produce a receipt from 15+ years ago your company will not replace them. I have the skillets if you would like to take a look at them. I have finally came to the conclusion I will no longer buy pampered chef products due to your company not standing behind the product and running customers thru the ringer if they do not have a receipt from years and years ago. A suggestion for you: Tupperware is a company that stands behind their products, maybe you should take a look at how they stand behind their "word" with no strings attached when they say they will replace an item that does not meet a customer's standard, they mean it. No longer a pampered chef customer. Terry Heistuman

My house burned down Sept 11 and all of my pampered chef professional cookware and stones were scorched. Can I save them? I have scrubbed them and cannot get the burn marks off. Do you have any suggestions? I use to be a consultant and have tons of products. I love my Pampered Chef products! Alice Compton alice.compton@ocps.net

Dear sir/ madam , I am sanket deshpande can you please guide me . I have done Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. (M.S.B.V.E. Mumbai) and have 2 years experience in kitchen , i am interested to work with your well renowned organization and any kind of job or Trainee in your organization .can you tell me how can i apply ? currently i work park estique hotel pune give me one chance. As my skills and experience closely matches to the position, I want to offer myself as a suitable one. Kindly consider my a candidature for the position. Given a chance to work with your esteemed organization, I assure you the loyalty and hard-work from my side. plz send me your reply on sanket0304@gmail.com SANKET MUKUND DESHPANDE 9503022658 sanket0304@gmail.com C/o. Milind Kulkarni 14/ 5, Gananjay Society, Unit -1, Kothrud, Pune- 411038

Hi my name is Vickey Bell, I was at your corporate office on December 8th 2010, I gave my Resume to a front desk clerk regarding employment, I haven't heard any thing from Human Resource, I would just like to know if my Resume was reviewed. Thank you.

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