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I asked the butcher if he had andoullie sausage and he said no, but yet I found some. I asked him to grind it, he said he only grinds beef. I asked the manager (Darnell Kirby at Ralphs store 292 on Cloverfield in Santa Monica, CA) if the meat could be ground up, he said I'd have to ask the butcher. I said I did, but I was told they only grind beef. He said, if that's what they said, then that's what they said! I said why is that, you don't clean your equipment? He said, "TIME OUT! TIME OUT! (Putting his hand ove the tip of his fingers of his other hand, as a ref would, while leaning in towards me.) I just told you to ask them! And if they said no, then that means NO!!" I was very shock by his rude/threatening behavior. I asked for his name and General Manager's name. He told another employee to give me the Corporate number. (I guess being that they have a union job, maybe they are secure in their job and can treat people anyway?)

The Kroger store 10450 E. Washington st. Indpls. In 46229 The young lady in the Deli section(Michele) fried chicken for my family reunion and I just want to tell you the chicken was outstanding, I had several people ask where did that chicken come from and of course I could not take credit, I said Kroger.I thank you for Michele.

I doubt very seriously if this will get posted, but if you are as concerned about customer input as you say you are, you may want to listen up. I just left one of your stores in Laporte, tx and had yet another horrible shopping experience. The self check out wasn't working correctly and the person over seeing them would not get off her precious cell phone to assist me. I then went to a check out only to be treated like a convict. My money was tossed at me, I placed my receipt on the ledge to count my change only to have the receipt tossed in the trash, and then the female checker tried to keep my from getting my groceries that I PAID for from the turnstyle ! The outside of the store looks like a pigs stye on the south east corner ( comparable to a bus stop where your employess smoke and the sidewalk wreaks of spilled coffee and sodas )and the employees look like thugs in smocks. I just wrote corporate H/Q for HEB asking them to build in LaPorte. I am going to city council meetings this week to see what a bunch of citizens can do to run this filthy unfriendly store of your out of town. By the way, I have shopped at your store for over 35 years, partially for once good deals and partially because you have the corner on the market in LaPorte. It matters not what you think of this message or if you even care, but mark my words, things are going to change in this situation. How about getting a manager that can manage a store and it's mental midgets he hires?

I just submitted a letter to your H/Q discussing the horrible treatment of customers and the filth of the store in LaPorte. I went a step further to call your H/Q only to find out that the number above is NOT for H/Q, but rather your pharmacy. Go figure. HEB, here I come. BTW, I KNOW my message will never be seen on your website as it isn't a pleasant one, but neither is your store. You taking bets if it gets posted?

Love your products, so glad you are now in the Bakers stores.

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