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should be ashamed

the kitchen collection corporate office should be ashamed for lying to the public. their ad at Tanger Outlet in Branson stated they participated in 20 percent off coupon. We were told in the store that the corporate office would NOT participate because they had a 10 percent sale going on. The Kitchen Collection just lost my business!!!

new Store

I shopped at the Kitchen Collections store in Byron, GA and now it has closed for good. Why? I live a few miles from Byron,GA in Warner Robins, Georgia, it is the fastest growing city in Georgia. Many, many people would love to have one of your stores in our city. Please, please consider building one!

I absolutely agree with the above former employees that have had a bad experience with MANAGERS at Kitchen Collection. It is a sad thing to always have the boss find ways to put an associate down when they are doing their jobs and yet never get a word of encouragement or praise for the job done because it is never done right in the eyes of this manager. I have come to the conclusion that she is just a bitter, never happy person. I have learned over the years that if you have a problem with an employee, you DO NOT yell and have temper tamtrums in front of customers. I enjoyed the job that I had when the manager WASN'T at the store. Those who deal with employees at Kitchen Collection had better talk to current as well as previous employees to find out what should be done to IMPROVE business and promote REAL TEAMWORK or I guarantee, more stores will be closing soon.

I used to shop in your store in Byron, Georgia. You closed the store on New Year's Eve of 2011. Why? Why? Why? I have a suggestion,,,,why not open a store in Warner Robins, Georgia, which is about 5 or 6 miles south of Byron, Georgia? Warner Robins is the fastest growing city in Georgia. We have about 2,000 to 5,000 person increase a year. We have topped 100,000 people as of this date. So, why not open a store here. We have no other store like yours at all in this city. Many women are very upset that you closed your Byron, Georgia store. There is a need for your store here. If you do not take the opportunity at this time to opening a store in Warner Robins,,,then, it is your loss. Please consider the opportunity for a store Warner Robins, Georgia. Since we have a very big Air Force base here with active duty and retired military personnel with families, this would be a fantastic place to have a Kitchen Collections store to shop in! Thanks!

Twice recently I have shopped the Bossier, La store only to have the employees standing outside smoking after the posed opening time. Today 3 customers were outside waiting, all with a clock showing 10:05 or later. When asked for the corporate number I was yelled at! Completely unacceptable and I will not return. Additionally, I'm spreading the word of the poor service through my social media account.

I am a former employee of the Nags Head Kitchen Collection store. This store is a testament to bad business ethics, lousy management and awful customer service. The first thing that I will note is the full blown payroll fraud that is committed in this store to help the manager get payroll bonuses. I am someone who arrives to work early. I was told by our store manager that if you arrived early you could not clock in. That part was not foreign to me. What I did find strange was that most days in my journey from the door to ths break room I would be approached by a customer needing assistance. Being a customer service associate I would put my things in the back and immediately go back and help the customer. Sometimes by the time I made to the register I would see it would be after my clock in time. I would go ahead and clock in, ring up the customer and go about my day. Upon notifying my manager that she knew I was in the store early and she could she edit my clock in to refkect me being at work on time. I was then informed that I should of kept better track of the time and my timesheet would not be changed. On another occassion I was put in a position with another associate that was knkwn to be loud, confrontational and just had no respect for his other associates having already had an altercation with our store manager. This happend on Sunday when only two people are scheduled to open and close the store. I was going to take my mandatory lunch break when the other associate was doing some things that made me not feel comfortable to leave him on the floor. So I clocked back in and remained on the floor anyways. During this shift I was also made responsible to tell a very verbally violent associate that he was no longer employeed with the store, as a fourth key manager that was not my responsibility. My store manager also knew how this associate would react and left me alone in a store full of customers to deliever the news. On another occassion I was trying to take my mandatory lunch break and the associate out front got some returns. As just a clerk she could not perform said action. I clocked back in early and headed back out to the floor. BOTH of these times my timecard was edited to reflect that I took a full 30 minute lunch break yet sales records would reflect that I was on the floor ringing transactions. This same store manager would sit on her cell phones for hours a day on personal calls with her family. Anyone elses self phone were not even allowed in the store. She vacations alot and loves to do her shopping on company time. Not once when leaving the store for her own personal needs did she ever clock out. If her timecard actually reflected how much she was actually worked corporate might relize that we as a team ran that store more than she does. These are things that are still ongoing in this store. The store manager doesnt get her hands dirty when it comes down to changing our hand written log in sheets. Our assistant manager does that. I have had customer service problems just like other people on this site. After seeing some of these things go down I honestly quit going to mangers and fixed these problems myself. There are things that can be done within the system to aid customers in the best shopping experiences. No manager though is going to take a financial hit that will cost them bonuses at the end of the year. THESE MANAGERS WILL COMMIT PAYROLL FRAUD TO KEEP THEIR NUMBERS DOWN SO THAT THEY RECIEVE BONUSES, THEY WILL SACRIFICE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO GET BONUSES, THEY WILL ROB THEIR ASSOCIATES TO RECIEVE BONUSES. THIS COMPANY ONLY CARES ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE. NOT YOU, NOT THE PRODUCT, NOT THE EMPLOYEES. It is sad to see this. No manager can blame mistakes on associates being new. Every store has training cards that come complete with a mentor card. New associates are supposed to complete this cards with a manager signing off that they have reviewed these cards with the associate. So the next time you hear that come out of a managers mouth, call them out because it is their job to make sure these associates know how to do their job. Skus and product description sometimes do not match, it is up to the store manger to spot these things and educate others how to do the same. I do not support these stores anymore. Most products can be found at many other locations with only dollar differences. Google high end products and most outlet websites offer free shipping. Christmas is a breeze when you get presents shipped to the front door. IN CLOSING THIS COMPANY DOESNT KEEP TRACK OF THEIR STORES WELL ENOUGH TO ENSURE THAT POLICY AND PROCEDURE IS BEING FOLLOWED, WHY WOULD THINK THAT THEY TAKE A SINGLE COMPLAINT SERIOUSLY. SHOW THEM YOUR PISSED AND HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS.

I was shopping in your Rehobeth Beach DE store yesterday, I found a George Forman Grill that I purchased. When I was checking out the purchase price was higher then the price on the sale sign, I told this to the cashier and he went back to check the shelf where he found the same grill as I had with the sign under that item. All of the price point information matched the item but the stock number was different,at that point another cashier checked the stock number and said they had seven of that grill in the store and she would check with her manager who was in the back the associate came back carrying a different grill saying that it was the same only last years model.I will be returning this grill to your store and I can say in all honesty this will be the time I shop in your store. Having worked in Retail in a large Department chain I know what " Bait & Switch" is. The fact you have the wrong item under your sale sign is not my problem, the only reason I continued with the purchase was to document this purchase for you. Date:12/19/2011 Time: 12:12pm Reg#1 Session#20497 Trans#621015 Store#42

From: <cblock10@wi.rr.com> Subject: Date: Monday, November 28, 2011 11:36 AM My name is Colleen and I have a complaint about the mishandling, belittling, and downright mean things that took place in your new store at Brookfield, WI. Let me start from the beginning. I had an interview with Pam, the Manger for the Brookfield Square Store. We had a very nice conversation during that interview. And during that interview I was told that my starting date was Black Friday. I had no problem with that at all. On Tuesday, November 15th of 2011, I went in to sign all the paperwork for employment. At that time Pam said they needed people to set up the store. I said I would help. I went in Thursday the 17th of 2011. At this time I was told that everyone should be there is 8:00. Well, I was early and Pam was early as well. We had to wait for the rest of the people who were sent by your Company. In waiting for them, Pam told me they almost are always late. With that information, I kept it to myself. Now after showing up every day to help, never once did Pam, Tina or the others ask if we can work up to any specific time. It was assumed that we would work until they were ready to go. It sure would have been nice to be asked if we could stay. During all of this, a truck of inventory came in. There were 21 pallets to take off the truck and bring inside. After we were done, I asked Pam if I could go home because of my knee, which I had a total knee replacement was very swollen from all the walking, bending and lifting the items from that load. Pam said to me that she would ask Tina. Tina’s response to me is, “I am working with a broken foot, so you should do the same and stay”. What a great response from Tina since I was there to help out even when I was told I didn’t start until Black Friday. Now during the time of pricing and putting things away, I was getting comments from Pam that Tina and the rest that came to set up the store is taking 45 plus min. for breaks. Pam said she wasn’t happy with that. I just listened and didn’t say anything to anyone about Pam’s complaints. Just this last week when the back room was finally finished to put the stock in, I entered the room to find Tina and the other gentlemen who was there to also help set up the store fooling around. I just left the room and didn’t say anything to anyone about this. Now the store is open on Black Friday. I came in at 1:45 for my 2:00 shift. With no training or explanation of any kind of rules, I as well as the other clerks where put on the register. We felt overwhelmed and stupid because we had a hard time helping customers with no knowledge of the register and rules. In the later part of the afternoon, Pam and Tina went home and we were there with the Gretchen from another store which was sent to help. She was in the back room most of the time. She should have been on the floor to help and answer question we and the customers had. Now, it is Saturday, the second day the store is open. I came in again for my 2:00 shift and was approached by Pam, asking me if anything is wrong. How was last night? So I told her that we really didn’t get much help due to Gretchen staying in the office most of the night. I told Pam, just leave it alone and don’t say anything. The next minute she is back in the room telling Tina and the Gretchen and Tina’s boyfriend that I was talking behind their backs. I was told to go back in the room that they wanted to speak to me. Pam said she would go back with me. When I entered the room I got blasted from Tina. Tina said that I was talking behind their backs and that I was totally wrong with what happened. During this, Pam stated to me if I have a problem I should have went to Tina. For one, Pam asked me what was wrong and how the night went. Two, Pam is the Manager to the store. Three, the chain of command should be your Manger and then if you don’t get anywhere you move up the ladder. After all of this, I walked up to the register, and behind me was Pam telling me that Tina has to leave on Sunday and that the Gretchen will be here for only one week to train and help us. Then she proceeded to make a remark that she hope that Gretchen will train and help us more than she has done. Now isn’t that something, after Pam telling them I am talking behind their backs, she state that to me and not to them. If I was really talking behind their backs, I would have told everyone that I caught Tina in the storage room fooling around with one of the guys that was also there to help set up the store. I would also let someone know that in the office Gretchen defaced a product that should have been on the shelf to be sold. When I asked Tina who drew a face on the oven glove, she said laughing, “Gretchen, the Asst. Manger”. I do have a picture of it. Also, that same day, Tina’s boyfriend came in. Tina had him put up a shelf in the store. Not a very good Idea since he doesn’t work for the Company and if something would have happened the store would have been liable. Tina said she was a GM for this Company and for a GM, do you think she made the right decision? After all of that, there was only Gretchen, a part-time clerk and myself. Gretchen told me to go clean the bathrooms, take out all the boxes. I am trying to learn the store as well as the procedures and rules since I am the Asst. Manager for this store. Don’t you think I should have been on the floor as well as helping get stock out for all the empty shelves left in the Store? Don’t you think the bathrooms could have been left for another time or cleaned by the other clerks? For everything that just took place, I no longer want this employment with your store. I hope you will now know what really goes on when you ship people to set up a store. If you have any questions, please call me at 414-403-5920. I would gladly tell you everything that went on and the pictures and the tape recording I have of being belittled. I hope you get the true facts before this happens to another employee that is hired for your company. I know I will never set foot in your store again after I hand in my key today. I will also let people know on how I was treated by your Company. I went in this afternoon to turn in the key to the store. I talked to Pam and let her know what she did was wrong and very mean. She knows what she did. I taped our conversation and she did say that she never heard me talk behind any ones back. After reading this, I would hope that Pam, Tina and Gretchen would send me a apology for what they did to me. I really hope that they learn from this and don’t do this to any other employee that would work for them and your company. I really would like a response one way or the other, from you and GM (Tina) for the wrong that was done to me. I hope something soon Colleen Block

i had the worse experience when i returned a broken product to the kitchen collection outlet store at grove city Pa. when i returned it the person behind the register made a comment of broke my I.. that is the first time that i was ever called a lier about something i returned..

I have only been in two kitchen collection stores...And I absolutely loved it...I love any thing kitchen related, And they are awesome!!!!!

I had the worst shopping experience of my life at the Kitchen Collections in Hagerstown.I sent one of my managers there to get oven mitts and he came back and I used them once and I noticed one was ripped so I sent another one of my managers back to exchange it and they told him they couldnt exchange it cuz it was used! So I went down there myself and finally got it taken care of.After that security came to my store saying they accused one of us of stealing a glove!!!! It was the most ridicoulus and waste of my time! I will NEVER shop there again and I will let everyone I know about this experience!!!

Good Evening, I frequented your store location in Tilton NH and had an experience that was deeply frustrating to me. I was looking for a Kitchen Aide and knew your store sold them refurbished. I found one that I was interested in and asked the clerk if they had only the one pink display. I asked her if she had any in the back and she advised she would go and ask the manager. I asked her to also check and ensure it was 99.00 as noticed on a box below where the kitchen aides were displayed and confirmed by the clerk as being the price for the smaller unit which this was. She went into the back and came back out advising they only had the pink display but could give me a 10% display discount as well as the 25 % off for the Breast Cancer Awareness sale the store was participating in. I asked if they had the box she advised yes and the manager was locating it. I noticed they were wiping it down at the register area so I went over to that area. The clerk and what I learned later was the manager, were boxing up the mixer. The original clerk advised me that they would not be able to give a discount for the unit being a display. At this point I looked at the manager and advised that I was ok with not getting the display discount and that I was happy with paying the 75.00 after the 25% Breast Cancer sale which I was told I would have to donate 1.00 to obtain. The manager smiled and the clerk stated, yes it is a good price. When I went to check out I noticed the register rung up the cost of the Kitchen Aide as 199.00. I advised the clerk of the 2 conversations I had with other employees so she advised she would speak to the manager. At this point the manager came out and advised that the price is 199.00 and there is no unit on the floor for 99.00. This conversation now took place in front of at least 8 customers now waiting in line to purchase their items. I advised my frustration with not being advised not once, but twice when discussing the price of the unit. I also advised why would I even consider taking the unit for 150.00, price after the sale discount when I can get one off the internet through Sears for the regular price not refurbished for 199.00. The manager advised me that the clerk was new and she had 9 years experience and could only apologize for the errors. At that point, I advised her to remove the unit and that I was completely disgusted that even she was part of the conversations I had regarding the price confirmed as 99.00. I completed my purchase, was not even offered the 25% discount participation on any of the other items I purchased which should have been atleast one of the items. I travel to Tilton often to frequent the Kitchen Collection store and only one other store within the outlet mall but after this experience, I can no longer say or promote your store as being a positive place to shop. I used to own my own store and believe me, what poor customer service. An incorrectly quoted price from a clerk who is new is one thing, but my situation involved 2 conversations to include one with a 9 year veteran manager. I am completely disatisfied and will ensure my family and friends are all aware of Kitchen Collection's policies and ethics. I am a former store owner and never would I allow a customer who was misquoted to walk out the door knowing they were misquote not once but twice with no kind of intervention what so ever. Completely discouraged and outraged, Marie A Fiorante former shopper of Kitchen Collections

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