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I agree with Marilyn up here- The St. Charles Cellular Connection/Verizon has one of the rudest employees I have ever dealt with. He actually hung up on me! One continuous lie after another- when I finally did receive my insured phone it was one model older. Ended up paying $30.00 less than a brand new- I phone 5 that I had. Really makes me reconsider our business account of 10 phones. We have firms that represent us: I would take the line ( Verizon) away from them: Bad representation. Just stay away from this location.

The Sunbury Ohio store sold me a protection plan under false pretenses. I was not informed of an additional deductible beyond what I paid up front. I would never have purchased this plan if I were given all the information needed to make a decision. Employees are borderline comically uninformed and unknowledgeable about products in the store. Pushy on sales and not worth the headache. Took my business to a corporate store (not an authorized retailer) and was very satisfied.

The cellular connection in St. Charles, IL has the rudest insulting employee I have met in a long time. Not only will I never deal with Cellular Connection again, but I am dropping my whole Verizon account and switching my service. They sold me a car phone charger that wouldn't fit in my phone. He would not give me his name.

dear corporate headquarters a im very upset with the way in being treated ive been with your company for almost a year i have there lines tryed 2 make payment arrangment 4 1hundred and 11 dollars and i was told no because of my payment history mind u my phone has ever been turn off coa u help me .annette baker phone # 708 513-0193.

The worst customer service I have ever experianced was at the Milwaukee,WI location at 300 East Wisconsin Ave. Needed to replace insured phone. Original phone was a HTC Incrediable. The replacement phone that was sent to me was the Samsung Gem. There is no comparison in price nor specs. When I called back to let them know that it was unacceptable the store manager said To bad there is nothing else I will do for you. This is a closed matter and I will not discuss it anymore. This is how a 10 year customer was treated. STAY AWAY from authorized dealers. It is not worth any discount they may be offering.

This is Claire Fullenkamp and I am calling in regaurds to my cellular connection bill. I have been dealing with store 043. I was charged twice for a cell phone on the 22nd of last month and I have not yet been reembursed. I have been into the store more than twice in regaurds to this payment. I am in school full time and work full time and haev a part time job. I do not have time to deal with this issue and furthermore, do not have $115 extra at this time. I need to be reembused ASAP please. I have even taken in my bank statement and Cindy (someone from cooperate) has been contacted more than twice. Please respond to this e-mail ASAP regaurding this matter. Claire Fullenkamp 812-212-2832


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