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disrespectful customer services

at the college station store one of the employees was rude and very pushy she said she would call the police on me bc I told her she was rude


Our Abilene Texas Cato's store has had a broken register for 5 days and they can't even drive 34 miles to Sweetwater to borrow one until they get the part to fix their's.Boy are they stupid

Number One Customer

1. When I was pressed for time to make a return the store didn't open on time in down town Fort Worth, TX. 2. A 2nd store in Fort Worth, TX. charged me for a pair of shoes I did not leave that store with! 3. I attempted to retrieve items ordered, but was unable to even though the store Manager was locking the door as I arrived Benbrook, TX. store.

Good Company

I love myself some cato,working there,I learned a lot about sales,even though I left on bad term,nothing major,just hour got cut,but hey that at any job...i loved the people that God brought in my path,,So if you ever wanna work at a cato,Go ahead,Love is always present,,

Poor Customer Service

A Cato employee left the security tag on my shirt I bought. When I took it back for them to remove they wouldn't do it because I hadn't brought my receipt. I drove 30 miles to purchase the top, drove 30 miles to have security tag removed, which they refused to do...drove 30 miles back home to get my receipt and drove 30 miles back to have tag removed. Store manager would not even look me in the face when I returned with receipt...she avoided me.!

won't honor their sale signs

After shopping for 30 minutes on the day before school starts, the sales person began to take sale signs down from the racks. I ask since the signs were still on the rack and I had already selected clothes from the rack if I could still get the sale price she said a quick No and began removing the signs.. Needless to say I layed my select down right there and walked out... There were also another lady and her daughter shopping as well hoping to get the sale price.. Never again..

Customer Service

I visited the Durham store located on MLK for the first time on Sunday July 6. I had a great experience in the store. The sales rep that assisted me her name was Maria and she picked out me two nice outfits for me to purchase. She was patient with me and so friendly. She must be a good person because all the customers that came in while I was there hugged her and said they were glad to see her back. I will come back to that store because the personality there was great.


I find after reading so many of these reviews that they seem to have been written by the same illiterate person who can't spell and/or type. They all sound the same. I think someone got fired and wants revenge.

I ha just started recently shopping at your Lenoir NC location. I really like the fashionable clothing but do not like an employee a Ms Parsons, she watched me like a hawk! Asked me 4 times in 20 minutes if I needed help . No I do not if I needed her assistance would have said yes. A snarky smartellic she was. Lose her before you lose more than me as a customer! I will never shop in this store again! And from the looks of things in that store it cant to lose any customers!


I returned merchandise to Cato's and my Visa Card has not been credited. I have called the store where I returned the merchandise and I have written the company and nothing has been done about it.

Sales Rep.

Horrible experience. Employee stays on docial network while working. The store played loud hophop music. Too annoying to shop. Sales Representative very unprofessional. One employee became verbally abusive with me.

Bad Management, Bush river

The Store Manager at Bush River Rd store is rude, unprofessional, disrespectful to employees.


I shop in the Junction City, KS store on a weekly bases and it is not the same as it use to be. The head manager there is EXTREMELY rude to customers. I visited the store around noon on Jan 23 and that was my last visit there. No one welcomed me into the store and her mouth is TERRIBLE. She used profane language twice while I was in there in about two minutes. Wish I could rate a zero because a one isn't earned!


Rudest members of management I have every dealt with! Manager Lisa and Lindsay are so rude and impossible to talk to, Never offered help. Stood around and did nothing. Will not be back and will recommend my friends not to shop there. Horrible service and management!

Aberdeen, ms store

rumor has it, our store is closing, is this true?

West Columbia store closed earlier than posted business hours

I made a special trip across town because I needed some jeans and Cato usually has good clearance sales. However, I get to the store on Hwy #1 in West Columbia, SC at 8:42pm on a Monday night and the workers were walking around inside but had locked the doors. They also ignored me when I tugged at the doors several times when I am sure they could probably hear me. The sign says you are open until 9pm. If there is some legitimate reason why they had to close early then they should post a note on the door explaining so. I hope someone at your corporate office addresses this issue bc this is a very poor reflection on your store.

Store Manager

The store manager in the Reynoldsburg, Ohio store is condescending when speaking to the customers and store associates. She is verbally abusive and intimidates the workers. I will never shop this store again because of this. The store environment and associates are completely different when she is not there. For the Better! Someone needs to look into her methods. I had to wait until she came back into store from smoking for her to validate my $50.00 bill since the associate said she had to approve it. REALLY!? I would give it a ZERO rating instead of 1 star but was not able to select that!

this company is sorry. you try to go and get your job back and they dont care. Who ever the ceo is of this company needs to do better. I this company would have ha maternity leave it wouldnt have been a problem.

Jacksonville Arkansas Cato Store

Time was between 10AM and 11AM on July 6, 2013 I don't know what the girls that were employees during this time frame. One was a heavy set black girl and the other was a short pudgy Spanish looking girl. They were absorbed in a conversations about one of their divorces. There were several customers in the store but the girls were not on the floor offering their assistance. The conversations wasn't a quite one and at one point was kind of disturbing. It certainly wasn't appropriate for a public retail store.

last night went to catos had few items to try on and employee Tonya was very rude and turned off the lights and gave me dirty looks. This was 15 minutes prior to 9pm closing. My daughter and I arriieved at 8:20 pm and I have shopped at catos for as long as I can remeber and have never encountered an employee that was rude. She is not good for bussiness.This was at the Poplar Bluff, Mo. store location.

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