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just sad

Y would u take away looney tunes for this stuff every cartoon on herefor the most part have vulgar llanguage ideas and worse talking about putting things up there behinds can promise my daughters will not watch such offensive shows whats sad is this is ur daytime shows not ur adult shows at night wouldn't even give u one star but wont let me write review without it thats just sad and yall wonder y the youths act crazy and dont care when u show stuff like that

Bring back

I think you should remake classof3000 but use different characters And bring andre 3000 give it a shot but do not make it any thing like teen titans go make it's story simuler to the orignal show and keep an eye out for timthe mcgreen this my seem a bit bossey but i am just giveing a suggestion.

Adult swim

I can't believe the programming at night. This is a kids channel, not HBO or Showtime. I realize kids should be in bed, but your programming is summed up with one word "SUCKS"... Put stuff on for kids. I'm not having my kids watch your channel any more. The show that I saw on had a woman screaming the "F" word on a cartoon channel. No wander kids act the way they do today. I'm sure every parent that cares for there children would agree to take that junk off the air. It stinks and so does your network.

I love cartoonetwork and I love all the show but do not show moring cartoonetwork

hi i'm from india and don't know wat diff this mail might make but cartoon network in india sucks to the core you have only at the most three shows repeated time and over again through out the day i was only 8 when i fought with my parents and stopped eating for three days for getting cartoon network channel but now i just regret it you guys gained a market and dumped your fans i'm 23 now and still love to come home to watch all those amazing cartoons that used to be.... IF SOMEONES OUT THERE WHO MAKE A CHANGE GIVE BACK ALL THE OLD SHOWS BEFORE THE INVASION OF ALL DESI CARTOONS PLS DO THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

Your channel is terrible..the cartoon and animation and story line are very poor and I'm unhappy that my brother watches your shows..simply garbage

You need to bring back the best cartoon on cartoon network symbiotic Titan.

I really like Cartoon Network a lot and I was thinking why not do a new version of Thundarr the Barbarian like with Thunder Cats?

i think that you nick & disney should make one channel together. showing all your old shows from 1995 to 2008 it would be a great idea & it would bring in lots of viwers

Gonna mail em` try and get Toonami back!

I've noticed that you cancelled Unnatural History. Are you planning to put those episodes on DVD? My email: bra3jam@aol.com

I really think you all should bring all the old cartoons back like Cow And Chicken, Dexter Lab, I Am Weasel, Etc I miss all thsm cartoon when I was younger.

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