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This place is mismanaged in brockton ma

Today would have been my 1st visit to Texas roadhouse in 2 yrs because every time I went they were out of the food I wanted. Happened to my 3 times in a row. So I decided to give them a shot again tonite and even went after they just opened up about an 1st later and they still did not have it. I mean how hard is it to stock rare prime rib. I went early so they should have it. This place is horribly managed. They have lost my bussines for good.

Columbus Indiana

I've heard that employees there do not get paid very much and that pay rates have went down after 2013. All employees in the restaurant are rude to us customers and to other employees right in front of us. Our food is always burnt, they have lost my service for good.

Maureen - RB is a beautiful sujebct, Meow! did you go to any of the NW shows? I have been a fan of his for many years and it's so great to see how far he's come, don't forget he just won a GRAMMY last week! thanks for sharing your pics!

In case you want it is possible to look the other way and not talk about it.nevertheless , you dicesussd.regards.Don’t give up your morals for anything at all. This would lead to a sad and unfulfilling living.

The texas roadhouse in Anderson, Indiana is the WORST place possible to eat at in this town! I once loved this place but, as time goes by the food just keeps getting worse. This place needs a new manager that will then go in and FIRE all the cooking staff and the people that do carry out and get people that can do the job right! I have complained several times about the food and its always the same ole sh*t with these people. The ribs are the worst i've ever had and they once had the best ribs. The steak is never cooked how you order it and is never the same size, as if they just serve you whatever they want! This place should be borded up and closed down!

The Texas Roadhouse located in Aurora, Colorado was very rude and don't care about their guests! We used the call ahead seating promo which is a big joke! Didn't get any of the things we asked for, the staff was rude and acted like they could care less! We have been there numerous times, and can not understand what has happened to their staff. Never will go back!

Beware of the Texas Roadhouse in Asheville, NC!! Here is how they treat their customers if you are in a party of 6 or more. First, the waitress will go into a lengthy discussion about the "small" gratuity (her words) that will be automatically added to the bill because you are a "large party". Then, the waitress explains (like we are all idiots) that we can add a LARGER percent to the bill if we choose to do that. Then, the waitress asks each person at the table to tell her (out loud) which percent (15, 18, 20, etc.) she should add to the bill before it's printed and brought to the table. The customer is expected to shout out, publicly, the percent he/she wants to tip in front of all the other people at their table and any table within ear shot. This is absolutley appalling!! Tipping is a private matter. This has happened twice at the Asheville restaurant, but will not happen a third time. I will not go there again.

On June 1, 2012 my family went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner after my nephew's graduation. Two of our party was stuck in traffic and was not there with the rest of the party but would be there in less than 5 minuets. The "MEAN" hostess refussed to seat us until everyone was present. So when they did seat us they gave us a great waitress. We complained to the manager that was on for that night and she stated that it is their policy on busy nights - it was 4 pm - not to seat parties until everyone is present. Really a busy time. While we were eating the table next to us left and they brought back another table to be seated. As they sat them down the hostess stated I know not all of your party is here yet but I will bring them back when they arrive. WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE. Well we complained to the manager again. You know what? she didn't even care. Well, my family goes into this resturant at least weekly but not anymore. We will never go the the Texas Roadhouse in Taylorsville, Utah again becasue of the poor attitude and the not so caring attitude.

Went to the Orange Park, Fl Texas Roadhouse expecting awesome food and service. I ended up VERY dissapointed because I not only got terrible service, but immitated by our waitress to the table next to us! Our waitress, Toni, brought our food out right away, but our steaks (two of them) were very well done when we asked for medium steaks. She offered to have new steaks made and I was okay with that. Twenty minutes later (when my three kids were finished eating) they brought out our meals! She gave them to us without an apology and not offering any kind of discount or compensation for the inconvenience. After she walked away and went over to the next table, she took their order and asked how they wanted their steaks cooked and how long to cook them ( imitating us) and laughing about it. By the time we started to eat our meals, the kids were clearly ready to go and starting to get roudy, so we had to take our meals to go! We ended up having to pay regular price for a horrible experience!! Very unexceptable!!!

I called the Texas Roadhouse in Albuquerque to make a reservation and was told i cannot make one and would have to call back 45 minutes before for a "call ahead". When i did call ahead i was told by the "MANAGER" that he cannot help me because i do not have a reservation. I felt like my business was not wanted there. So in closing i would like to say myself or anyone i know will not be going to that restaurant ever again and that is very disappointing because the food is great but i do demand to be treated like a customer.

I ate at the Texas Road House in Bensalem Pennsylvania on Street Road on Saturday and I must say that I was totally disappointed. I was surprised not to see the catfish on the menu. I ordered the other fish it was disguisting. I told the waitress and the manager this choice will really make me not eat here again. I love the catfish and it is all I eat when I am there and I eat there 3 or 4 times a month. I will not be back if it is taken off the menu. Things should not be taken away just added especially something s good as the catfish. So very upset

My family and I ate at the Hanover, PA Texas Roadhouse tonight and I must say that I was totally grossed out by what happened. We were sitting down waiting for our food and eating the peanuts in the bucket that was on the our table when my husband reached in for another peanut and found a rib bone in the bucket. Apparently they failed to empty the bucket before refilling it with peanuts. This is the grosses thing that has happen to me while eating out. This makes me not want to eat out ever again I certainly will not be eating at Texas Roadhouse ever!!!!

The Texas Roadhouse located on Richmond Rd in Lexington KY was very rude and had a dont care attitude when we ask to be seated with 4 adults and 2 children they said office policy was not to set 6 or more if all parties were not there I told them we would order our drinks and the others were only 5 minutes away. We would only need one table and they still would not seat us.. therefore I will never go to that resturant again. They have lost a good customer and the manger would not do anything about this situation except tell me he was the manager and act superior.

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