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1st Download, attempted to inslatl then received the error message to uninslatl any 32-bit versions of Office (including the compatibility pack). This required a reboot, then the downloaded files couldn't be located in the folder created on the desktop. 2nd Download, then received error message you must be running Windows 7/Vista/XP for x86 and Windows 7x/Vista for x64. Digging around on Microsoft's website discovered you must disable compatibility mode from properties of setup.exe. In my case I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit inslatling 64-bit version of Office 2010 Home & Student. So, three hours later I have the product inslatled but it will not activate because of an unspecified error. Rebooted again, same issue. Tried phone activation and received automated system response of we're sorry we're unable to process your request at this time. Called 30 minutes later, still same problem. Phone system transferred me to someone in India who said Our activation system is down at this time please call back in an hour . To sum it up, if you really must have Office without the CD this will be an excruciating experience. Hope this helps someone else. One severely disappointed Amazon customer.

It is very difficult to work with them as a patient. They are more responsive to Tenet rules than to patient needs. Computer systems fail to provide prescriptions on a timely basis and there is no follow up by the local Dr. to assure that the patient gets the drugs needed. The doctors do not respond to calls from patients; the patient is required to go through others without being able to discuss the situation with the doctor. I plan to stay away from their doctors from now on.

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