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i'm employed with taylor farms in md i have observed the manager discriminated workers and allowing his friend and girlfriend to ride the clock without doing the work he can't stand me cause i speak the thruth and if harrassment and job treathning does not stop i will follow legal action manager should not think the position was given to him to abused and oppress others i will see that the coorparation wacth this individual closely so that taylor can remains a great place for enployment without discrimination.

i was a taylor farm emloyee for four years.i worked in transportation for four yrs. the last two i was the yard man.for the last nyear transportation has a manager named mike holley who in little words is a monster.he frequently threatens his drivers.he retaliates for nonsense.and is alays telling drivers (i dont care about none of you,dont"t care for your comments etc.he threatens that taylor farms has lawters etc.90 percent of drivers work on edge with this guy.many written complaints have been sent to vivian the h.r. manager,but have been ignored.i am free of this agony but i truly hope something is done for the sake of the other employees.

I have a brother that worka there an i ha e an emergency how tp i get a hold of him. U guy dont offer a phone number in which i could get a hold of my family.. Wow

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