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Grand Opening?

Does any one know when the New Taco time by the tacoma Mall in Tacoma,Wa. will be opening it's Door's???

I love Taco Time

I love the fresh food you serve and because I'm a vegetarian, knowing that you have something for me on your menu is important. Thanks Taco Time!


I work for tack bell before and I haven't received my w2 and I called the main office but their is always no one to answer my call! Someone tell me where to get my w2???

Taco Time

I've been going to Taco Time for well over 25 years, the last several visits have gone from ok to terrible. What has happened? Over cooked/fried food and refried food. This is disgusting. The bean and corn salsa NOT fresh at all. I've always counted on Taco Time for fresh good food--something has gone awry. It is fast food and usually busy but Taco Time should always be better than Taco Bell for gods sake.

I was wondering what kind of company has employees that are afraid to call in sick or when they do call in sick have a doctor note ignored. the manager cuts their hours. Retention should be on the minds of all managers and general managers. Would they rather have the employee pass out at work or get other employees sick? I will question going to Taco Time in the near future. I don't want to rate the company but can't submit without doing so.

handling of food

I was recently at the taco time on 112nd and Division store in Portland Oregon, I was shocked when I say the employee heating some of the ingredients for my food in the microwave using sandwich bags, and this is not how sandwich bags are intended to be used. Toxins are released from that type of plastic when subjected to the heat in microwaves. Not only was that but everything I ordered heated in the microwave including the Mexi Frys. Just gross nothing was made fresh I can buy frozen food if I am in the mood for microwave food. Seriously an interesting way to run a business, reheating already cooked food.

Mahi Mahi fish meal is a joke.

Is this a joke? About 1 ounces of fish divided into 3 pieces and 10 little sweet potatoes taters for $6.99? The fish portions are as small as my thumb. One piece of fish from Spuds in West Seattle is equivalent to 6 pieces of Taco Time. This is less than a kids meal.

Good fast food restaurant, MUCH better than Taco Bell

I've always had good experiences with the food and the service at Taco Time and the employees there seem more customer friendly than the employees at Taco Bell along with them enjoying working there which sets the mood at the restaurant and while the food is slightly more expensive than Taco Bell the quality of the food at Taco Time is a hundred times better

To whom this may concern, This is the second time that I ordered the same menue item and received a rancid greasy taco shell that I was not able to eat. At both times it was not possible to return the food as my husband ordered through the drive through on his way home from work in Redmond to our home in kirkland. It has made me angry as a consumer that the Redmond Taco Time cares very little for the quality of food that they sell to us. The menue item that I ordered on two seperate occasions was the tostada bowl. The bowls are very greasy and they smell and taste of rancid oil. Do we have to except this kind of service? Are we entitled to any kind of compensation? Perhaps a visit to the Redmond store is in order by a corporate member to correct whatever is wrong. Something is seriously wrong if serving rotten products to the public is allowed to continue.

David and I made your fish tacos for lunch today. Since it was cool, sunny, and cloudless, we ate oudiste. And although we’re back at work now, we both agreed those plates of fish tacos made us feel for just a moment we were on a Caribbean vacation. (It didn’t hurt that we split a Red Stripe). It’s pretty amazing when a dish can make you feel that way.The only thing I added was a little chopped red onion for crunch and punch, and I set out a bottle of hot red pepper sauce, which we both reached for.Most cooks think they need a dinner party to try a new dish (and for most us, how often is that!?). I love that you created a sassy new entree on a simple weeknight.

I would LOVE to have some Fry bread, but I can't have gluten. Do you think that you could cearte a gluten free fry bread. Thank you,

Yes, they do have good food. Too bad they treat their employees like trash and hire family members to fill all the management positions and then pick on everyone else.

I dont live in Washington anymore and the one thing I miss that's not here in the south is a Taco Time. You guys should expand to the Atlanta area :) You guys would own every Taco business here trust me I haven't had my favorite meal in a long time A Big Jaun Burrito mexi fries with cheese and a large coke

When they treat their personel like dirt, why would anyone want to work there.

Why would anyone want to work there? Their personel are treated like dirt, they have no rights, hire family members and subject other employee's to the family wishes. Accuse employee's of things they didn't do. management totaly sucks!!

Tace Time needs to expand down to the south. Specifically Texas. This place would beat the crap out of every other burrito/taco/taqueria down here. I'm originally from Renton and stuck in Texas for another few years. I NEED my fix. Every time I visit I skip the other stuff in Renton/Seattle and head right on over to the Taco Time by Safeway and RHS. That place freaking rules. My order has never been messed up. I order like 5 soft tacos and stash them in my luggage so i can eat them when i get home. The health risk is worth it to me since i have a Taco Time addiction. Seriously, this place has been around for over 20 years. EXPAND TO TEXAS! Everyone here loves to eat. Now i'm hungry and am searching for the location nearest Houston. 5 stars if you expand

I worked for Taco Bell in Aberdeen, Washington last year, 2010. I haven't received my W-2 and I would really like to file my taxes. My current address is: Floyd Emerson 193 Copalis Beach Rd. #1 Copalis Beach, WA 98535 Thank you for your time, consideration and cooperation, Floyd Emerson

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