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Horrible Managers

Please I advice everyone or anyone to not go to Taco Tico in Independence, KS.... Horrible managers and food also!!! You don't want to go to business where the managers are cursing at the customers, even though they know they mess up!!! Horrible!!! They should get fired!!!

manager in independence kansas

The man claiming to be the owe was very dude and hateful told me to shut up and when I told him I was calling the better business Bureau he said I don't care... took over 20 minutes to get food and said he didn't understand the people in this town... this man is making that business fail . If the head quarter can do something about him it would be appreciated. I have talked to others who have said that man is very rude


Ate at a Taco-Tico in Louisville, Kentucky and greatly enjoyed it. Any chance you will be expanding into the Fort Wayne, Indiana market?

my family loves taco tico

I was from emporia ks when i was growing up Taco Tico was my favorite place to go. I live in kansas city now and we need one up here asap.

I went to the El Dorado Kansas Taco Tico today and the man behind the counter needs to pull up his pants!! Why when you are working in a public place would you wear your shorts with the waiist clear down around your hips and your boxers showing!! I don't care to see anyones underware when I order and eat my food. No wonder these people can't get a REAL job. They can't dress right to even stick a taco in a paper sack!!

Sorry you had a bad experience Steven, but don't let one bad tomato ruin the whole sancho! You need to try the Taco Tico in Mason City, Iowa. They have that place running like a well oiled machine!

i love taco tico but you have some very disrespectful people working for you in derby,ks i went there to eat today 1-6-2012 at about 4 oclock and there was a girl named ashlee that was very disrespectful i would appreciate if some oje can look into her just for the future thanks

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