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I needed to call customer service 4 times since they outsource to India it seems they simply are more robotic giving a scripted answer which is not a resolution to my issue. They should be US based so the customer service UNDERSTANDS the concerns!

if i want to claim, is it necessary to tell them my name, or not

What happened to plus size clothing

I have shopped a TJMax for many years and found some lovely clothes and more. However. within the last year I have been very disappointed in the selection of plus size clothing. Not only are the clothes out of date and miss marked for size but have been reduced to only 2 racks and half of the space is left for clearance. The clothes are picked over and most unattractive, What happened? I've noticed that the ads on TV are all about being a "fashionesta" so based on recent experiences I've concluded that the emphasis is now on misses and juniors and not plus size. Too bad because I use to love TJMax but not anymore. I now will go to Macy's or Dressbarn where they don't seem to mind offering plus size clothing that is attractive and up to date. Goodbye TJMax.

Hi Can anyone help me with the corporate office contact numbers of Tj maxx in uk. I need the sourcing department of footwear made of leathers. This will be a great help. Thanks kind Regards

I am intrested in this offer,but i base here in the julnge of west africa and i have travelled all the west african countries with reliable contact to market any products

Thanks Margot. I will definitely write about that but more under prenonsel than leaders and managers. Micromanagement is definitely a huge problem. But so is almost no management. In my experience, the church tends to end up on one of those extremes rather than in the productive area that lies in between the extremes. I think the key to healthy oversight is to focus on outcomes, not how people get the outcome. So we tell an employee, This is what we need to happen. It is your job to make it happen. Let me know if you need any help, additional resources or someone off of whom you can bounce ideas. Then let them do their job. If they get the outcome, great. If they don't, then we need to have a conversation about why not. More on this when I get to prenonsel stuff.

I would like to know what the "Corporate" ruling is that states that none of the stores under the TJX Corporation provide either manual or Powered "smart carts" for customers use. I heard it was a liability issue. If in fact this is the case, surely TJX Corporation can afford the necessary insurance and still provide discounts(?). I am grateful that I am now able to have someone drive me over to a Target store in the same plaza, where an employee will not only drive the cart out for me, but SHOCKER of shocks!: I was asked if I needed any assistance by at least 4 employees throughout the store. A former TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, shopper...I am disappointed to say the least that in this day and age, an International Company, is not consumer based enough to at least offer this option.

Most companies in the retail business are hard to work for . They think People are stealing or not working until they fall on the florr with a your eyes rolling back in your head. WHY WHY WHY GOD is this happening . Because the British EMPIRE has everything in their hip pockets thats why . The British own 90% percent of all Business here in the US . Problem solved . TJMAXX is owned by British companies and they have a great product but its fading on them so out comes the knife . Jack the stripper for LONDON tries to get more for their money. They have to make their own product line and thats what they need to set up in the SWEAT SHOPS in the Islands and Chinese areas. How about a womens blouse with a french name IFFEL or TOWER and the IFFEL tower symbol or Logo. Made in France or China. Iffel clothing chain.

I've worked at tjmax for 2 years and I was recently FORCED to quit when I got into an argument with my arrogant pompous, poor excuse for a manager named MR. PAPARATTO of tjmax in Wilton Connecticut . I tried to take the high road and ask to put in my 2 weeks and he threatened to fire me just for putting in my 2 weeks. The sad part is he only did this because he wanted to look big infront of a new manager he was training, she was the 4 manager we've gone though and he always try's to act big which Is ironic because he's barely 5 ft tall. Anyways no one appreciates the employees and the treat them like crap I'm currently in the process of sueing the store and my manager and lost wages so I encourage any one else who's been wronged by this company to do the same- sincerely yours bite me tjmaxx

Please we need help at 693 in Delaware .I hope the CEO or the vice president of thus company will help us.

I currently work for TJ Maxx and it is bay far one of the worst companies to work for. I have been working there for less than a year and I absolutely hate it. My managers are prejudice, rude, demeaning, and absolutely heartless. I never get hours, I only work four hour shifts one day a week and apart from that I was asked to clean the disgusting restrooms. Excuse me TJ Maxx but stop being so cheap that you do not want to hire a janitor the whole day and instead make your minimum wage SALES ASSOCIATES do it. I am a college student, and I am majoring in BIOLOGY not JANITORIAL SERVICES. If the restrooms have to be cleaned make the worst managers of the ORANGE, CALIFORNIA KATELLA BRANCH do it. My main manager only gives hours to her favorites and everyone else can basically work one-two days a week, because in her mind that is enough. I have never in my life heard or worked for a company as bad as TJ MAXX, one of the worst companies to work for. They make you slave away for the pittance we are paid. All of the executives and all of the managers need to be FIRED for having bad structure within the company. Hire people who actually care about other people and will make the store successful. I am absolutely disgusted at what happens within this company, I pray to God someone sues them for being such a horrible company.

I use to shop at TJMAXX for years and got some really nice stuff , However , they are starting to get rude and very suspicious of their own customers intentions. I stopped shopping there because you can now go to Macys stores and catch a sale to get better merchandise. I like the philosophy of TJMAXX but they must be losing money now. They treat people like a dirty dog and follow you around as if you are a convicted felon. I dont have as much as a parking ticket . They are so suspicious of customers they are getting like WALMART is starting to do. Walmart is falsley accussing people of stealing that dont steal. lawyers are contacting these People and trying to extort them for $500 dollars to recover costs. Can you imagine a Law firm out of Florida making false threats about shoplifting you never committed.

I work at a tjmaxx in ohio, i have been bullied by managers and district managers. Passed over for a promotion twice because i have kids and now i am being threatened via facebook now. How much longer will things like this go on in the tjx industry?

Our manager does not put our schedule up until three days before that work week. This is ridiculous.

I currently work at TJ Maxx store 0804 in Maryland by the Casino. I am also currently in the United States Armed Forces. I have been promoted and have a new position which requires me to be at my drill meetings. They have a copy of my schedule and the schedule has a list of dates for the ENTIRE FISCAL YEAR!! My unit drills every weekend, every month. They continue to schedule me on the weekends I have drill, and when I call out for drill, they say it counts against me and claim they need more in writing. They already have a schedule and my NCOIC said she will NOT give them anything else in writing because they already have my schedule that has ALL of the dates listed. I should not have to deal with this. It is very unfair. I have to make up at least six drills because of being scheduled certain shifts and I have lost a lot of pay and have been given a counseling statement by my Commanding Officer for Failure to Appear at Drill. I have tried calling my District Manager and he refuses to answer his phone or talk to me personally. I am prepared to take the company to court if something does not change.

I have never bought a new purse in my life. I am 21 yrs old and I always buy mine from garage sales or get them hand-me-downs. The first time I bought a purse was from TJ Maxx in Waterloo, IA, it was on sale for $20.00. I loved the purse, it was gorgeous. Now, A month later, I wish I had never wasted my money. The strap is already breaking off the purse. I am so disgusted with your cheap product. I have done nothing but carry the purse and the strap is coming off where it is attached by the seams!! I will be taking that purse back to the store and if I dont get refunded for this item, which I still have my receipt, I will take my business elsewhere and I will be sure to tell everyone I know to go elsewhere.

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I live in Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 I have shopped TJ Maxx for years. Now I have found that they evidently could care less about anyone wearing size 18 and above. I have been in store several times and they have 2 racks of plus size clothes. Please, don't waste my time anymore. This includes NO sleepwear, undergarments, ect...I for one will not be returning again.

I was fired from TJMAXX in Westerly for attending my weekend drill. I informed this company before i was hired that i am a soldier first and have obligations one weekend a month. "Im not gonna stand for this" amazing how ignorant ppl in these management positions are dont worry i am not a sue happy person*** just happy country first!!!

Your distric 4108 is by far the worst you have it has a distric manager who doesnt seem to care about its managers,they have lost 3 managers in the last 8 months,one of witch they transfered back into the distric just to fire her ,this was a good store manager and they let her go,i was with the company for 14 years never been in trouble and was let go. I think that this distric should be or store 0598 in jacksonville should be investigated.

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