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I bought a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses 6 months ago. I spent $170.00. To my surprise these sunglasses were not worth the money. The left lens keeps on popping off every time that I try to clean the lens. 2nd I'm not sure what is called but the plastic part on the left hand side that fits on your nose fell off. I'm extremely upset with my purchase. I've trying to call their customer service # but, the only reply I get that all representative are busy and to leave a message. My next step is to write a letter to the corporate office,

I'm loving the new layuot!!If they were mine, those shoes would never come off my feet!!I can't wait to see how those mirrors look up on the wall!What did you think of Co Co. Sala's brunch?

So... when we bought our house we were aesursd it was connected to the sewer system.... which is was... kind of. They'd apparently done this by just connecting the out-flow of the old septic tank to the sewer line. This is... not actually so much the recommended way of things, just in case you were wondering. (It's been fixed now and there is actually pipe all the way from the house to the sewer. Joy. Or something.)The other problem being that we do have enough trees on the property that we end up having to call Roto-rooter to snake things and clear out the roots every couple of years.

My sun glasses are damaged. Please tell me what are my options for them to get fixed. Thank you. 305-525-4399 email address ectapia@univision.net.

Hi im one of ur consumer in Salvatore Ferragamo.. i like SF becuase its really nice quality espicially for shoes coz u are no 1 shoe Maker...but i have a concern about my shoes i got SF Ribes1 7cm 0398235 its nero Black and have a little damage the leather of the shoes in right side of the hel is totally scratch like it show the white material of the hel is not good look. i just want to know if its possible they can repair it for me here in DUBAI outlet. coz my shoes is still new and i really like this model coz verry comfortable in my foot..this is my email add ten_4_cute@yahoo.com.. please let me know if i can thank you so much..

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