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They are awful and rude and i am very ill.They dont care if you have signal or not.Their people are rude.I can not believe our goverment pays them anything.They treat you like dirt.

its just as worst as one. I was working for safelink in a walmart they never payed me all those hours I worked the staff is rude and awful.

Awful this is not a scam but worst

Shabby tech support

I am needing a PUK code and I cannot get a real person in tech support. Just machines #frustrating

This is the worst company ever l am a disable veteran and they offered me a free phone and told me l need to pick which phone l want to get l choose the phone with the camera because l am in a wheelchair and sometimes l need to take pics of places that are wheelchair not access able. And l call safelink to tell them that this not the phone l picked and they are very rude and they said that they where not able to help me, They even threaten to hang up the phone without helping me. They are defrauding the veterans and the people and lying about what they offer they say they never have offered any customers a choice to pick phones. Really bad business l feel really hurt that this company would lie to a disable veterans that fought for our country


the persons that I have talked to can not speak English clearly if they wouldn't have to record and erase many times you would be able to hear how badly they speak English I have been trying to get my phone and my application was rejected because the agent asked a question and I thought she said something else.

most service tects

most of the service tects are not trained well enough or to stupid to do there jobs to change info from one phone to another its been more than 9 days and more than 12 people and at the time i wrote this the problem is still not fixed

fraudulent and misleading service and support

Your company sucks, and I feel it my duty to filethe relevent legal actions and legal santions against your company by and through the legal avenues available to me. ie; FCC, Attornies office, both in Florida and via federal resorces. This costs me nothing due to my status. But yet will cost your company money and questionable exposure.

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