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supply clothing

I am a merchant and like to supply ready made clothing to Ross store with a suitable whole sale price, I need to know how's your policy and rule and regulations

supply clothing

I like to ready made clothing to supply to Ross store in Honolulu how to contact to get instruction


The island was excited to get a Ross but after 1 month waiting for sheet stock to come in I bought 2 sets.The first one after washing had white spots and fading and also threads coming loose.The second was marked queen but did not fit a queen sized bed.I had to return them on the day my guests were coming and traveled 30 miles out of my way and then another 30 to return.

Website Store Hours Incorrect

Ross website for Baytown Tx store shows the store opening at 9:00am on a Sunday. We had to wait for another 30 minutes for store to open because store hours posted on window reflect it opening at 9:30am. I expect more from a corporation of this size and you should be able to keep your website hours up to date.


I just think if you came back to the store with you receipt, they should give you your money back in cash since I paid with my debt card: just two weeks ago or less, instead of trying to give me store credit or wanting to put it back on my debt card.

Foul mouth employees

There is no rating for this store. I was in the Slidell, La. store earlier today and had to hear 2 employees cussing about a fellow employee. It was very upsetting to have to hear how they talk about people they work with. I have never heard such trash talk. They should be ashamed to have employees like this working for them. I will be really shocked if they do anything to these people. Spent my last dollar in Ross stores.

Lack of policy comunication store 420

Horrible, customer service. I went into dressing room, the employee Janet, did not give her last name asked me to place garments in rack to be counted then gave me a number. I proceded to use the shopping cart with infant toddler inside the dressing room. she said I had to leave cart outside. I argued that I needed the cart. and the end i told her i was taking clothes with me. She said she had to count them, i did not place them on the hangers, because i was takig them she insisted she needed to cou t them, so I placed clothes on top of rack and another employee said it was rude of me not to have hung my clothes for Janet to count them!??!? Why?there was no written visual stating the procedure for after trying on clothes. left without buying. told manager store 420 employee was rude and unprofessional.

Ross we Need YOu !

I live in Alice, Texas I have spoke to many friends and Family we love shopping at Ross in Corpus Christi, Texas and to cut to chase.... we would to love to know if in time you would be considering opening a store in our city, we have to travel over a hour of more to shop in Corpus Christi and the shopping stores are few. With all the bargains you offer the store would be a hit !! We are an oilfield City, so there money to be spent. Hope to hear from ya"ll soon. regards, MR

I was just in store #1465 and bought a pair of shoes 2 days ago and wore them to work on Sunday and they hurt my feet. So I took the shoes back today with the receipt and they refused my return. Now I have a pair of shoes I wasted money on and cannot wear them. I will never shop Ross again.

Don't care about customers

I travel appx 60 min to shop Ross. Recently had a unprofessional customer service experience. 1st - they crumple your clothes in bag...do not even fold them up. 2nd they don't inform you of any discounts that your eligilble for.3rd when you go back and ask them to adjust your bill for that discount(over 55 you get 10%)they blatantly look at you and say YOU have to ask for it (although one of their other stores in another town offered it) And then said it wasn't worth "losing his job over" REALLY what ever happened to keeping the customer happy. They must hire very rude people that have absolutely no idea of what real customer service is.

Alarm- Manager didn't turn it off!

I was waiting in line and someone accidentally tried to get out of the emergency door. The high pitched extremely loud alarm went off. I had to put my fingers in my ears. When I was called to the register I asked if they would please turn off the alarm. The employee said the manager is on the phone. I asked her to please get the manager and turn this off. It is an awful sound your customers shouldn't be subject to. The employee smirked and said " What Sound". Well that really upset me and I said still with my fingers in my ears that this could damage peoples hearing, could have loss of hearing or perhaps get Tinnitus. The manager still didn't come up and another person ran back to get the key. I want someone to look at the video tape on 8/.22/14 and see how long it took for the store manager to turn this off. Someone needs to talk with this person and to the staff. Hearing problems are real, do not take this lightly!!

Bad policy

I purchased shoes, didn't wear them and decided not to keep it. I had the receipt to return them. I was told that it was 31 days and their policy is 30 day return. They wanted to give me a store credit on a piece of paper not the plastic cards that are recyclable that Marshall's or TJ Max give you. I have lost the paper cards before. The manager said that is the policy and they have to stick to it. I am really disgusted with Ross.

Looking a reviews

WOW... with all these bad reviews it's amazing the management at Ross hasn't changed from the top up. What a shame. Ross has now become like Kmart. Awful. Managers you should work in the store yourself for a little while instead of your desks. See what customers are really saying about you. Do you even read these reviews? Shameful!!

Worst customer service

I waited patiently in line for the jewelry and after 30 mins someone finally helped me after I continuous aske for help and then they tell me to go in line so I'm the next person no else is in line and the then waiting for anothe 5 to 10 min a person in the return show up and they took the other person ... By the way the cashiers didn't apologize

Ross stores overall are horrible! There are no ethnics within the corporation! All the employees working in the stores are nothing but CHEAP LABOR; from the management to the associates. 80% of the clothing is very cheap. Associates are only paid minimal wage ($8.25) and are never give enough hours to make a substantial living. Applying for the benefits that are offered by ross cannot happen for the associates because they don't make enough money! Ross is an embarrasment to american! You might as well work in china!

Robbed in store

I was shopping at Ross and someone bumped into me and stole two smart phones and my bank card our of my purse. You get what you pay for. The customers are unsavory and will walk up on you and steal from you!!!I am now working with corporate to see if they can view the security camera to see when this tool place. Not hopeful, because I learned that they only have camera's up front close to the registers.

Midland store sucks

Every time I visit this store when I come to the mall, the lines are always long. There will be 7-10 in line and there is only one register open. When you ask management about this, instead of stepping up and help..they say no or the other person is on lunch. Or more disgusting is they stand there and look at their watch or clip board. The return line is for returns only doesn't make sense when you have people waiting in line. I would rather spend my $$80 at Rue2 which is across the way from Ross.


I am so happy with the clothes I get (mostly Jones New York). I have always had good service too.

management hiring practices

I work at the ross store in willow lawn in Richmond VA. I doubt that it's illegal to hire friends and family if you are a manager but, the management staff at this store does just that and gives them lead roles while ross associates that have been there working hard get no kind of promotion. I am very disappointed in the hiring practices at this ross store.

Sales Associate

As a former employee, I did not feel safe in Ross stores with large amounts of cash on hand near front or exit doors. Loss and Prevention team would leave well before closing shifts ended. Store management often insinuated it were employees stealing merchandise and blamed all associates for register errors (UPC codes scanned wrong prices or items). We all shared the same tills (money). They are also not ADA friendly either.

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