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You changed the Princess Classic walking shoe from "leather" to "synthetic" not leather! I loved the original leather shoe. You lost me as a customer!!!


Hi there I got a pair of shoes for my birthday in augest and they say steel soles. Well I got a rock stuck in the bottom of them that pushed thru the bottom causing a steel piece to come up thru the bottom of my insole. So now I have what feels like a steel nail poking me in the foot when I walk. As well as a hole in the bottom of my shoe.

My son's shoes

We bought a pair of Reebok boy's tennis shoes for my son to start school. After a couple of weeks, the shoes began cracking and peeling. We took them back to the retailer and got the same kind, but different color, and the same thing has happened. Now the Reebok website keeps sending me generic responses to take the shoes back to the retailer. Basically, it's my problem. What a waist of time and money. Reebok used to be such a reputable shoe company. What happened?

New rebox store nyc

Rebox on union square for the pubic . Only pro elated VIP went in while everyday customers waited outside for hours, bad business

sports socks

Recently purchased sports socks for my baseball player. Wow a lot of money for a cheap pair of sport socks. after a week both socks had holes in the toes. Now, should a sports company know how to reinforce toes to make them last? The socks were cheaply made and very thin, worst sports socks I have every seen. Will not purchase again.

classic prinsess hi

I have wore the hi classic's for as long as they been maken them. I went to the Reebok store and purchased another 2 pair. I will never buy them again. The shoe string were afreyed and they would not even take nothing off for the problem. I had to buy shoe strings for new shoes. Come on you buisness is going to the dogs I use to love them. Now I will be looking for something else to wear. Reebok had yoraly let me down.....

5324 black classic leather womans shoe

I have worn the black leather classic 5324 shoe for over 30 years. I loved it. I went to buy a new pair and it is not the same shoe but cheap junk with no arch support of inner insole. Nothing in there to cradle your foot just empty. A joke like buying an empty box. I have looked all over and finally called Reebok. Yes, that is their new and big improvement. Any pediatrist would tell you not to buy this shoe. I even asked to purchase the inner sole from Reebok and they dont make it anymore. I will be using another manufacturer. Shame on Reebok. Their shoe is uncomfortable and useless and looks like a cheap knock off. their price sure did not go down for this inferior product. I will never buy another Reebok. Reebok employees could care less and are not knowledgeable about their own products. this product is useless garbage now.

shoes fell apart

To whom it may concern, I bought a pair of your tennis shoes for my son...and the bottoms came of after two days.I was under the impression that your shoes were good quality. I must have been mistaken.

world worst company

I willnever shop in the store again the customer service is the worst I've ever had when I call the corporate office it was even worse than up on me they said they couldn't give me the managers of time when she being because I might be a stocker and I'm trying to kill her so I would never ever happen Reebok again they are the world's worst company and no one to stop in their stores again you should boycott their stores


I wore Reebok for 30 years. Now it became absolute junk, manufactured in China. It seems a thin layer of paper quality is blown onto the shoe, instead of leather or even vinyl.. It disintegrates after 2 weeks or after a few drops of rain. Shame on Reebok to completely ruin a formerly good shoe company! All CEO-s with their mega salaries should be fired. K. Perlman

reebok shoe

i bought reeboks for a good ten years every pair i bought was with shoe strings and velcrow and every pair i had the bottom sole came un glued every pair so know i will try nike see if they make a better shoe but i still like reebok but its not worth buying and year later the sole came loose

Reebok Shoes Fell Apart

I have a pair of Reebok shoes that experienced a odd fault. The foam padding in the heel area between the sole and the insole (insole is sewn in ) disintegrated leaving a hollow area making the shoes virtually unwearable. Reebok Canada gave me the brush off. Will I ever buy a Reebok or Adidas product again NOPE!

Reebok, you are definitely NOT what you used to be!! Recently I bought a pair of Womens Classic Princess style athletic shoes. I have been wearing this style for years and years. The pair that I received were sub-par in quality. They were described on the website as leather, but this pair was made of vinyl and very cheaply. I wear a medium width and could not squeeze my foot into the shoe as they were that narrow. I am so disappointed as theses USED to be the best...so comfortable that I could easily wear them all day. Please Reebok..take some pride in your manufacturing and bring back the quality your customers expect.

Imprsesive brain power at work! Great answer!

Never thought I would ever be on this site speaking negative about Reebok. But anyway here's my deal. Purchased a pair of Reebok/Express Walk shoes from Sears for $42.99 plus tax 7% here in Florida. Kept shoes in box didn't wear for approx. 3 weeks, then laced them up and put em on to take the dog for 2 block for daily walk on pavement. Back home removed shoes, next day put shoes back on drove to Tractor Supply 25 miles away walking around inside store felt as if tape or paper stuck to bottom of 1 shoe,disregarded it for a little while then checked shoe bottom,oh hell to my surprise the blue sole was falling off and that was the problem not tape or paper. Now = these shoes only have about half mile or less on them or 1 to 2 hour wear. Inside tongue states MADE IN CHINA. Come on Reebok the labor rate over there is around 7 cents per hour, if you going to sell junk like I bought from your company adjust the price to around $ 2.99 thats right two dollars and ninety nine cents. and I won't be on this site complaining. Also since you started manufacture in China my shoe size for past 30 years is size 11 but they don't fit have to buy size 12 or 13 thats crazy, unsure if that has something to do with metric system or China can't measure. I have been purchasing Reebok brand only since late 1970's along with only Levi jeans. Oh by the way this is my latest problem other Reeboks purchased last couple years also have little to no life span, but I have never purchased a pair of shoes in my 5 decade life span on earth that only last a couple of hours. You guys have switched manufacture to China, good for you more profits but what about me the consumer buying junk two hour disposable shoes only good for 1 dog walk. Not me, no more after a 30 year loyal dedication I WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE REEBOK shoes. Don't you remember when Schlitz beer changed formula or Old Spice cologne changed or Coke tried to do away with original they all paid the price of lost revenue. Well now guess we can add Reebok to that list. Final thought, You might fare ok since Reebok shoes are made in China, sell em to the Chinese and save the money to ship shoes on a boat bound for the United States. Good Bye forever Reebok, won't catch my feet in anything that has the name Reebok on it or your sister company Addias. Thanks For The Memories.

hi my name is james couch i bought a pair of reebok shoes from your vacaville ca outlet wore them a week and got the worst heal pain from ,and the lady sized and said that those shoes fit just right ,im very unhappy and want something done about this matter ,thanks ,james couch 707-337-2599

I would like to report my dismay that after coming back to the Reebok brand for a particular style they've been making since the 80s I find that although this classic women's athletic shoe is still described everywhere online as "leather" or "garment leather" with "terry cloth" interior, the pair I received on order from a major department store contained a sticker, haphazardly stuck to the paper stuffing in the shoe, stating in very small print "manmade upper". The shoe didn't have a terry cloth lining, either. Moreover, although it was my usual size and I had ordered a "wide width" just to be safe, it was so narrow I couldn't get my foot inside without taking off my sock. I was convinced I had a knockoff! Sadly, as I dig into the matter I am more shocked. I went to the store to return the online order. While in the store I see the same shoe, although not in the size I need. Immediately I see that the Reebok shoes of the same name and design in the store are leather --- just as the website at Reebok and for the department store indicates. How did I receive a plastic shoe? I decided to look for my size at another store. The story becomes strange still. In the second store I see a combination of leather and plastic Reebok classic athletic shoes, and both men's and women's shoes have the same problem. The problem is that the shoe is inconsistent. Within the same name and the same style ID no two shoes have the same composition! In the US shoe industry it is typical to find a tag on the inside or printed somewhere on the shoe itself that discloses what the materials are comprised of. Not so Reebok classic shoes. The Reebok classic styles have a label inside but it only says where the manufacture origin is and some numbers. It does not say what materials are used to construct the shoe. I recalled that there was a sticker in my untouched pair of shoes that shipped to my home saying "manmade upper" --- not even the box said what type of shoe material to expect. So while I am in the store I start to look in the boxes for that "made of" sticker. None of the boxes in the store have the sticker. There is no disclosure whatsoever when buying a Reebok classic leather shoe at a retail store because those stickers apparently go missing while on the shelf. This means that the signage and the box are all the customer has to go by. And as of this date the signage and the website says theses shoes are "leather"! I began to look at other stores and found the same problem. I'm pretty sure the leather variety is "old stock" and the vinyl "classic" shoes are the "new stock"; it's hard to tell because they all have the same SKU and style names. The long and the short of it is, there's no practical way for the customer to get what they expect or want. That's not the only issue. The customer that buys and receives a plastic Reebok shoe pays the same price as the one that obtains the original leather materials. The store employees are clueless. From a distance these Reeboks all look like leather; they are designed to pass for it but they don't smell like it! I spotted the contradictions in design because I bought these Reebok shoes in the '90s and earlier when you could literally feel how glove-soft the "garment leather" was. Plus, I worked in college selling shoes for a national chain and working for a cobbler at another place. I know leather and I know shoes. And more than that, I know Reebok because their "classic" line has been around for decades and it's always been a leather shoe. What worries me is all the misleading descriptions that don't reflect the "mixed reality" of these shoes: As of this date, if you find the Reebok Princess Aerobic/Sneaker/Lifestyle shoe online it offers the same visual appearance and the same description "soft terry cloth", "leather upper" --- but it might be a lot different than you remember or expect based on the advertising. If Reebok has made a change to cheaper materials why have they not changed their suggested prices and sewn-in shoe tags to clearly disclose what the customer is obtaining? With so many versions of the same shoes in the same familiar classic styles floating around and no way for the consumer to know what they'll get online or in a store, a counterfeit Reebok could hide very nicely in the mix of "legitimate" inventory! Are there knockoffs being sold in major retail stores or is Reebok skimming extra profits by making a certain percentage of the "leather shoes" plastic without letting the consumer, even the retailer, be the wiser? I hope Reebok doesn't continue to mess with a good thing. On one popular online shoe site alone they have men and women, over 300 of them, singing the praises of the Reebok Princess Shoe in the reviews. Nurses, retail workers, people with hip, knee, foot and back problems --- all sing the praises of an incredibly comfy design. Most buyers of the classic-line Reebok shoes are longtime devotees to the style and the brand --- it's hard to imagine how Reebok thinks it will pass off a cheaper and more poorly fitted vinyl shoe for the "real thing" (original) on loyal shoppers! Reebok here's my question for you: Why fix something that wasn't broke? And why commit two possible violations of the law: 1) False advertising (universally inaccurate web descriptions); 2) the Federal Trade Commission's regulation indicating that anything that appears to be leather but is not should be disclosed as such? I found the FTC website dealing with shoes and leather goods and it's clear that Reebok has an obligation to do the right thing by the customer. And yet, seemingly Reebok is aware of what's going on here, complicit even. One Amazon reviewer points out that when she received a plastic men's classic Reebok shoe that had been described and formerly manufactured for many years as "leather", the Reebok sent her a terse response that she reposted in her review consisting of the statement that "none" of their classic shoes are leather, all are in fact "simulated leather". If Reebok's own employees are aware of the fact that these shoes are no longer leather, how come they're still selling them on the Reebok website and elsewhere as just that? For consumers who have noted this problem and wish to take action, please do an Internet search for the FTC regulatory guide concerning truth-in-labeling/advertising of shoes: "GUIDES FOR SELECT LEATHER AND IMITATION LEATHER PRODUCTS". Pay particular note to 24.2 "Deception as to composition", subsection (a). The websites as of this day that are passing along Reebok's inaccurate composition information are engaging in false advertising and Reebok is also failing to comply with the aforementioned regulation. Let's hope the FTC takes action and that Reebok consumers prevail in having a previously solid product restored to its former quality.

Today I bought a pair of reebok walking/running shoes. I loved them and they felt great. I walk 4.5 miles every day and was excited to wear a new comfy pair. They are light as a feather, although after paying $76.00 I sort of thought to myself, how expensive for just about nothing. But I figured they must be good and I really will use them more than any of my other shoes. So just got back from my fast-walk and exactly one block from my house I felt something dragging under my shoe. Part of the sole was flapping off. i am so annoyed (I really want to swear) and leaving for vacation tomorrow so I can't even go return them without them thinking I actually used them longer. AND I really need a new pair of shoes for vacation and it's too late to shop now. Well I guess I'll wear my trusty but worn out Mizunos and think I;ll stick with that brand instead! creeves@allstate.com

It sounds like Reebok's customer service has declined in the last few years and appears to be getting worse. Very disappointing.

I received a coupon in the mail for 40% off* *lowest ticketed price. When I picked out my shoes I was told it would be off the original price not the sale price which is miss leading. I called the corporate phone number and was told they only take care of defective shoes and no nothing about this coupon but when I spoke to the store they said it is corporate that sends out the coupons. I got nothing but a run around. Very disappointed!

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