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Jefferon Rt 15

The Jefferson Quick Check has very rude deli employees. Especially the short red head. Always very nasty to customers

Manchester Quik chek

Manchester, NJ (Rt. 70). employees are friendly & courteous inside and out. Very busy store, especially gas. There is a new older guy, very friendly and efficient. Goes the extra mile with his attitude and always has a smile.

None I am still waiting

I have been waiting for over 30 minutes to play a pick it

The night manager named donna she is the nicest person always friendly and polite I felt uncomfortable when the store manager wants yelled at her in front of me it was not necessarily she does alot and everyone loves her you should look behind closed doors alot you don't know about that store store 17 in hopatcong also a coffee manager named Lisa a slob coffee never fresh poor attitude I go there because of donna night manager very friendly

Store17 hopatcong I just have to say Lisa coffee manager not dressed for work clothes dirty coffee not fresh rude this is not the first time this happen if it wasn't for donna night manager I would have walk out please do something about Lisa

Friend service

The lady lori at Hopatcong quick check, Always friendly and polite, happy to help customers out. just a very friendly person.

There service suck they do not care . They are on there cell phones all the time. And want you to wait under they finish there call to pump the gas. Service - 0

ive been going to quick check for a while now i usually get dinner or breakfast there and ive ordered around 15-20 sandwhiches from them and only 2 were ever made the way i wanted them and the employees there dont want to fix the problem there all miserable and never in a good mood i have about had it going to there for sandwhiches.

I have been a huge fan of Quick Check since they opened in my town. I have also taken advantage of their "Gas Card". I believe this is feature unique to New York. Last week I bought a $100.00 Gas Card, for the benefit of receiving 10 cents per gallon off my gas. And this program only works if you pay CASH for the card. I only used $30.00 on Friday. Today I went to Quick Check and learned that they have changed the promotion and now only offer 5 cents off per gallon. I understand changing the program, but NOT for anyone who already purchased the card when it was 10 cents. I don't understand how this can be legal, as this is NOT what you advertised and sold me. How do I know that the next time I give you upfront CASH for an advertised benefit, that you're going to tell me the card is now worth nothing. VERY BAD MARKETING DECISION TO CHANGE THIS PROGRAM WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION.

Just went to Quick Check @ 170 Windsor Highway, Rt. 32 New Windsor, NY 12553-6249 (845) 561-3814. Your advertised price for reg of $3.43 9/10 is bait and switch. The actual price is $3.53 9/10 unless you go in,pay cash for a prepaid gas card and then use the card. Thanks for that. I went across to Hess & paid their advertised price of $3.53 9/10. Quick Check will never see me in any of their stores again. Thanks, a Dissatisfied consumer!!!

That's a mold-breaker. Great tihkning!

Quick Check in Garfield NJ is dirty.. went to get coffee and all I saw was flies all over the place.. will never go there again... YUCK... whom ever owns that location needs to stop by and see whats going on in that place... seriouly needs to be cleaned up!

The store at 751-761 Rt. 211, Town of Wallkill (Middletown), NY is aware of there employee problems, but is unable/unwilling to correctly manage it apparently because "it's a hard shift to fill". The employees drink away the profits (don't pay for drinks). The corners are sticky and cruddy. The deli is always out of something. ...and this is the nice stuff to say about this particular location. Please follow-up with lead, because this store is certainly not quick, and certainly not friendly (well, some are), and overall only convenient because it has a big parking lot and lots of gas pumps... otherwise it sucks! Please contact me at miamiornothing@live.com

at your newark new jersey store located on raymond blvd. your customers that buy lottery tickets do not get a quick checkout. we are treated as second rate citizens. i suggest if the lottery income is not important to this franchise store they should do away with the machine.8/6/10

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