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I wish I could give negative stars

The customer service at the corporate office is terrible. Every time I call they are rude and obnoxious.

Quest will sell you a staic ip adress but they don't know what to do with it or support it AWESOME

My phone/internet bills have consistently been $124. In an effort to save money, I contacted Quest. I was told by an enthusiastic sales person I could save $40 by dropping one of our three voice lines. I made the necessary arrangements, but when the tech showed up I was told the savings would be more like $24, given it would be -$30, plus a $6 custom ring on our fax line which I would now require. I've received my first bill and not only did I not save any money, but the bill was $40 higher! Speaking at length to Quest it was determined when I dropped the voice line, the internet line was moved and in doing so I forfieted my guaranteed $26/month for life charge. At no point was I told this would be the case. Additionally, I'm daily losing internet connection and they want to charge me to send out a tech to correct the problem. I discussed the fiasco at length with their "customer loyality" department, but the best they can offer is to give me a promo rate that will expire in a year. I explained the error was on their part, that I would like my original service agreement reinstated considering the error was on their part. They declined to do so. It was a scam.

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