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Me almost evreyweek also got few days that I have lunch alone lah. What's the big deal?? More freedom mah. And after lunch (I eat very fast, can kaotim in 10mins), i just take my sweet time by walking around the area to visit some bookstores or bank. Breath more fresh air (even sweating) then only go back office for the dead air Chill lah. =P

With our industry the path it truly, I am coishong to make methods for filing for having been fired health advantages. My thing ended up identify exactly how being out of work technique features, what the habitual is good for recognizing or sometimes rejecting advises, and then include content articles produced by the go through with what among the better tactics in addition , commonly used discrepancies have been in declaring bankruptcy under being out of work importance.

i was at your zeeland michigan burger king and i waited 20 minutes for 2 chicken wraps there was not any customers in front of me or behind me. i called the store the next day and the manager says i will send you some coupon bla bla bla any way about a week latter i get a letter from the district manager with a letter saying sorry take this letter back to burger king and give it to the cashier for 2 small single combo meals my chooice of course, my problem is the letter has my name and address to give to the cashier, my person information i think not!!! so sorry will not do business with you again and fyi i will be telling people about it again thanks for nothing!!!

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