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Aunt Jemima

It is time to get rid of the symbol of Aunt Jemima. It is an old south plantation Nostalgia and should be removed.

Regina, Kate, glad you liked it.And, Erik, I am glad the Theopoetics site connected for you, but even gaddler to have your insights about the ways that Quaker traditions of challenging individuals to continuing growth differ from your sense of UU practice. I agree that both groups are good at affirming people who enter as "wounded souls"--"spiritual refugees", as Liz, over at puts it. She's expressed concerns over the years about a temptation both/and or hyphenated Quakers, like me, may fall prey to, not to keep changing and growing. I don't think she's put it that way, but I've taken to thinking of it as the difference between being a spiritual refugee and living in a spiritual refugee camp long term. I'm anxious to explore ways that Quakers can and do encourage us to keep growing, and not stop at the sense of refuge.By your comments, I take it it's a conundrum that you've thought about, too. Which I find encouraging, because I think it's an issue many religious groups face, in this Post-modern world we share.

The Crystal Light cooupns were in a Publix store ad, but they were Man. Coupons, not Publix cooupns. So I was able to use them at Wal-Mart, where the boxes are normally priced $2.00!

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