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We've had fabulous food & service at our hometown location-Annapolis, MD-as well as Hyattsville & White Marsh. My only request:bring back the lime cilantro dressing!!


If I could put zero starts I would. I've worked there for about 3 months and everyday we were short handed and very far behind. If you start a job there suspect to stay later everyday to get your stuff done and I don't mean 10-15 you will be lucky to get out a hour after your posted time to get off..

I am a frequent Customer at Qdoba - Florham Park, New Jersey and noticed lately the very Bad service. I don' t know if Management has changed but the service has dropped tremendously across the board. That location used to be very busy and now it's always empty! No wonder.....who wants to eat at a place with such Sloppy, unsanitary service.

shift manager

When I first started at Qdoba in Cleveland Ohio area, I should've paid attention to the lack of business structure and communication I worked there for 3 years before I was wrongfully fired for calling off.. Mind you i've done everything under the sun for these guys, they have the balls to fire you.. They just take you off the schedule and hire the next pawn.. I could go and fight to get unemployment but seriously just like Qdoba it would be a waste of time.. I wouldn't recommend to a dog..their structure its corrupted and illegitimate..

New Employee

My first day hired at Qdoba I was put on cashier right away with out being properly trained. I was also put on the line right away with out the proper training an employer should deserve. I was scheduled 7 hours on a Friday for my second day of work with NO break. I was over worked and physically drained and felt sick. I asked around and the co workers said they'd get lucky if they had a break. Very unprofessional was hired on the spot in a bad way poor interview and badly managed. I would not work at Qdoba due to poor management and lack of respect to there employees.

Corporate ordering/box lunch delivery

Very poor phone lines. Always goes to voice mail and voice mail is full, thus unable to leave a message. When message has been left, there was no call back. Ordering for corporate meetings, and used to be able to order under 10 box lunches for delivery, and now there is a limit. Food is becoming mediocre.

Working there

I did not even want to give it a one star but I would not do any lower I worked at Qdoba resturant in Tallahassee, FL The customer service was great and so was the food. The way Qdoba shut the store down giving employees 2 days notice was just wrong. To bring a DM here from Ohio and then tell him a week after he moves to FL with his family that he no longer has a job was even worse. People that worked at this establishment have families. This was just wrong on so many levels.

Terrible Customer Service

The location at 42967 Woodward in Bloomfield Hills, MI is a joke. When they first opened, everyone was nice and cordial and offered you a good experience. Not now, it must be a requirement to be a mean, rude, bitter unprofessional person to work there. The orders are never correct, the steak is undone and tough as rubber, and the chips are stale. One day you get a bag of chips with your order, the next day you are given a fist of chips....no guidelines at all...just depends on which rude bitter person you encounter that day. I refuse to frequent an establishment that treats their customers with such disrespect...my money deserves to be earned....

Terrible service in TC

Your Traverse City, Mi. location by gander mountain usually has a great staff working. Today, 4-20-13, 5:30 pm, none of the normal employees were working and it seemed like nobody trained the new staff. Now it wasn't busy at all, two people in line and three sitting eating, but the pork, brown rice and black beans were all empty. The chicken quesadilla I ordered had hardly any chicken and even less cheese on it. The pork burrito I ordered was the same way, partial amounts of everything compared to how it is usually made. When I got home I discovered the shell on the side hadn't even been steamed, it was rolled up cold. This is one of my favorite restaurants to eat from. Please pass on the problems to the proper person so the employees can be properly trained. Also there were at least four employees that I saw, so they weren't short handed.

Working until close

I'm a teenager who absolutely LOVES your food but the restaurant on (8789 N. Port Washington Road Fox Point, WI 53217) the new look, I love the authentic taste with the great price tag. Anyway heres my complaint: I needed to ASK if the establishment had my wallet (my parents are killing me over it) and i called at 9:54 apprx. And not one employee answered. So i would like if those employees could be talked to. Thank you and good night. Zach Francis

Worst experience I have ever had with Qboda....Ordered for company luncheon. Delivery driver went to wrong place and when gave specific directions she went total opposite of all directions. Lunch over over 30 minutes late and once it got here the order was not complete several things left out...so dissatisified !!!!!!!

This visit

The employees at the Charlestown Road location in New Albany, IN are rude. They act like their time is better than yours and the portions they give are mediocre. I asked for chicken and I received crumbs and half a ladle at that. For my Queso I received a handful, literally a handfull, of chips. It's dissapointing since the food is good, when prepared correctly.


I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know of the exceptional individuals at the Qdoba in Chesterfield MO off of Chesterfield Airport Rd. My boyfriend and I stopped in to have dinner on Dec. 13, 12. I accidentally left my purse there with several valuable items in it including a large amount of cash, and my debit card. All of my ID's were in it, as well as my driver's license. I had a test at 7am, and when I called at 7:30AM the next day, Dan, the store manager, answered. They had my purse! I was able to pick it up at 7:45am, and he was extremely nice. Everything was still in it, and recovered. I could not be more thankful or relieved. It is so wonderful to know that there are still good people out in the world today! Thank you DAN!


I had a bad visit to the qdoba in north field in commerce city the staff didn't show much effort, they were out of rice white and brown didn't try to take care of the problem and didn't care. The restaurant was a mess trash on most of the tables and no one cleaning them, I will not come back to that one ever and that is right by my house. I was really disappointed by the lack luster attention to detail, I hope you can rectify the problem.

hello my name is susan i want complain route 22 east union by the manager descrimination by employment samy protecter all people your country no clean any clean any bad job give all hoour these people all kids for these manager go to work minoor 12 years old no body say anithing cutting hours for other people she sister i work these store thanks listen

Good afternoon I was in one of your establishments in Chicago particularly the establishment on Randolph and Wabash, and I have to say that it was one of the worse experiences I had. The manager was extremely rude and she was very unprofessional to her employees and customers. I feel that in order I keep this qdoba establishment running dismissing this manager is in order.

Me and my co workers are frequent customers and just recently we visted the location on west end Nashville, TN and when we got to the register to present our coupons from our phones which is something we have always done. But on this piticular day we where denied and when I made the cashier aware that on any other day we where allowed to use the code from our phones she stated that she had a coupon on hand that she would allow us to use. So two of us was allowed to use the coupon but when the third person tried she was denied so this problem just cost the company our business because when we come we have at least 7+. And when I tried to contact the store and speak with a manager the line does not ring it is like the phone is off the hook. so that makes me feel like they simply don't care how the customer feels.

I am a frequent customer at the operation in Bayonne nj but whom I believe was the manager had a rude attitude while I order my food. she did not take me loyalty card which disappointed me because you get great rewards with the card. the place was also swarming with flies. my visit their did not seem appreciated.

I just went to the one in Louisville on 4th and Jefferson. Wow! The food was decent but the place was a mess. The manager should be more on top of it. The employees were standing around doing nothing when I walked in. There was trash laying all over the place. Make them clean up. That is what they are being paid for. Lame! No pride in the workplace.

The Qdoba Restaurant on Henry Street in Muskegon, MI is an excellent restaurant. The food is always very good, especially for those of us who cannot not eat the usual junk food. We are very saddened to hear it is going to close at the end of July. We live much too far from the restaurant on Harvey St. We are going to miss this restaurant very much.In addition,16 employees are going to lose their jobs. Muskegon does not need more people out of work. oration was not committed to Muskegon. They need to be reminded that it isn't just about profit. It is, or should be about their contribution to the community. Shame on this corporation. This restaurant will be greatly missed.

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