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I am impressed with the fortress around this company. Don't expect much and you'll love 'em!

Heartless and looking for excuses to charge you more money!

We have been a Progress Energy customer for about 10 years. We have paid what we considered to be the equal pay amount for most of those years. We were never shut off nor were we forced to pay a new deposit. Last year, I decided to go on to their "equal pay" program officially. I paid them their required amount, but they wanted the amount before the end of the month and my husband is a 100 disabled veteran and on social security so we don't get paid until the 1st and the 3rd. We figured that they were getting paid shortly after the due date by our bank, by their bill pay, at the exact same time each month and therefore, it would be accepted. We were wrong. We continued to receive out bills but did not open them in that they were getting paid. We mistakenly assumed these were our regular monthly bills. In that we were paying what they considered "late" (even though it was days) they cancelled our equal pay after 3 months and charged us a new $600 deposit! We had to come up with over $1300 dollars for one month on disability! We own our home and have never stiffed this company. We always pay them. We feel that being forced to pay the total amount accrued in the summer months when on equal pay in addition to the $600 dollar deposit is overly punitive and prejudice against those who are disabled in that disability is paid at the first of the month (as are many working positions) and the company refused repeatedly to make our due date the time frame we get paid in. We have 3 children and my husband requires a CPAP machine to sleep due to brain injury. He has neurological sleep apnea and stops breathing until his body starts to seize if he does not have electricity to use his CPAP. We had to pay the almost $1400 they were demanding so that he does not die. It was freezing during this time and they refused to even allow us to make payments! We feel that our time with them at the same address and the circumstances of our "late" payments made by our bank should have made a difference in their requirement of the $600 deposit. While wanting their full payment was bad enough, a $600 deposit, when we have lived here 10 years and never left them with a balance (although I'd leave them completely if they weren't a local monopoly!) was extreme and caused us to have to seek out food assistance at local churches to feed ourselves and our children! These people did not care, would not budge and would not help because they are a monopoly and we have no other choice than to use their electricity. They know this and no one stops them. We feel that they need to refund our $600 deposit in that we were in fact paying them, and regularly, AND we own our house and have not left. If you have had a similar problem with this beast, write a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. It is published and the government tracks the complaints!


Horable Company, they have no concideration at all, people with small kids and all and they CANT HELP they wont even take partial payments, to them is pay it all or nothing. I dont know how this company is still running well obviously republicans...


All i have to say is if i was to work in this companys customer service line i would feel so bad/sad, how mean and unhelpfull they are to people. Im a single mom with 2 kids, i try getting an extencion or pay $100 towards my $250 bill and they did not help me they told me that i had to pay it in full or they was ordering a disconection, I called them several timeS crying on the phone and all they said was SORRY WE CANT DO ANYTHING...


I know that "THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO", however I do want to make you aware of a customer service situation. I travel for my job and somewhere along the lines my payments got 1 month behind. I still maintained my payments EVERY MONTH, and this past month I mistakenly paid the amount due this month instead of the amount due last month (which was a < $50 difference). I have been a customer for over 20 years and have ALWAYS paid my bill. This afternoon my daughter called and said that the power was disconnected at 4:30 this afternoon, I was in a meeting and did not immediately get the call, nonetheless I contacted customer service at 5:14pm and had paid the bill plus the deposit fee ($512.16) within the hour and posted to my account within the hour. I asked if they could please tell the technician assigned that my daughter had pets that needed to stay warm or they would die (not to mention my daughter is home alone and cold as well and now in the dark) and also that I could not get to her in a reasonable amount of time. Two of her pets have already died now, so I call customer service back three hours later and get the same response "THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO". I expect a call any minute again from her to tell me that the rest of her pets are dead. Bottomline, I understand that customers (especially today) come up with every excuse possible why they didn't pay. I paid within the hour, I have ALWAYS paid my bill... for the more than 20 years that I have been with the same power company (CP&L and then Progress Energy). I would think that would account for something. For my daughter to lose pets that she has cared for and loves because "THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO" for a customer that made an 'honest' mistake is really sad. I am two hours away from home and heading there now, I am certain I will not be going home to a happy young girl. All I can say is that I certainly hope that someday, each of you have to hear the words "THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO", then you will know what it is like to feel the same helpless, hopeless feeling that my daughter and I feel right now. Maybe then you will reconsider your jaded way of managing customer service.

Awsemoe you should think of something like that

I am currently waiting on electricity to be turned on to my house. I am a new customer, and waiting 4-6 weeks for electricity is horrible.

Today we woke up with a transfer blowing up and cause the next door friends tree to cause fire. The power lines were all down in my back yard and we had no light from 4a.m to 11:30p.m. A couple of months ago our tree in our back yard was on fire as well and i called to complaint to Progress Energy to cut the tree down so we would never have to go thur that again. So, all they did was put a rubber box around the line so it will not turn on fire. I told them that they really just needed to trim the tree down cause the libes, they were touching the lines. So anyways, They came around 8a.m and they were all in the back yard. I had to put my dogs away so they dont touch the live lines and my 2x little boys as while. I went to the back yard and spoke to the progress energy and they said that they will take care of it and clean the mess. THEY NEVER CLEANED THE MESS.They cleaned my friend yard up and left my yard a mess with limbes of pine needles everywhere. I had left the house around 9:30 a.m and left then to run errands anf got home @ 7p.m. and called progress energy to come clean the mess of libes and spoke a Angelia in customer service and she said that it will take up to 48 hours. I asked her to let me spoke to her manager Stephaine. I told her the story ans she said that see will make a phone call and never rec'd a call back. All the libes that are all in the back yard weight over 40 pounds. and my friend said that they we be here. I told Stephaine that if someone gets hurt they will be in big trouble. I was also told by my friend that the big tree pieces were all falling on top of my mother in law sutie.If there is damage that they will be paying for the damages.. Never rec'd a phone call from anyone. I will be calling them tomorrow and on money.... I cannot believe that they would let the people leave with out completing the job and the is still. I did not think that they would ever do something like this and never rec'd a phone back. Someone needs to call on this matter.....

I hate cutomer service I hate the compan. They hire people who can't tell u anything and send u round in circles. They are so rude I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Although the price of there service is outrageously steep, I give the corporate representative who helped me 5 stars. There has never been a time that she did not understand my situation. I do not know if I am allowed to give her name on here, therefore I am not. Though, I can tell you I live in FL and there is a number you can call on top of the payment coupon at the bottom. When you call that number they will get your information about the bill and other security questions. Keep in mind, the number you call is not Progress Energy and it may take a little while to speak to someone at the corporate level. I found, it is better to be calm and patient in order to get some assistance, rather than being hysterical. Most people do not operate well when you are angry or hysterical. Remember, Christ did not technically own his own home while living among other humans on earth.

Progress Energy is the worst abuser of the low-income people of FL!!! I have been with them since 1999, but when I moved to casselberry, they changed my account number in 2005. They charged me another 200.00 deposit, never refunded the first one. They claimed there is only 200.00 in deposits and now they just told me I was going to have to pay additional 425.00 in deposit fees, because I have had my power turned off twice due to economic hardship. Last time, i had paid that bill an hour previous, and they shut it off anyway!!! I LOST MY JOB! I GET 770 A MONTH FROM UNEMPLOYMENT AND THE BILL IS OVER 400 A MONTH FOR THIS APARTMENT. I HAVE TWO KIDS. NO MONEY AND THEY WON'T WORK WITH ME AT ALL!!!!

Hi, I simply need to get my new email address and new password to be accepted at the FL consumer site to pay via e-bill as I have done many months. Yes I followed the instuctions,then wait for the link at my email site. Finally I paid the bill via a walk in site location. Not really a big deal,but what about next month. Please check this out asap, it should be easy - _335256168 -thanks ...32712

I hope all of these people who have been making complaints realize that Progress Energy has thousands of customers and many of those customers call with unsubstantiated complaints. The linemen work for their customers in any kind of weather. It may be 40 degrees in your house when there is a power outage, but the repairmen are probably working in extreme heat, freezing rain, snow, winds, etc. These workers are humans, not robots, and they too have families. I have had services with CP&L/Progress for 45 years. While everything has not been exactly as I may have wanted it, I applaud the ones who are answering those complaints and for the many who are exposed to all kinds of weather at any time day or night who come to our rescue when we lose power. I love our electric utility!

progress energy out of service department needs an investigation. around 4pm lighting knocked out my power. while standing on my front porch to report the outage and sitting on hold, i heard the power restore and saw blue smoke pour out of their transformer. i immediately turned off the power breaker to my house and called progress back. the transformer had quit smoking but their breaker to the transformer was still smoking. they said they had no outage but would send someone to check the transformer. about 6:30pm i called back and got the impression they had not notified anyone but took all the information again and again they said someone would be out to check the transformer. about 7:30 i took a chance and turned my breaker back on to cook supper and everything seemed to be working but i still saw smoke from their breaker. about 8:30pm i called again and again they took all the information and again said someone would be out. by this time it was about dark and i could see their breaker glow red to white so bright it was like a spot light. i went to the fire station and asked them to check it to see if it was a fire hazard. the fire department told me they would call progress and report it. right after the fire department left their breaker blew and i was again without power. i do not know if it was their call or my last call or the fire dept called but about 10pm progress repairman replaced their breaker and so far my power is on. about 6hrs after i called they get around to dispatching is totally unacceptable.

They are terrible with customer service. They shut the power off and I just moved into the unit. Within 30 minutes of my finding of this, I called to find out what the issue was. I paid the deposit and although they are open until 9pm and it was only the afternoon on a Friday, I had to go the entire weekend without power and then they couldn't give me a definite connect time for Monday. They have no regard for their customers whatsoever. This company is a Fortune 500 Company with Investors! I am a first time customer who opened a new account and was treated terribly from the very first moment... What does that say about them? Can't wait to see how bad I'll be treated if something happens later on..

I woke up In a 40 degree temperature and find out my power was off I immediately make a call and it was off for none payment . I knew I missed paying the bill on time I paid it and they told me it will be coneccted in less than 2 hours. 4 hours passed by and no power it was 5 pm by then when I called back they told me sometimes before midnight . By then the temperature inside my house was 40 degree I have a 2 years old and asked them to help me out to get my power back on faster . No one cares they said they cant do anything , they acted like animals or machines no humans no one cares even if u die all they care for is taking your money and connection fees and 5 dollar for making a payment over the phones. I paid these cowards 10000,s over the past 20 years . I hope they all die or bankrupt

My power was disconnected today, I went and payed my bill less then an half an hour when the guy disconnected my service. It's been over 7 hours and I'm still waiting to have my services reconnected. They also have the worst service.

The uneducated idiots in the customer service department at the Pinellas county location are ignorant and rude. I had a question about my account and was spoken to like I was stupid and naive. They did not answer my issue and turned it around blaming fault on me, called me a liar and hung up on me. This will be resolved with the corporate office. If that does not solve this issue it will be resolved with the government. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life.

Well, they do employ some of the rudest most NON-helpful customer service people answering the phones!! That is a fact!! Not to speak of having to wait for a half hour or more to speak to a live person!! Could this be part of the changes with the merger?? I wonder....

I just contacted my PE and could not get any help. I needed to make an extension on my account, I just paid one month last Thursday on my account, and I am still behind. My wife has been unemployed through no fault of her own since Jan of this year and things are really difficult. I made a payment in the amount of $300 last week which was for one month, but they are going to disconnect my electric for another $325 which by the way, just turned out to be past due on Thursday. I told them I am getting paid this week, and can pay the amount by this Friday July 8, but the rep told me there has been a disconnect order since June 30 the same day I made the payment and that he cannot do anything. I am sitting here waiting on my electric to be disconnected with 4 kids in the house. I had to make the decision on what to pay. I paid what I could to the electric. I also had to pay my rent, and get some food. So, I am now stuck and do not know what to do except live for more than days in 90+ plus weather....and our water is run from a well, not city water, so without electric...we do not have water either because we need the pump to run to get the water in the house. They did not care to hear that either! I have been a customer for 5 and a half years, and I have a deposit of $640 on my account!!!

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