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DeniseWe have developed many tieneimls for long range planning (Davis will be addressed in the near future most likely) but the needs list at the state level has changed a lot this year.The School Facilities Department which is in charge of the list just got their budget approved this week by the Facilities Commission and the legislative committee that sends recommendations to the legislature.Hopefully, we will be able to make firm plans for the next few years and announce them here at some point in the next month or so.As far as the 5/6 schools being a band-aid, I would have to say it is actually a much more long-term solution than the other options which are actually smaller band-aids that would do little to staunch the long-term bleeding.If you are saying the 5/6 solution will still not eliminate the need for new elementary schools you are absolutely right. But it does slow that need down quicker than the other options.

I was having a hard time graipsng the fact that a rural school was going to be put in The Pointe. It started to make more sense off of Riding Club. I do believe a school should be put in The Pointe, but one of a smaller scale, such as suggested as the section 2, to serve that subdivision, as well as to attain the neighborhood schools that are so desired. If Prairie Wind is suppose to fulfill the needs of the rural students, it needs to be located in a rural location. Keep the city out of the county school. I am not surprised that the opening date of Prairie Wind keeps on getting pushed back. My husband can remember the talk of the Sun Valley school when he was in elementary that was 18 years ago. Sunrise was finally opened just within the last 5 years. I hope Prairie Wind won't be a talked about school for the next 10 years! As for opening a 5/6 grade school for each triad, that just seems like a band-aid for a growing problem. Cheyenne will continue to grow at a great rate, by the time these schools are implemented how long before they are then busting at their seems?

If not for your wiritng this topic could be very convoluted and oblique.

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