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Pepsi One

I am personally boycotting Pepsi products, since Pepsi One has apparently been withdrawn from the market.


I am home bound so I had a friend pick up two cases of 24 cans of Diet Pepsi. If I had been there they would have stayed on the shelf! They charged $8.39 each!!! The store across the street had them for 2 for $13.00 bug I didn't know that. This is Stone Ridge Piggly Wiggly in Wautoma WI. I called them to see if they would match the price and they said no. How can they charge so much. I have been drinking Pepsi since I was very young and am now 77. The only soda I drink. Is there anything I can do to get my money back? They have lost me as a customer and I am telling everyone I know about it.


I love pepsi cola. The artificial sweeteners were a great idea until we figured out they were bad for us, so they might as well chalk that up as a loss. Or maybe not. Instead of losing a whole division, maybe PEPSICOLA CO. can add Vitamin C or D or both, that would totally get the newcomers onboard. Or Pepsi can start using real brown cane sugar. It's a little more expensive BUT It will get revenues going, and the yuppies lovin it again and buying. It's all image with this new generation. They are confused as ever, but if you get the right pitch, they will keep buying no matter what. Heck, they still smoke. robertoeltiburon. ok if they want to hire me I may consider the marketing dept. :)

Anti Gmo Labeling in Wash. and Ca.

I am concerned because Pepsico has backed anti gmo labeling in both calif. and Washington. Therefore as a long time 60 year old customer i am no longer buying your products in all the catagories besides frito lay. I dont understand what the problem is, most other things are labeled. I suppose that if you are fighting it you must be GMO.

Cinnamon & Spice

Please keep making Cinnamon & Spice oatmeal. It is becoming a scavenger hunt trying to find this.

increase sale

I would like to share my suggestion for improvment of sale of pepsi.

Pepsi is one of the only canned drinks that i never get tired of!


I recently saw a piece on TV about Pepsi wanting to make their products healthier. Why don't you start with REMOVING all GMO products from your products. It's insane to think that what is considered "junk food" could be made healthier, it's total insanitity to think that ANYTHING you produce that contains GMO foods is anything but poison. IF corporations like yours refused to use this poison, they would stop messing with Mother Nature. It would be a great place for you to begin your quest.

If you are going to leave GOD out on your can's then im leaving you out of my list for groceries, and anyone who sell pepsi products.

I am NOT a Pepsi drinker unless thats all they have when i go out to eat, Just the way your Employes in DE are treated is a shame your Sales Guys get every thing handed to them, the ones the deliver and pack the cases in the Warehouse you know the little People that dont seem to matter to you or Pepsico, the ones that are hurting, because of the hard work they do day in and day out while the sales guys get, tickets for games, bonuses,dinners, and the ones that do the work the real work get nothing, SHAME ON PEPSI<PEPSICO for not TREATING ALL the EMPLOYES LIKE THEY MATTER, if it wasnt for the real workers you and your Executives wouldnt get your Bonuses

I have enormous talent in the advertising industry and I would like to make a contribution to the Pepsico Corporation. It would most definitely be an asset to your company to hire me, along with my experiences. I've done alot of research with consumers as well as the history of Pepsico. What I have to offer would benefit this corporation. Best Regards Debbie Wilder

Oh yea of little faith, John! Here you are diss'n poor old Western New York's ablitiy to produce the milk for this humonus PepsiCo plant! Meanwhile Upstate-Niagara Milk Co-op's G.M. of Membership, Kim Pickard-Dudley is just brimmin' with confidence: Regional farmers will be able to adjust capacity to meet all the demand for milk to make yogurt. There it is right from the horse's mouth or, perhaps the the opposite end of the horse's anatomy Don't worry-be happy, John. Perhaps the horse needs a bite out of a reality apple! The largest yogurt plant in North America is gonna demand one hell of a lotta milk and these folks are on a schedule; they're gonna be selling product by 2013. Kim better saddle-up and start looking up some cows!

The Harrier Jet case made national news at the time. Pepsi evltunaley raised the "advertised" price for the Harrier jet to 700 million points, which would have made buying the jet completely impractical. (The DoD wouldn't have sold a flightworthy Harrier anyway, no matter what.)I read through the terms on the Pepsi Points site yesterday as I prepared to enter the 6 codes I'd collected from a pack of Pepsi bottles. This time around there's a limit of 3,000 points per customer for the whole year. Amazon employees aren't eligible to enter points, not even to buy stuff. :( I ended up giving mine away to a friend whose family goes through a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi a day.

respected sir my name is muhammad sumair. i am from pakistan i want to wark for pepsico in sialkot pakistan i have much new ideas for pepsico advertisement in pakistan , as as i understand the people living style and interest in Pakistan. if u give me chance its good for pepsi regards sumair minhas (saamminhas@gmail.com)



Man, someone from corporate has to look at this. I was in applebees one time and suggested some pepsi with strawberry syrup in it. I LOVE IT. That is the only time i buy pepsi. It doesn't have that overpowering taste like wild cherry. Please for jeez sakes, TRY IT! MAKE IT! At least a trial... PLEASEEEEEE. :) Thankyou very much.

I believe that I have matter which should be of interest to PepsiCo When I opened s bottle of pepsi & found 4 things that look like long sausages in the bottle. I found this after taking a drink from the bottle. Could you please have someone contact me re: this problem. This has turned me off of pepsi as you can imagine. My phone # is 318-335-3863

I understand you are a sponsor of the VH1 network show Basketball Wives. As long as you continue to sponsor this type of violent garbage I will not be able to support your products. This show is a disgrace and promotes bullying. Bullying is a hate crime and I can't support that and I will not support you as long as you sponsor of this show.

Respected sir, I am KEDAR NATH YADAV regular custumer of pepsico. i have bought a lot of bottles but this time when i bought some bottles , isaw some poisonous insects inside the bottle . ithink these insects can harmful our health and also a bad image of pepsico can be put on the customers and market. So i request you please take some strick action against these dealer. I will be highly oblidged. I will waiting for your response. Your's faithfully Date - 07/05/12 KEDAR NATH YADAV Vill. raikarpur post janapur faizabad U.P Mobile no.9161367987

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