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Wedding ring turned colors

My wife wedding ring turned colors, and the rose gold on the side is gone, now overstock representation telling me there's nothing they can do, with this ring how can I be weld

Pathetic/Do not use them!!!

We ordered bathroom vanity. It was delivered with major damage. Carrier failed to call in advance and they drop shipped it to our front porch. 14 days later I'm still waiting for replacement vanity and old vanity is still sitting on my porch(eyesore) They're good at apologizing but do't answer emails or return calls Based on the other reviews below this is a pitiful co that should be avoided by ALL consumers

I give it 0 star the people work for overstock not right

Overstock Banner re Robin Williams

Although it is unfortunate of Robin Williams’s death, I believe it is just as unfortunate Overstock.com is giving more attention by placing a yellow banner reading, "Remembering Robin Williams (Jul 21, 1951 - Aug 11, 2014)" on their website. Why hasn't a banner been posted acknowledging our service men and women who have lost their lives for our Country or have suffered disabilities for their remaining lives?


As a competitor to Amazon a huge disappointment. If the products arrive as describe your lucky- and customer service is nothing in comparrison to Amazon's.

Horrible warranty service

I bought an engagement ring for a good price and I bought the warranty service. A couple diamonds fell out and I sent it in to be repaired. I received an email when they got the ring and it said the ring will be repaired and returned to me in 11 to 15 business days. That was almost 2 months ago. I haves called many times and keep getting lied to saying "it was shipped" or "we will find out what's going on and call you back". Of course no call. The line I have heard the most is " it will be repaired and you will receive it in 7 to 10 business days." I will suggest not purchasing anything from overstock if you are worried about wasting your money.

Fraud Company/Over Stock.Com

Beware!! if you order with this company they will send you damage goods and then when you call them at there customer service dept, managers like Tammy will tell you that they cant help you until they get the goods back in there warehouse within 2-3 weeks. You have to go out your way getting the product back!! and even if you mention the BBB, they dont care..all they will say is "I am sorry, I have to follow company polices, in ought for you to get your money back on these damage goods, we will have to get the product back and expect it" wow!! I have too wait almost a month for my money back!! They will not go out of the way to help your bad experience, they don't care...even if you mention writing the corporate office..So beware ordering from them!!

they shipped my engagment ring standard so cheap that their is no tracking information now i wont be able to be home for my ring to get their and it could be stolen or opened by the girl im proposing to this ruined my proposal do not buy from them they gave me the run around and told me they dont care they dont even warn you that their is no tracking worst experience ever

I bought a LG Vu CU920 GSM from Overstock.com was the worst phone I ever bought. The keys stick, the camera is a joke with the colors bleeding into one another. And I bought a 2 year contract, my MY PHONE IS 6 MONTHS OLD. I am now having to go through Consumer Affairs, Fair Trade Assoc to get a new phone. I have spoken with 3 different peoplke and keep getting the RUN AROUND

I have bought several items from the O and I have come to realize that the prices keep on creeping up and it's no longer "shopper savy" to shop on Overstock.com. The competitive pricing that used to be in effect, no longer exist. It's no longer enjoysble to shop the overstock.com website. I would suggest shopping else where.

This was my frist purchase from overstock.com. I bought a refurbished IBM laptop and within 3months of receiving it the computer quit charging and the DVD player never worked. The sent a new power cord that didnt work, and finally they had me send it to get worked on. I get the computer back the paper says everything is working but then they put a big defective sticker on the battery-with no explination. I call overstock.com and you know what they tell me... that the 60$ warranty that I bought doesnt cover batteries because they expect you to have to replace them!!! THAT IS A CROCK OF SHIT!!! I shouldnt have to replace a battery within 3 months of buying the thing. I will never purchase from them again and I will write on as many websites as possible how shity they are!!!

Hello, I have placed many orders with your company over the past year. We had a fire & I had to replace many things. I have been thrilled with all your products & have spent a small fortune. I am asking for a donation , for a womans & childrens shelter, in Everett Wa. I am involved with a program called adopt a room. We need several items. Dressers,linens, bedspreads ,lg area rug ect.... Any thing you can donate would be greatly appreciated.Please, let me know. Thank You Cindy Psaradelis cindyizy@comcast.net Phone # 425-422-3580

Hi i was a vendor with you guys for a few years Vender number 83018. I recieved a refund check from you guys. I was wondering if you can change the name on the check and re-issue it to the owner of corporation. That business is no longer operating under that name and in order to cash the check we would have to go open another account. So can someone please give me a call back to let me know what can be done. thanks you very much my cell phone number is 818-693-0843.

What is wrong with your site, I haven't been able to get on for days!

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