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Poorest service ever wolf road albany

Went to your restaurant for lunch, and walked out after 45 minutes, with no entrees . I ran a tavern for 20 years, and have never stiffed anyone. Someone should review your training program because, I get the severs being a little slow, but I asked to see the manager before I left and he couldn't be bothered to speak to us. The adage that poor service gets mentioned to 20 people and get's mentioned to 4 is true. Since there were 3 of us that means 60 people will have heard of this. Thing is, we're in the business by the of shift tonight my daughter will probably tell 100 people.

terrible father's day dinner

Yesterday was Father's day, and my family decided to take me to Outback Steakhouse. I love Outback, so it was a pleasure to spend my father's day at this location on E. Main st -Columbus, Ohio. We waited for approx. 2hrs to be seated and once seated the waitress was so burdened with other tables and other orders that she could not take care of our table at all. Our appetizers came out late, and were awful, also our dinners were disgusting. The 2 steaks me and my wife ordered were char tasting and overcooked. I feel that the restaurant management should of been out in force handling these problems, and they were no where to be found

I worked as a hostses for Outback Steakhouse near Orlando. I made $2.65 per hour plus tipshare. The Hosts, bussers, and bartender split 3% of the restaurants sales. Which will round out to be around $20 to $35. Sometimes it is less and sometimes it is more. It all depends on how busy the restaurant it.I think I would rather receive the $7 and up, because it is a consistent paycheck.With Outback you can always think about moving up to a take-away and server position, which would be a lot more money.If you choose Outback, work hard and show them you take your job seriously. Memorize the menu and in a few months ask about a promotion, tell them you have been taking the time to learn the menu.

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On July 4th went to the Outback in Sandusky Ohio Rt250.Went at the bar thinking the service would be quicker that was a big mistake.I ordered and so did my 2 brothers we had a drink waiting for our order.Everyone around us came in after us received there food and left.Finally the barmaid came over and we asked about our food she went back and brought it to us and the steak was ice cold. The manager came over after about 15 minutes apoligized and said we would not be charged for a meal we could not eat. Very displeased with Outback Steakhouse

6-26-12 North Little Rock Arkansas: 6:30PM TERRIBLE FOOD AND TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Went to celebrate birthday with my husband, and the place was in no way busy, but you sure would have thought so with the attitude and service. My husband and I both ordered the medallion steak filets. His medium well and mine extra well done. When food arrived, his was medium and so was mine. The lady that brought our food, was still there and took it back, we then tried our baked potato and is was not cooked (either of ours). Sent those back, still no waiter. When meal was brought back twenty minutes later, it had been microwave (the meat and rice) looked like crap and mine was still very pink (at least not bloody this time). Potato still not done. Still no waiter. I had actually sat my glass up on the back of the booth hoping to attract someone - that did not happen. Our waiter constantly waited on the booth two booths down but never once looked our way. I counted him going there four times. The manager finally showed up, apologized and said she would take it off our bill. She was not going to charge me for a meal that I did not or could not eat. How generous, but was still going to charge for the salad and my drink. Then she noticed that not only did the steak not get done, but also the potato, and the empty glass on the back of the booth. She apoligized again and said she would take care of it all.

Dear Sir, We had a great OUTBACK in Quincy, Ma. and without notice - doors closed -wwe think it was a BIG mistake - your food was good and reasonably priced -it was always busy also ---WHY -- mayabay2@aol.com

I worked for your Outback Steakhouse in Wayne NJ last year. I never received a paycheck but was quite taken back when I was sent a W2 form for 2011. I wrote, called the Outback, sent SASE to have them send my check to me only to get the runaround. All I want in what is owed me. It is a check for a little over 150.00. I was hoping that contacting you can get me some results. I have tried and tried and really do want to get what is rightfully mine. My name is Debra Kozlowski, 39 Coolidge Place, Hawthorne, NJ 07506. Can someone please find out where my paycheck is and how I can get it. This is just not right. Thank You Debbie Kozlowski

I want you to know as far as im concerned. There is no other restaurant i go to. Outback is the best and the food is great and consistent! the service and atmosphere are great!! I would love to be a part of your comercials! why?? Because i say the truth!! Thsnk you!

We just had what should have been a wonderful dinner. Don't get me wrong, the food was good. We had to endur a child screaming constantly. We ask the server if she could do something and she said the can't. She did ask us if we wanted to move, which we did not as we weren't disturbing anyone. My husband asked one of the women with the children if she could do something to keep the child from screaming. Her Reply " I could kill them " Wrong answer. There was three children, only one screaming Like I said the food was good, but I would put one star as the experience was not pleasant

Outback Steakhouse manager, Paul Barns, in Pam Coast, Fl, wins the jerk of the year award. He just fired a single mom who has worked there for 4 years. She was closing and had assigned the last table to another waitress, but she forgot to ask Paul for permission. Four weeks before Christmas and now she can't pay her rent. Way to go Paul Barns! Hope you have a nice Christmas because there is one desperate Mom wondering where she and her 5 year old daughter will be living now. By the way unemployment in this city is at 17 percent. But what do you care? Not your problem right? This is truly a "crying" shame what this monster has done to her.


Just would like to Thank You Lucas (mgr. in Albany Ga. ) for being so nice and helpful with a takeout meal for a very special person on October 23, 2011. People like you are what makes Outback a pleasure to do business with. THANKS AGAIN AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

I like your restaurants so I have no gripes. I see this promotion: $500 Outback Steakhouse® Gift Card and started to fill it out but stopped. There are so many Nigerian Pfishing scams out there trying to get personal information to steal our identities that I wanted to find out from Corporate if its legitimate or a scam. Thank you for your attention. Harry Rainey, Jr. bigguy0604@gmail.com

We dined at our Local Outback at least once a month in Wilkes-Barre, PA until last Sunday when I ordered an item on their "Outback Favorites" listing. Fettucine Alfredo for $10.99 & to add meat to it (shrimp, chicken, etc.) brought it up to $14.99. The waitress had to be deaf or new at her job because when she asked us how was everything, I told her my dinner looked nothing like Fettucine Alfredo but instead was dried burnt oily noodles (probably from sitting under the heat lamp too long). My husband is not the type to make a fuss but I don't do it often, but I will if it is unacceptable or under or overcooked. I'm diabetic & he just wanted me to eat something so I ate some of the dried up chicken and HIS green beans. Again I said to the waitress these noodles are nothing like I've even seen that were passed off as Fettucine Alfredo and she even agreed! Still did nothing. My husband took the bill and paid it. I was steaming..couldn't even sleep well that night. So the next morning I called to speak to the manager about what happened & he promised to send me gift certificates to make up for the horrible meal,,,that was 10 days ago...still no envelope in the mail. Unless he makes good on his "promise" my husband and I will never eat there again & being that we both work for large companies will let everyone we know about the "awful experience" Outback was for us!

Reyna is the (in name only) MANAGER at the Mission Valley San Diego location and she FIGHTS with the customers over things that are HER or HER RESTAURANTS fault. She does not understand that satisfied customers is what keeps the place in business and they deserve NOT to be. The food is also LOUSY.

1804 se lott, topeka ks 66605. I am like any one, I detest this kind of crap where you get a so called 500 gift card if you do a survey and purchase 2 or 3 items etc. No one ever gets a gift card and I am reporting this to the KS attorney generals office, sending him the offer as it has been proven no one gets these and no one would want to purchase stuff they do not want if it was actually true. Try acting decent, if you don't know the word look it up! Try giving people real coupons, buy one get one free dinner, etc. You are dealing with real people with IQ's and this is tacky and looks awful on Outback and believe me, talk spreads fast. You have a bad reputation but it seems it should be just a bit worse as no one should come eat at a place that does this.

Why are your doors locked on a Saturday night at 10:45 pm when you are supposed to be open until 11:00 pm? I was in Yuma over the weekend for a BMX event with my son. All day he was bugging me to go to the Outback. He loves the place. I told him we would go after his races. Races were running late and a big dust storm blew in. We didn't get out until about 10:20 so we did the best we could to get to your restaurant as quick as we could. Showed up at 10:45pm and the doors were locked with people inside. One of your employees even looked at me through the doors. Why weren't you open if the sign says open until 11:00 pm. Extremely frustrating when we were looking forward to your restaurant all day. But, at least you guys got off work early. Nice job!

keep these offers for a $500 gift card on the internet under my email. they are fraud intisements to take a survey and get you too buy other prodcts. tired of this will see what legal process of law to take you to court.

I work for Outback, THIS INFORMATION POSTED IS INCORRECT!!!! The headquarters in Tampa, FL NOT AZ

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