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To whom it may concern: I was at Outback on Friday May 18,2012 to enjoy a birthday celebration.I ordered a salad with no feta.When I got the salad I bagan to eat it and to my surprise it had feta in it so I let the waiter know and he said ok I will take care of it.Little did I know it will entail him bringing me the check and asking me if I wanted another salad I procedded to say no thank you. He still gave me the check which I thought was ok because I did order a drink.The check still had the salad on it,I asked to see the manager,the manager came out with a coupon with 10.00 off my next visit with two entrees.I was ok with that and so he asked if he could have me another salad fixed? I said No thank you he apologized gave me the check and walked away.I thought it would be again just my drink. No, he wanted me to pay for the salad.I said really ok this has become redundant.The waiter took it back and came back with the check this time with just the drink.I just felt like they were not using their best customer service skills and I was alittle upset.I know this estabishment should not be ran in this way.I just wanted to let someone know so they can atleast check into this.who knows this email may help another customer!! Upset customer My name is Dawn Junius any questions I can be reached at (804)909-0428 Thank you!!

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