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We have fully paid for our paper for a year. Many times it isn't delivered. The owner of the house is a elderly lady who sits and waits for her paper everyday and mostly on Sundays. Today Sunday she has not received her paper again. She has called and was told many times she would receive her paper. She called 9am, 11 am and was told it would be delivered by 12:30pm. Was not delivered. We all watched and waited for her. She called again at almost 1 and she was told she will not receive her paper and to look for it tomorrow. Then was told it was her fault. Never in my life has anyone been so rude to a elderly person and also not delivering paper which is paid for is uncalled for.

So many people do not reazile how much Closet Factory can do. Since we are custom, we can design for so many commercial applications. We have done law offices, dentist offices, dog grooming stores, copy stores and many more areas. Many people use us in their home and like what we do so much they have us help them in their businesses. Explore what we can do and you will be amazed!!

i have won walmart gift so i will recevied it now i have not american please show me method

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