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very poor customer service

useless customer service. polite people but have no answers and no suggested solutions. very scripted answers and procedures.

Terrible service

This company is so poorly run I hate being forced to use this diservice. Calling the call center is useless they wont try to help you.

Rude and uneducated customer service

The customer service is horrible and what makes it worse is that I pay for this. Would not even give it 1 star but there is nothing lower.

These people are awful. They have no customer service. They don't even know what that means. Some supervisors are even worse than the reps.

I've had a great experience with them. Prescriptions are sent quickly and if there is a problem they call and it's resolved during the phone call. I've used them for years now and will continue to use them.

Avoid this pharmacy at all cost

I have only been a customer since January 2015. They are awful. They screwed up orders and you have to stay on top of all of your orders medications etc

i am experate about service from optum, it is 2 month for a prescription and as today nothing yet. I have been calling and calling and they close the phone on my face, unbeliavable, they look just like they are God and nothing scare them.

Lousy to NO Service

I am frustrated beoynd beleif with the lack of customer care received from this company. They make desions to not ship or to hold my prescriptions and NEVER notify me. I take many drugs and I am tempted to utilize the local pharmacy instead of this cheaper mail order source. My company has signed a contract with these yahoos amd I am forced to endure missing my medications because of their refusal to notify me when there policy change decides that since the plan no longer covers a drug (Folic Acid) they will ignore the doctors order to provide the same to me. Then they don't even call nor e-mail me. I am discusted with these people.

Angie's List Charter Board Member

Nothing but trouble with this company. Numerous mistakes in all their departments; receiving the order by fax, processing, filling and billing. I have had multiple negligent and sloppy errors getting in the way of actually FILLING my prescriptions, and they always have a lousy, untruthful excuse. I am still waiting for OptumRX to even fill, much less ship, a prescription that was faxed to them 12 days ago. Do not trust this company. When you call them, they only go on the defensive, as if YOU made a mistake, not them. Run for your life!

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