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Great prices and service

I love shopping at my local Capital blvd, Raleigh store. The staff are always happy to help and very friendly. They allowed me to replace a broken steam mop today, I didn't have the receipt but it had the original packaging and had not been used. The sales assistant even checked the new one with me before I left. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Ollies.

Horrible service

I went to the Kennett Square PA store to purchase candles, when I got to the register there was four customers ahead of me. There was only one register open and the cashier had some sort of problem and kept paging the manager for help and told him there was a line and another register needed to be opened. He replied and said he would be there in two minutes, but when he didn't come, she paged him again. When he finally came out, he went to her register and spoke briefly to her, he then went to the back without helping at the register. I waited in line for 25 minutes and when I was finally at the register paying, he came out and opened another register saying how sorry he was for the wait. Well, I was sorry too and will probably NEVER go in that store again.

dude, I got this board like as soon as it came out on ccs annd it cracked today. so it lasts like a pttrey long time but its not that great while you have it. the pop kinda blows the carbon fiber or whatever didnt do anything that I noticed. its a meh board.

I went into your Columbus Ohio South High Street store today. Wednesday July 25th 2012. Shopped around and had about $80 worth of merchandise to purchase. I didn't though. Why? Only one cashier. One cashier with a line of 5 people in front of me. Not one other employee to be see and there was never a call over the PA for assistance. Being pressed for time, I set my things down and went out the door. Guess what I saw? 4 employees at the exit doors smoking. Yeah that's right, 4 employees taking a smoke break while one employee waits on a line of customers. Where was your manager? Why did this happen? I can't believe that 4 out of 5 employees would be one break....I guess you don't want our business...fine with me.

I was shopping at Ollie's in North Olmstead Ohio tonight. There was a large yellow sign for 48" beach umbrellas for $3.74 on a large display box that contained at least 30 umbrellas of the same kind which fit that description on the sign; there were no other umbrellas in the box. This box was at the front of the store and the sign was facing the check out so that it was very visible to the check out staff and management staff. I selected 5 umbrellas and brought them to the check out where they proceeded to charge me $4.99 for the umbrellas and when I pointed out that the sign read $3.74 they told me that they ere nto the right ones and they had run out of the others. I asked to speak to a manager and Lori who presented herself as a manager and refusing to give her last name and who has the personality of a bob cat, abrupt and rude, reinforced the same message while a male staff tore down the sign. I told her I would turn them in for false advertising but she really didn't care. I've had a similar false advertising experience with Jerky at their Kingston Store. Their sign reads one price for a certain size package and then "we are all out of that size" but will sell you a smaller size for that price. Seems Ollie 's tries to suggest a patriotic theme but I'm not at all convinced because their stores sure are ripping off Americans who don't argue back. Well they can keep their umbrellas and their Jerky and I will never attempt to do business there again and persuade those in my circle to do the same. And what about the legalities? False advertising for sure.

I recently bought wooden flooring at your Gbg Pa store & asked the flooring Clerk to assist me in getting everything I would need to allow for The installers I was hiring to install my floor. I bought 26 boxes of flooring at a cost of 486.00. Some of the boxes had the plank turned over exposing only the back of the boards. When the installers came , they began putting down the floor and found out thta we only had 1 pattern of the flooring, you are suposed to have 2 different patterns so you can alternate them, resulting in a wooden floor look. We found out that we only had 1 pattern but it was too late to stop since I had hired the Installers for the day & would have been required to pay them. My floor now looks like a vinyl floor instead of a wooden floor since ther is the same pattern consistently.

I am furious about my wooden floor , and would like at least a partial reimburstment on the amount of money I spent since your store sold me boxes of flooring that were exact instead of 2 different patterns. Your ads state you buy over stocks, but in fact you buy what ever is left over which resulted in me purchasing 26 boxes of woo looking flooring that looks like a vinyl floor since it has the same exact pattern all over. I spent 468.00 dollars and would like a partial refund since the floor result I ended up with ( vinyl) I could have spent 100.00 . Thank you I expect to hear from you shortly in regards to this issue & would like to resolve it as easy as possible, without involving any other people. Shelly Howard 218 bonita Dr Gbg Pa 15601 (724)-837-1303

I was recently in the Beckley, West Virginia store location and I was disgusted with the store manager there. He was rude to the employees and downgraded them in front of the customers. He doesn't smile at anyone whenever I've been shopping in there. They need to get rid of him right away. How can a store manager behave in this way and still keep their job. This is not a one time event either, this has been nearly every time I've been there and I shop there on a weekly basis for several months now. I thought several of the times that some of the employees were going to break down. I've also noticed a high turnover with the employees there, I feel this may have a lot to do with the store manager himself and his attitude towards the customers and employees.

I recently visited the danvile, virginia store. The store doors are hard to hold open, the auto door openers hardly work, they are sometimey. Sad to say they never have enough cashiers, when they have several people in line. There's not enough room in the store for all the things they put on the sales floor. Therefore there is a lack of isle space, hazdardous. The bathroom smells. The manager was unfriendly when I returned a vacuum cleaner that work for three days. The coffee made my stomach hurt. The only experience good I had in the store was checkout, the young black girl with a close cut hair do, she was nice and invited me to come back soon. I will think twice before I come back.

WE love Ollies, Maryland and Harrisburg also Selingsgrove, we get to shopat these places often, when visiting in these areas many times thru the year, sure can;t beat the prices and findings when many other places these items are not availale at reasonable prices, this is our stop for shopping, thanks for the store what a great place, if you have never stopped you sure are missing some important hours.

Ollies Outlet is usually a good store to shop at for bargains, however, I wanted to remind them and all that read this review is that the reason people are shopping is because it is Christmas. It is not the holiday season. It is Christmas. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

I am sooo happy! In August of this year I shopped at the Pasadena,MD store and found some valences that I loved. Well, they looked so good I wanted to continue the treatment in two other rooms. I searched several Ollie's in the area and could not find them. I almost gave up until I called your store in Lavale, Md. Honestly, from the time I initially called to make inquiry about the valences-only giving them a vague description, the young lady who answered the phone put me in touch with the lady who is familiar with the curtain department. She placed me on hold for only a moment and came back to the phone and told me she had located them! She said she had eight and that was the number I needed. She proceeded to instruct me as to how to pay for them and the shipping- and when my funds cleared she shipped them. All of this happened on Wednesday of last week and I just received them a moment ago. It was the right one and all were packaged so well. I want you to know that these ladies need to be commended--I have forgotten their names but I think one was Tina? I am sure you can find out who went far out of their way to satisfy a faithful Ollie's shopper. Your business is blessed to have employees like this.

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