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I always drove by and said that looks like a good place, we have to try it. So we finally decided to go, as soon as we walked in I had a feeling it was gonna be AWFUL! The hostess told us to wait while "they figure things out". What is there to figure out we thought, there's a whole bunch of empty tables, just put us in one of those I thought. So we waited and waited until, we finally asked them if they had forgotten about us. They finally sat us in a both, we ordered, and 25 minutes later the waitress stated to us that they had just ran out of cheese! We had only ordered a medium pizza with half cheese only, because I am lactose intolerant, and they didn't even have that? Are you kidding me???? They are horrible, need less to say we left there with an empty stomach 1 hour later. This place has been the worst restaurant we have ever gone to.

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