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This is in regards to the East Lake, Chula Vista location I was there on the 9 JUN to watch the fight and basketball game, when the evening was over I asked for my tab and noticed the waitress did not remove the BM and I replaced with Vodka - now keep in mind she still ran my tab with the BM. She then later came by to tell me that she forgot??? and if I would like another drink on the house..!?!?!?!?!?!?! Really? that made no sense I WAS DONE DRINKING FOR THE NIGHT. So the next day I checked my bank statement and it did not match the receipt from Oggi's? I WAS OVER CHARGED ($46.86/original - $56.23/bank statement). I called Oggi's and asked for a manager, i then proceeded to explain to him what happened - he asked if i could bring a copy of my statement??? So I went down there and showed them on my phone the statement and he agreed it was not the same as the receipt from Oggi's. He couldn't do anything - there were 2 managers who could not do anything! They gave my number to the GM - Christian and he was RUDE! He was asking me to bring a statement and his manager saw and could verify what I showed him. He was not friendly whatsoever!!! I am not going there again and I am telling all my friends and everyone to go there. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS THERE!

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