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Are you all kidding me. Office Max has been good to me and wife. If we had a problem they took care of it with no problems. Have always been helpful. I mean I had the insurance on the items I had but when something went wrong and broke, they replaced it asap.. Alway friendly, and if I could give this company 6 stars I would. Like today my Kodak camera wasnt charging , had a chip where the battery goes in. Yea the manager on duty said they could exchange it but for another camera but id have to pay the difference as they didnt have the one I had. I didnt want to do that, so I went to my car and told my wife what went on, I returned so i can exchanged for another brand around the same price, a employee who helped me before on my chair, computer helped me and said you hold on and ill get you another one around the same price maybe more but i wont charge you extra, all i paid for was insurance... what customer service so I dont know what you people are talking about... Love you Office Max and I am a dedicated customer....

I got a Logitech keyboard and mouse combo as a xMas present.. Either my hands were defective of the keyboard was because it was impossible to type anything legible. I tried to return it but it was 2 days past their xMas gift return date. I contacted the area/regional manager or tried to but was only able to leave a message and no one ever got back to me. I begged and pleaded with the manager and he agreed to exchange the product. I exchanged it for a microsoft keyboard/mouse combo and it was also defective. The first 2 products were on sale, the product I exchanged it for was not; on the phone the manager agreed to give me something off the third item telling me to see him when I came in. I went to the store and he wasn't there, they called him and he said he didn't tell me he would take anything off of the price. I once again contacted the area/regional manager, filed my complaint, and guess what, no one ever contacted me regarding the matter. It is ok to purchase paper and inconsequential items from these people but don't buy anything of consequence because if there are problems with the product the company is of no help!

Office Max should not be in business at all.... I have bought a managers chair over the holidays, that could not use it. trying to return it has been a night mare. Scheduled 3 different days for pick up and talking on the phone with representatives who do not give dam. I still have not have anyone calling me back or sending someone to pick it up. They told me I need to be home for 3 days waiting for someone to show up!!!! unbelievable. Do not do business with these people ever again.

This company should be eliminated!!!!!!!!!! They treat there employees like dirt. I talked to a few and especially in Detroit, the supervisiors tell employees when they can go to the bathroom. The warehouse manager makes rules ,but doesn't follow them. He is constantly using vulgarity to people, calling them liars, and just treating them like trash! There is a supervisor who thinks he is the greatest thing on earth! He is constantly putting down people & telling employees that they have life but Officemax. His quote" You should stay home, go in your room, close the door, and think how to make the company better". Nothing else is important"!, The Operations Manager, is a real trip, Goes around thinking she is saving money. Spends many hours there doing absolutely nothing, There on weekends, snooping in others personal property, sleeping in her office, her and her sister taking product out of the buiilding and claiming it damaged! I will not buy from them and or recommend them! I wish the state or governing body of MI especially would close them down. And to Sam Duncan you are not worth the million they are paying you! Dip shit! I wouldn't give you a plugged nickel!

I'm very disapointed with the service, or should I say lack of service, at the Office Max on Davis Hwy Pensacola, Fl 32504. Called on Monday for Epson printer in Sun Flyer. Was told they had none, but call back Noon Fri for shipment due Fri pm. Called at noon, they did not get any, but I could come in Store before close on Sat & pay for printer, bring in my trade-in, & they'd ship priter to me. Went into the store Sat at 5 pm, was told they were not able to place my order (had tried twice that day to order for other customers), even though they had placed orders on Fri. I drove 25 miles 1 way to get to their store, only to be disappointed. I have an Office Depot less than 10 miles from my home, but chose to shop at Office Max based on their advertisement. I thought this was very poorly handeled. They made an offer that I could buy a different printer now, but at no where near the same cost/features or watch for future sales before Christmas.

If I could put a 0 I would. This is the worst company to deal with!!!! I will never buy from them again. I have suffered a brain bleed a few months ago and a stroke. My doctor advised me to make sure I had a secure office chair in my home office so I would not fall and hit my head. As soon as I was released from the hospital my husband and I went to buy a new chair at your store!!!! It was advertised in a flyer so we went. We were told it was not in stock but it would ship and arrive at my house within 1-3 days!! Yeah OK thats a joke. I have called the customer service center and have gotten a run around!!!!!!! They told me I would have to wait till they trace it only 48 hours,even thats a lie!!!!! All they offered is for me to repurchase the chair and they would refund aftter that whenever they traced the chair. It was shipped by their company Office Max Truck and they would have to ask drivers etc!!! I am going to return to the atore and request my money back even though they already told me I would not get the refund or another chair!!!!!!!

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