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i had a $5 coupon for a scotch magic dispenser which that time its also sale for $5 so with the coupon it will end up free the guy just rejected my coupon and said they dont honor that because it will be ending up FREE first of all its my fault if the item is on SALE and i have a coupon for it!!! its just not right!!!

virus services

I took my modem to have the tech Dept remove viruses. A week later I do not have my modem back. I have contacted Corp office with my major complain and will wait to hear back from them--i hope before I say anything. else. Thinking I might have to get legal with them.


I was in Office Depot today and tried to use a gift card that was given to me by my job. It was rejected and no one could tell me why. after spening 11/2 on the phone trying to find out why the card could not be honored. I found out that the money was removed from the card. But yet and still it clearly reads on the backside. NO EXpiration Date I still don't know why the card could not be redeemed. I'm up now trying to write a letter to the Headquaters. Hope I have better luck than some of you guys did

poor customer service

Today, I returned a printer to the Texarkana store, one I had bought yesterday. I also returned a $20.00 UBS cable I did not need. I swapped the printer for an upgraded version that cost $20.00 more and wanted cash back on the UBS cable to pay the balance on the upgraded printer. This I told the cashier. She rang up the transaction in reverse order. When I told her again, she replied, "You should have told me this at first." I responded by telling her I had and she wasn't listening. I've never had a cashier display such poor manners and make such an inappropriate remark. I will spend my money elsewhere the next time. I once relied on Office Depot for correct information as well as good, kind, prompt service, but that is not the case today. I'm very sorry about this for i did enjoy just browsing, if nothing else. No so anymore.

office depot has too many problems fixing computers because of the people they hire.you want your computer fixed and you want your computer fixed right !TAKE IT TOO ANOTHER SHOP,you dont need hit and miss work done.

I thought Office Depot and myself had a good relationship...... TO: 1 recipient Show Details Hello my name is John Stribling, I've been shopping with Office Depot for years, and never would have imagine, I would be writing a complaint, but I am very unhappy with the dictatorship, you have on how I spend my money with you, I am a professional Barber, and my shop consist of 34 employees, we decide to give back to our customers, "school supplies" so I check online, with Office Depot first, since I've been shopping here for years, I decided I was happy with the pricing on back to school sales, as I was shopping I was told there was a limit to only buying 3 filler paper per customer, serious a family of only one child, this wouldn't be nearly enough paper,as I mentioned earlier, the shop was expecting to give each customer with kids, school supplies, last year and the year before that, I purchased supplies, for my on child, and I wasn't limit, the cashier ask the manager what can he do, in order to fix the situation, stunningly he says, well he will let me get 6 packs of paper this one time, I thought, really this want help anyone either, so I thought, I came this far, I minus well, go ahead and get it, and tomorrow come back for more, but what I decided is to cut off our relationship instead, because, for such a noble cause, the manager decides how much of my money I can spend, trying to help other, that just didn't feel right, today I will return everything I purchased and shop elsewhere, luckily I've found a retailer nearer to my home, with even more better pricing on school supplies, I've enjoyed in the past my shopping with Office Depot, but no more... Store location; 5064 Memorial Drive Stone Mountain, Ga. 30083

Your Somerset does not know the proper way to answer the phone or how to treat people. I called for to inquire about Dell ink cartridges. The person who answered sounded bored and annoyed. He said I guess so. He sounded like he never heard of Dell and I had to spell it out. He was gone a minute then came back and said yeah. I asked him I'm looking for a cartridge for a 966 series 7 and he told me to look it up on the internet. I called back but all I heard was the song "Taking Care of Business" over and over and while a woman told me what a great place Office Depot is. I never got a real person and after 3 minutes gave up. I called back and this time a woman answered right back and she was as bored sounding as the first man, to the extent of sounding rude. I asked her the same question but she said all she needed was the series number, which I gave her, and she asked again and again and I told her again and gain. I complained about the man I talked to and she defended him saying he was probably a tech guy and didn't now. I asked her "then why didn't he ask somebody who did know?" She didn't say much and told me they had the cartridge I wanted and a very dry "sorry about that" and she hung up. I got the feeling they hated their jobs, hated the phone, and didn't have a clue of what good customer service is about. I've worked retail and the customer is job 1. With that being said I'm not sure I want to do business Office Depot any more. Its unfortunate because I have been a good and loyal customer. With the economy what it is I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that would be thrilled to have their jobs.

I'm a recent ex-employee, I chose not to work there anymore. I love the people I work with but management is another story in it self. The store manager has a crappy attitude and I was told that he would not advance a women in that building (this came from a department manager who re-located to another store). I'm ok with that, except they advanced a tech person who doesn't know what he is doing to supply manager. Of course you don't have to listen to me ask the many customers who have brought there computers in to get looked at and have been mad because there computer didn't get taken care of. As far as the knowledge of how the store is run he doesn't have a clue. I got along with everybody but the 2 managers I discussed. The employee's there work hard for very little pay and get no respect, we were told if you don't sell protection plans and get a certain amount of rewards sign-ups you will be fired. We heard this everyday, it seemed like we got threatened with our job everyday, and what's really up setting is that they just now started training before that we had to wing it or as other employees what to do. We had little to no training before that. I loved working there and talking to the customers but they weren't the problem. This is store #83. I was told I did something incorrectly and I had never been trained on how to do it because the manager that assigned the job had never done the job. I was told to do it a certain way by another employee and to my knowledge it was done correctly and I even had another person help me. I was called to the office and was told it was done wrong and I said I pulled things down off top stock and filled shelves and I was told I didn't do it and I said you can ask the other employee I worked with if we pulled the freight down, they had no comment on that and switched the conversation to my attitude. The manager said me and another person have and attitude, I informed the manager that there was attitude way before I got to this job and resigned. The managers let it known to people that they would hire 6 people and fire 4, this was known around the building. I was told several times about people who are going to get fired or are not working out. I was also told about poeple who are peices of crap and this is from a dept. manager. The moral there is horrible just because of some of the management. I'm seriously thinking about talking to an attorney about how the employees are being treated. I hope this is taken seriously and that changes can be made. I don't want to take it further but people should be treated alot better. Thanks for you time.

I can not believe the way your company treats its customers. Wr have an account and due to no use for 3 months the account was made inactive, and no notice was sent out in regards to this. I called and placed an order and was told that it was deactivated. I asked what I had to do to reactivate the account and was told that I would be contacted in 24-48 hours. I had to call back after no contact in 48 hours to be told the CSR who took the order never sent info to Credit Dept. So this CSR said she would send it and that I would be contacted in 24-48 hours . Again no contact was made to reactivate account. I called again and asked to speak to a supervisor and was gicen a Credit Specialists name and phone number as well as that persons supervisors phone number. I called and left messages on both of those voice mails (which also states on message that it is at least a 24-48 hour return call policy)I left messages on both numbers and it has now been over 48 hours and no return call. So 7 business days into this and nothing. I am just sickened but the treatment. I called the corporate office and the receptionsist was very rude and in the middle of me asking to speak to someone just transfered the call back to the Accounts Receivable automated line. I will just take my business to Staples or some on line company where customer service matter to the company. I understan we all have bad days at times but when it happens over and over one has to wonder. Hopefully the higher ups pay attention and do something about this. Stacy Costello

my wife bought me a Garmin GPS for my birthday, including a 2 year product protection plan. After 5 months, it malfunctioned. I contacted OD and they emailed me a return label and said I'd get a giftcard via UPS in 10-12 business days. Must be the slowest UPS ever. 2 weeks go by.. nothing. I contact OD and am told the card was mailed out the previous day and it will take 10-12 business days via UPS. 12 business days pass, nothing. I call back and am told that the card was sent out the previous day. Sounds familiar? Ask for a supervisor; he says I have been told the truth. They ordered the card made when I was told the first time. Then they had to send out a substantial check before the cards would be made (his tells me they have no credit with their supplier). I say; this is not my problem but he says it is - go figure. Card ha now been mailed out via USPS and it will take 10-12 business days (from VA to NJ, must be the pony express). So day 14 I get the card and proceed to the original store; they are out. They blame it on the GPS being made in China!!! Say I am lucky I got a gift card at all, not all claims are honored. They send me to another store, 45 minutes away that shows they have 1 unit. They say they will call to put it on hold. I go there and the 1 unit is a non-functioning display unit. Don't know if or when more will come in. OD is an organization that is lying top to bottom. Never again will I buy anything there.

August 15, 2011 Dear Office Depot: I have always attended your Teacher Appreciation Days at the location in Downtown Los Angeles and in Torrance. All of the employees have been so kind and helpful. Today, I started my first day as a teacher at Hyde Park Elementary School. It’s an inner city school located in Los Angeles, that is has low tests scores and challenging students. With district cutbacks, there is no money in the budget for extra items that more high achieving schools receive. Yet, I was very excited about making a difference in my new school. I was shocked when I saw that my classroom lacked many essential items which are the basic necessities found in most classrooms. The principal encouraged the teachers to write grants to corporations in an effort to garner additional funding. Well, I’m not good at grant writing, but I am good at begging. Therefore, could you please find it in your heart to forward this letter to any company, church group, or organization that you know who would love to adopt our classroom. I have listed a few items that the classroom desperately needs. Or if your company itself could help in any way by donating any of the following items, my students and I would greatly appreciate it. Items Needed: 1. An electric pencil sharpener 2. A Globe 3. An American Flag 4. Bookshelves (knee high) 5. Staple Gun and staples 6. T.V./ V.C.R. 7. 2 desk top computers 8. C.D. player/ or Cassette Player 9. Overhead projector screen 10. Storage Closet 11. Large Dry Erase Board (7 ft by 5 ft) As you can see, I am just requesting the basic fundamentals of a classroom. I would love to ask for an IPAD, D.V.D. player, or colorful rolling storage containers like other schools have. In the past, I have used my own money to buy whatever items the students needed, such as pencil boxes, crayons, and folders. However, with layoffs, district budget cuts, and furlough days for all teachers, I can no longer afford to use my own finances to supplement what my classroom lacked in terms of supplies. Therefore, if you have any old display models, outdated computers, or any items that you feel would benefit our school, they are tax deductible. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Ebony Batiste 3rd Grade Teacher Y.E.S. @ Hyde Park E.S. ebatiste@lausd.net (213) 434-4661

I will NEVER ever do business Office Depot AGAIN.... Their return policy OMG --- I bought a monitor from them... Very happy with it the FIRST DAY - Second day not so much. The monitor WAS bad - so I take my receipt with the monitor to the store and they tell me I have to EXCHANGE it and that they will not give a REFUND... I bought the monitor less than a week ago.... The store manager could have cared less about anything - I had to settle for a "IN STORE" credit, Which I DID NOT WANT because I had gone elsewhere to replace the bad monitor...LONG STORY SHORT --- I will be reporting Office Depot and their Customer Service department to the Better Business Bureau... How the HELL what I suppose to know the monitor was BAD without attempting to USE IT...

You guys are a joke i got half assed service at the time of sale and then not 4 monthes later only to be lied to by your employee that the computer i bought had W/7 it crashed was told somone would be right with me since i bought extended warranty but this unit was still under factory warranty you said you couldnt find me in the system like ide never been there waited 1.5 hours for help to diagnose the problem then theperson who does the repairs knew i was waiting just up and went to lunch he had another sales rep come and tell me..........you all wont last ill place a bid on the shelving in the marble falls store soon im sure *****I WOULD LIKE ALL THOSE PEOPLEWHOE HAVE HAD SIMALER PROBLEMSSHOOT ME AN EMAIL AT PROPJUNKY@YAHOO.COM WE ARE GOING TO DO SOMTHING ABOUT THIS !!!!!!) I HAD TO TAKE MY UNIT TO ANOTHER INDEPENDENT TO REPAIR LOST VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AND PICS OF MY BABY BEING BORN THIS WITH YOU ALLS HELP WILL STOP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRENTB PROPJUNKY@YAHOO.COM

I brought a laptop from office Depot located in (McDonough GA 30253) April 1, 2011. Three weeks later the laptop continued to shut down. When I took the lap top back with a receipt to exchange it The manager wouldn't let me because I didn't buy it with warranty. This HP PAVILION Laptop sucks and I just want to exchange it or get a refund. I am a college student and need the laptop to work. Please call me at 678-933-7898 to help me get a solution to this issue.

Your customer service is horrible.I went at your store #0549 in sterling va to fix my computer and they scratched and open it so they broke my laptop I am so unhappy i will never come back they are liars

I purchased a chair at one of you Dayton, Ohio Locations as well as a few Shelving units. The Chair's box looked as it had been opened before and re-taped, but it was the last one in stock and the guy assured me it was brand new. I got back to the office and attempted to put it together - what do you know They sold me a broken chair. Since they didn't have another chair in stock, they referred me to their other store across town. "they have it in stock" I was told - guess what...100 miles later they didn't and now I have to special order the part... Oh by the way, the shelves were also "out of stock" and had to be delivered and guess what - the boxes were all taped up and looked as if they were dragged to my office. I learned a valuable lesson - I WILL NOT DEAL WITH OFFICE DEPOT AGAIN. Hello local office guy! I rated Office Depot a ONE because they didn't offer me a ZERO!

I would like a call before I turn in the the paperwork to the better busines bureau, the Texas Attonery general, and the local newspaper and MSN, of the dealings of Office depot with me. I have pictures and names of the your employees with this issue. Rudy Patlan 151 oelkers San Antonio , Texas 78204 210-807-2705 cell 210-226-3760 home email is joseph4joseph@gmail.com

I went to your CO.Brighton store to buy a computer on Dec.22, 2010 I have been doing business in the stores for over 10 years but this visit will be my last. You use Telanet for your checking service, I have never had a returned check but my check was refuessed on this day.When the store manager came to me she was rude and did not seem concerned if I shop at your stores or not. I asked if she could please hold the computer until the banks opened and I would bring in cash her comment was no it is a sale item and we cannot hold it for you.I understand the rule but because of the checking service I could not see why she could not make an exception to the problem, my account had enough money to buy several computers but four years ago my home was broken into and Telacheck allowed the person to cash my checks on a closed account I sent them the Police report, and a copy of my License not once but twice and now I'm told they cannot find all my information so my checks are not allowed yet they were allowed until now. My company account is on file under 303-427-288 I have made a name change and phne number change and now they reject my checks four years later yet have allowed my checks for the past four years sound to me that your service with them may not be that good, and than you have a manager that could care less if I spend money there. My new number is 303-887-4488 if you want more information you can contact me.

Gymtime is a family, neighborhood gym that provides a private, individualized gym setting. There no crowds or waiting lines here at our gym. We would like to provide your employees, clients and family members a 3 Day FREE Gym Access pass or a FREE Zumba Class, with no obligation. If you have any fliers or marketing ideas that would benefit your business please feel free to let me know. Together as businesses we can assist each other in maximizing traffic flow in our both of businesses. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I have also attached our Corporate Group Discount information for your consideration. Thank you, Gerald Garcia(Gymtime Owner) 3250 Coors Blvd. NW Suite A-1 Albuquerque, NM 87120 (505) 839-1498

I ordered printer paper online. I had a question after the paper arrived (promptly) at my house... so I called the customer service number on the invoice. 1-800-GO-DEPOT. I spoke with Roy in customer service. This was on Monday, December 13, 2010, at about 4:15 pm Pacific time. Roy in customer service at Office Depot was so rude! I asked if my AA miles had been applied to the order, and he said he could not answer that question. He told me to call American Airlines. I told him AA had told me to call Office Depot. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he said that there were no supervisors there. I told him I doubted that no supervisors were available to speak with, and I asked him for his last name or for his ID number. His answer was to hang up on me.

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