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Poor Quality and Service

I went to the corp office to show them the delimination of my polarized lenses. The service kid said that they were covered, yet they are discontinued. The lene was peeling apart. Really, Oakley? Yes they are cheep and guess what, there was nothing other than a 25% discount that was offered. What??? If I wanted new glasses, I would go to Sunglass Hut and buy them on sale. I just want Oakley to resolve the issue with these cheep lenses. No luck and no response even after I emailed them twice with the issue. Just lost my business as well as lots of bad publicity. You suck Oakley. Anything with your name on it is out of my house. You suck! You simply dont care about your customers.

$200 sunglasses

My son purchased a $200 pair of Oakley glasses the hinge broke after multiple emails to Oakley calling them on the phone nothing. I would recommend no one buy Oakley sunglasses client service is terrible

First if all ,I am in Professional world with degrees on my wall, and your Irivine Store is conducted by Poor Management and where did you get the Guard Dogs with no Professional Skills. Do no need discounts of any kind, just respect I have that right. Your personnel have ruined your name, I never want to see the name Oakley again Sorry who does you hiring people with no class

Your so called personnel at Store at Irvine store at the front are non professional personnel with conduct dictating rules of non ethics. THere professional conduct is non respect of others and I repeat non respect of others, with conduct we will not buy you products again,if this represent you product you can have it, WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE, I am in a professional field and will be treated with respect not a DOG

Your personnel at Irvine Store, has ruined the name Oakly for our people to buy products from Oakley, they non Professional,no customer satisfaction or granfication and should not be working with the public, as this as ruined your products in the eyes of many people in the area. We will not buy your products due to your personnel, the damage is none

Your personnel at Irvine , if they worked for me would be fired, no customer satisfaction , they are in the wrong professional and have ruined your products Big mistake, if you have employee like them, O I forgot they think they ran the world. No Oakley products for me or my friends, Bad taste

Poor service at Irvine Store, were these guys working as dog guards and is this the way all your other store are conducted with no customer satisfaction, I am very professional personnel and no one treats me as under Dog. Is this poor Management or What Some one should look into this now it is ruining your name and your product and my Okaley products are in the trash

Oakley Crooks

I sent my oakley minute machine watch in to have the clasp fixed. They charged me $291.00 to replace the clasp. I will never buy another oakley product as long as I live. Its too bad because i buy a lot of their sunglasses. Not anymore.

I am trying to raise sponsorship for a my daugther funraiser it is Oct 7th 2012 in stone moutain ga she is handicap and we need anything for a raffel Would you consider sending any Oakley decals ... Shirts ... Sunglasses or anything? We would appreciate anything you can do! Contact me by email cregna2900@gmail.com or by phone 404-969-8982 thanks

To whom this may concern. I Only use to wear oakleys. I had a pair for 2 months that I bought from sunglass hut. The side broke off. I took them back there They gave me your address to send them back to yo to get a new pair. A month later I called and called you. To get no answer. Now four months later I have no glasses. Your company has 0 customer service and in this economy you should take better care of your customers. I hope you go under for what you did to me.

The only reason im here lneisitng to this song is because i walked into wal mart at about 11:30 last night stoned as hell with my sunglasses on and this guy walking out looked at me, started laughing, then began singing I wear my sunglasses at night!

Corey hart, one of the true artist of our time. He alawys did it his way and his is more about his family that all this hollywood bullsh..t. He is the best and will alway will be. I thank God he have us him and his body of work. I alawys loved him and used his music to make it through my hard times.

I would like to sponsor a youth baseball tournament team we would like to have a respone with a phone number we can call thanks

I am trying to raise sponsorship for a youth softball team... Would you consider sending any Oakley decals ... Shirts ... Sunglasses or anything? We would appreciate anything you can do! Contact me by email sandrasisay@aol.com or by phone 828-302-2261

Hello Oakley, I am Michelle from Xiamen careyou optical co.,ltd,we are a sunglasses company in China,we know that you purchase many product from China.so we seek this valuable chance for any potential cooperation. Compared with other company,we have the advantage of fashionable design,competitive price and high-quality,our quality product price from usd8.00-usd12.00 are alway amazing to our customer. In the sale blitz,we sincerely looking forward to find a nice partner in American market,for any question,you can contact my email directly: michelle@careyouoptical.com Appreciated your side early reply,tks. Best regards, Michelle Huang Marketing Department Xiamen Careyou Optical Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-592-6205695 Fax: +86-592-6513858 Cell phone: 86-18259492772 Mail: michelle@careyouoptical.com MSN & Backup email: huangjuanf@msn.cn http://www.careyouoptical.com

Dear Oakley, We're at the beginning of the Winter 2011/2012 Season and to my surprise several of your so much advertised products are not available for purchase and are on long back orders. I am going on ski trip in 3 weeks and I was looking for a long time for a pair of performance ski goggles. My choice was in the end for Air Brake Viper Red model but none of these are available for purchase on any of your websites and what is even more discouraging, your customer care reps have non idea when to expect them in and honor the orders that have been placed. Wouldn't you be rather overstocked for this season rather than loosing your customers to other brands? Hope someone will see this and maybe act on it. Thanks for 'listening'.

i don't even have oakley because the cust serv #'s won't work or too busy to get to me. good luck!! if you buy something off the rack i suppose this is an acceptable policy but i was expecting something unique. oh well.

Hello to whom it may concern, My name is Alicia Silva, my husband Daniel Silva and two daughters and a son. We live in Mount Vernon Washington. I write this letter for financial help, I am ashamed to even ask for help but it is better to say something then to lose everything. On April 4, 2007 my husband had a stroke and that was the start of the biggest change of our twenty one years together. It was really hard to accept the reality of my husband being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, to never have a chance to walk again nor to ever work again. It was very hard for me and my children to look at him and accept the reality of how their father will be permanently. Daniel had some hard struggles facing his new change and being a committed follower of the lord he was ashamed to say but there was a point where he no longer wanted to live, But after a few years and the support from friends and family he and our family were able to accept it an control this sudden change. Now are financial status is stretched and our family home that has been in our family since Daniel was a little kid might be taken away from us due to financial costs that we can’t afford. Right now my husband receives $1,565 every month from social security and the payment of this home is $2,000 per month and that doesn’t include electricity, car payments, water and other expenses. I do not work because I take care of my husband at home. Even the van that is modified for his wheelchair we will have no choice but to let it go that will be a huge blow befor his stroke he worked a lot and I always stayed home caring for the kids but now it’s my turn to care for him. I have a breeding business of dogs that I sell, but lately I have been selling very few dogs to have enough money to pay for my bills, it’s not enough but it is something. However my two daughter

Dear Oakley, I just wanted to inform you of the poor service at the Oakley retail store (Ala Moana) on Oahu is as far as customer service. I recently called them to inquire on the availability of one of your backpacks I was interested in purchasing. The sales rep on the phone stated that they had just sold the last one and they weren't sure when they would get anymore. They said to call back weekly to see if any were in. A co-worker of mine was also interested in one also, and called the same store shortly afterwards and asked if the backpack was available in store and they said yes! He then asked how many were in stock and they checked and came back saying, "Sorry, we're out". He then asked if they could special order one and put it on hold, to which they replied, "We don't do that". Is that the way business is conducted through your chain? Sounds like poor management at yout Oahu store. Just thought you should know.

To whom it may concern, Year before last in 2009 I bought a pair of white radar sunglasses I loved them, probably about 4 months ago I noticed that the bottom of the left side of the glass was seperating from the rest of the glass. I am very discussed with spending that much money and this happens, I have two other pairs which I have no problem with. I will not be buying any further oakley sunglasses because of this problem Sincerly, Sharon Zimmmerman 217 Canna Drive Davenport, florida 33897

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