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Thanks for Helping Us!

I just passed about 30 OG&E trucks on Route 78 in Pennsylvania, headed west. I assume they were coming from New York and New Jersey. I wanted to sincerely thank ALL of you for coming east to help us! We love you and hope you have a safe trip back home to your families. God Bless you all and God Bless all those affected by Sandy. Thanks so much for your hard work, Nancy in Allentown, PA.

The customer service is at a very poor standing. I received a letter today saying I wrote a dishonest check. Hold on, I've never paid with a check. This must be from when I registered my account online. I must have entered in a number wrong...that was 2 weeks ago. I called customer service to clear this up. The first rep didn't even take the time to get my name or account number before she tried to argue with me. VERY unprofessional. She proceeded to make it look like I was trying to "pull one over" on them. What?! I wanted to speak to a mngr at that time. She told me there was no option to speak to a mngr. Really? You are full of crap lady! I hung up and called back. DAVID at least got my name. He proceeded to show no compassion to my previous customer service encounter and took a condecending voice with me. Not again! He proceeded to speak to me like I was stupid..that I WILL pay the returned check fee. I couldn't help myself; I asked why all of them have such shitty attitudes?! He then raised his voice. I was over it. I told him I needed a mngr on the phone now!!! He said one would call me and hung up. Ya know, If I didn't HAVE to carry OGE I wouldn't!!! I would rather move to a different area than deal with those bastards again! All I ever wanted was a little compassion and an apology for the inconvience... returned check fee removed or not.

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