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hello Mr. Oyinloye John, you are a great fool. 1. you wrote your own name "Mr." 2. nokia does not offer any prizes. you are real NIGERIAN cow...!!!!

Nokia is using same platform for many years.samsung is keeping its applications update time to time.samsung looks are too cool as compared to nokia

apps are too old

NOKIA CORPORATION should do something to the issues of scamer's who want to tarnish your great name. I am a NIGERIAN, born and grew-up in NIGERIA. I just got this message on my C2-Nokia Phone few weeks ago that "uknokiaworldreach@live.com chose my mobile number as a lucky winner in their promo in respect to the Annual Anniversary of NOKIA MOBILE Telecommunication.... In the message, they said i should claim my winning star prize which is the sum of: £110,000.00. Please is it real or scam? The following are the contacts given to me: Mr. Richard A. +44-702-401-6788 +44-702-401-9586 fax +44-844-774-2679 email. And sincerely speaking i have spent alot of money in the course of claiming the prize and right now they're also demanding for the courier and insurance charges which is the sum of: £350.00 and the contacts on the invoice sent to me are: Mr. Frederick Gold HEATHROW EXPRESS DELIEVERY Argonaut House, Galleymead Road, Colnbrook, Berkshire, SL3 OEN. London, United Kingdom. Tell: +447024030498 Email: heathrowcouriers@live.com Please i need your help urgently on this matter because presently i am jobless and thought this could be the blessing which GOD Almighty want to use to raise me up again. About my own contact: Mr. Oyinloye John 29year Old Single +2348132365463 +2348098499545 Email: ahjipzy2004@gmail.com ahjipzy2004@yahoo.com. I shall be forward to hear from you asap. Thanks.

I have had nokia for years. This e-7 is going to be sat on the end of a shotgun! My complaints list is far too long for the space here but in short i do not want to be controlled or owned by nokia and it's calculating sneaky practices . Time for a samsung. Beware all. Matt Rolfs. Mattrolfs@live.com.au

i thing its about time someone kicked some butt in nokia what is happening now is not enough to bring them up to the times quit paying the sobs and git on with it this company sucks worse than csco or msft the ceo's make millions and we takit in the butt '

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