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I have had minor visits and major surgeries. In all instances Mutual of Omaha has always paid ALL costs not covered by Medicare. Medicae Supplement Plan "F" is the way to go. People who complain are people who did not carefully select their plan or product. All charges are paid by MOO electronically, there has never been a cause for me to pay a single penny.

after selling me a medicare policy and setting up the payments i was told by one of my drs that it wasnt t vlaied any more... when i called i was told it lapsed and i received no notice of any paynents due or past due only thing i ever got was a letter verfiing my email address 30 days after it supposed t0 have lapsed.. there seems to be no way to reinstall the polict... sounds like a scam to me.. i have put in a call to the head of customer service.. we will see if he calls back,,,, if not i will contact my attorney... left high and dry in tx

After the company did an aduit, I was contacted by a by mutual of Omaha stating one of my mothers policy was not paid out from 2003. After 1 1/2 months they say they made a mistake....what kind of sick company is this

to borrow $1,000 from you and just give you back $800? Do the right thing.Powered by Yahoo! AnswersKen asks…Which State is gettnig the most Pork from Obama's Health-Care Bill, Iowa or Chris Dodd's rom Obama's Health-Care Bill, Iowa or Chris Dodd's Construction Company?It's hard to tell Mutual of

Obviously you are looking for a free lunch, which you are not going to get. Suddenly with your aunt not doing well, you feel that there MUST be a blind incsnarue company out there flush with cash ready to cover this person, so when she passes away, you will become wealthy.Very few if any companies will do this, because she is in a nursing home, because she is quite ill, and because you have no vested interest in her.Any company willing to insure her will only do so, with a forfeiture of a few year period of non-payment is she dies, and also of only a small claim amount. In other words, someone will have to pay a bunch of money for a period of time, if she lives, hoping to collect it back when she dies. Nothing is for nothing.

well..i'm back w/another rant...back in march, 2012, i got a 20% raise on my supplemental plan F...today (aug 23,2012) got a letter from mutual re premium cost (knew even before opening envelope it'd be an increase)...and sure enough, my cost for Plan F has gone from $567 (quarterly) to $669...which i believe is very close to another 20% raise!!....since january, 2012 i've received almost a 40% increase...frankly, this is really outrageous, particularly since i'm very healthy (thank God) and rarely use my insurance. only in healthcare industry, can one be penalized for paying for other people's bills...in case of auto insurance, one pays according to their own personal history, and not that of their neighbors.

My premiums have doubled in 5 years. Two increases per year is outrageous. One on my birthday in August, the second one at the end of the year for everyone. The sad part is I can't change my supplement plan because I was diagnosed with COPD. If you have cancer, heart disease, COPD. etc, no other insurance company will give you a Medigap policy. Mutual of Omaha will not even allow you to change to a cheaper plan. I wanted to change from Plan F to Plan to a cheaper plan, but was told if I canceled Plan F I would be rejected for coverage on a different plan. Talk about treating us like victims, this is one time I wish the government would step in and stop this madness. AARP, State Farm, all of them do the same thing to their customers.

After reading the comments from other Mutual of Omaha customers, I see that my husband and myself are not being singled out for these outrageous price hikes! They are totaly unreasonable and uncalled for. Our premiums have doubled since we started with Greed of Omaha about 4 years ago. Our total payment for both of us at that time was about $230 a month. With the current raise it will be over $525 per month. I've heard that the "Smucks that be" in the insurance world make unbelievable profits and now we, the customer, can see why. I figured out how much money Greed of Omaha (thank you Jean for that new title for this company!) had spent on both my husband and myself last year and what we paid in premiums and they cleared almost half of what we paid!! So not only did we pay, through premiums, for our 20% of what Medicare doesn't pay, but we paid a couple of thousand dollars for Greed to write checks to our providers!! Nice profit, I'd say. I am going to cancel our "membership" or "entrapment", or whatever you want to term it, immediately. Hopefully, I can do this without waiting for the end of the year. Oh yeah, about our "cost of living" increases in Social Security. WHEN we get them Medicare usually takes most of that money for their higher premiums. A lot of us wouldn't quite know what to do if we truely got a cost of living raise. Cover $4 a gallon gas, higher utilities, groceries, clothes, etc. Gee, guess we all should try to start our own insurance companies so we can afford the higher prices of living!!

I read Saundra Rohn's complaint with great interest because it is similar to my curcumstance. Mutual has continued to raise my payments regularly until now I am almost paying double what I signed up to pay per mo. All they have taken care of were a couple of office visits for routine check ups. They have their greatest ally, our FEAR to rely on. Big business no longer is concerned with their reputation. Their motto is "If you don't like it, take a hike!" I have no illusion that someone will step up and say, "Oh, I see your point. Being elderly you don't have sufficient income to afford these rate hikes. We're sorry: we'll make adjustments for that and thank you for bringing it to our attention! What a comical fantasy! Wonder why no one in Hollywood has come up with that. Probably because it "AIN'T"funny!

arrrggghh..just received a letter stating my monthly premium for plan F will go up by $30, which is a 20% raise!!!! Upon calling mutual of omaha, i was told that i was in a zip code in illinois that has a high rate of claims....so, due to the fact, that even tho i'm healthy, i have to absorb a 20% increase to help pay for other's claims. If i'm accident free and my neighbor has 3 accidents in a year, that neighbor would obviously have a higher car insurance premium than i would. Only in the healthcare profession is such a crazy method conceived for making a profit....i can understand an increase, but i feel 20% is way too high, considering i make hardly any claims at all w/medicare & mutual of omaha. I wonder if the ceo of mutual got a 20% raise in pay????

Mutual of Omaha has been an excellent supplement insurance for us now that we are retired. I was shocked to receive a letter stating a cost of living increase in the amount of $48 for me and over $50 for my husband. I will stick with them because their service has been very good to us over the years since we started with them. But getting a cost of living adjustment from our social security and my retirement benefits has just been negated by their increase in 2012.It is the best of times and the worst of times in our lives.

The service was always good over the years I was with them. But they just increased my monthly rate significantly (and I have no serious medical problems) to the point where it will be over a third of my monthly check! What??? Went to a reputable Medicare HMO. Corporate greed is a problem with this company.

Although the service has been okay to this point, the idea of starting off a new customer on a reasonable rate and then increasing the monthly rate by 45%, is ridiculous. I called another insurance company and was told that their usual increase if any would run in the 3 to 4% range. Shouldn't this be against the law? Not only did they increase my payments, they did it by 23% the first time, before my year was up, and another 22% within the next 9 months. Excuse me, but shouldn't these increases come at the time of renewal? I am really frustrated by this bait and switch tactic and will not be renewing my membership. Perhaps losing all of their customers because of this tactic will let them know that this is not acceptable.

I can't believe the outrageous rise in my Medicare Supplemental Insurance. I have no idea how I am going to pay the raise - You're right, Mutual of OMaha should be called Greed of Omaha - that fits more correctly with their policies regarding raising rates. Notice that they did this shortly before the budget problem was solved. Gee, I wonder how that happened? I"m definitely going to change insurance companies, and get this money-driven monkey off my back.

I booked an MRI for my left knee after Mutual of Omaha's analyst, who was covering my case, reassured me that they would pay. The MRI would never have been booked if they were not going to cover it. Now they are refusing to pay for the MRI. I also had the cost of the MRI reduced from $1,900 to $1,000. It's an accident policy and there is $3,500 left on this particular accident. These people are liars and will not take responsibility for the advice they give.

I have my Medicare Supplement, Plan F, with Mutual of Omaha. I was paying $118/mo for over a year. Now in May, they have increase my Premiums by 42% to $170.00/mo. I have contacted them and asked how they could do this to Seniors who have had no COLA in three years, with gasoline at $4/gallon and medicine going sky high Their answer was "We have sick people and had to raise rates!". I told them I try and stay health and I get a penalty? I told them that Mutual of Omaha netted over a half Billion dollar profit in 2010 so how could they in good faith hit Seniors with this huge increase? I got no answer! Mutual of Omaha is just like the oil Companies, it is all about Greed. No longer is the customer considered number one, profit is. All of should understand that the big Corporations, especially Mutual of Omaha, really don't give a damn about the effects of higher premiums on Seniors, they want more profit! So, I urge all of you in my position, to do exactly what I told Mutual of Omaha I would do, go out and have every test, every surgery, every Doctors visit you can get. If we have to pay these outrageous premiums, we should all get the maximum benefits from them. In closing, Mutual of Omaha planned this increase full well knowing that no Seniors could leave until after the open enrollment later this year. That insures Mutual of Omaha full profit from this increase for the next 7 months. They knew this and planned this increase to "trap" Seniors into having no way out. I have sent letters to my Congressman and to the President and filed a Complaint with our State Insurance Commission. Fight back against Corporate greed and get out of Mutual of Omaha later this year. They are a horrible Insurance Company for Seniors. So, any of you Seniors wanting to get a supplement, watch out for the "bait and switch" that Mutual of Omaha has, they get you in at a low premium, than raise it after the first year. When will the Greed stop?

I just moved from Missouri to florida. Imagine my surprise when I was just notifyed by your company that my premium will more than double because I now live in Florida. I guess you figure I must not be as healthy as I was living in Missouri. I hope you people are not profiling people, as in if you're living in Florida you must be old and sick. I realize that health care costs are going up everywhere but I don't that anyone should be singled out because of where they live. I am now looking at my options for leaving your company and I will let it be known what kind of company you are.

I am a 72 year old woman who is on a fixed income having dialysis 3 times a week. I have been receiving aid for my insurance from the kidney foundation for over two years and you refuse to recieve payments from them. Do you people realize what a hassle you put old people thru? If it was not for my daughter's help and the aid of a young lady at the dialysis center I could be dead by now. With their persistance on trying to figure out how to cover my insurance I world be in a world of hurt. Why should it matter who pays for the insuance as long as you people get your money? It is more of a hassle to have money transfered from one account to mine just so the money comes from my account. What is the BIG DEAL? Maybe you should let your representatives who set people up that you do not take money from third parties. If I had known this I would have went with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. You people should reevaluate your policies!

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