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Actually, you know the food's good (or you're just really hurgny) when you prefer to dive in before taking photos; I've salivated before during the pre-eating photo process that I couldn't concentrate on actually taking a decent photo.

Ah, I gave Las Velas not one but two chances. I went on opnnieg day, obviously a rookie mistake. But went back a second time, the food was middle of the road. The service was terrible and unfriendly. And as I work near the place, I walk by often one day we saw a cockroach on their welcome mat, could be coincidence but I know I wouldn't recommend it to visitors. That said Pittsburgh has some amazing eateries. OBVIOUSLY! I'd be happy to recommend another place to you. If you are thinking Mexican, Yo Rita is supposed to be delicious (I haven't been yet) New Amsterdam has the best fish tacos in the city and Mexico City is always a good bet. You don't want to miss out on a great city just because of one bad review. Gotta come experience it for yourself!

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