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Connie Reilsono Vice President Administration | On behalf of ACHIEVA, thank you for your grueeons donation of a Carlton Restaurant Gift Certificate. This donation which you have valued at $100.00 will be used in support of ACHIEVA’s 2011 Pittsburgh Promenade Auction.For more than 50 years, ACHIEVA has provided supports to more than 10,000 children and adults with disabilities. With your help, this commitment will be maintained and enhanced. We are proud to have you as a partner in this effort.Again, our thanks for your support and generosity!Sincerely,

What sets day laborers apart from other peploe seeking employment without having papers is their lack of valuable skills. This was my impression, and pretty much what we were told when we visited the CASA centers. I think focusing on basic skills makes more sense than trying to get day laborers to start businesses, even ignoring the legal issues. I've been told the county wants to help more capable immigrants start their own temp services for day laborers. I guess I thought that CASA was basically doing this already (some staff members are former day laborers). But the centers aren't self-supporting, much less profitable businesses.The exploitation part is most troubling to me, I have no desire to cheat a good worker out of a day's pay, and yet I have almost no way to tell if I am contributing to this problem or not. I hired a house painter a few years ago, in hindsight I think he was using daylaborer workers. He told the workers to hurry up and stop doing such a good job; I ended up cancelling the contract. I don't know if the workers got paid for their work or not. I would have rather paid a contractor more for a fair job, but how can one tell? This is part of why I think an anti-solicitation ordinance is so important. By requiring use of the center there is a layer of accountability and protection for everyone, the worker, the contractor and the customer. Without an ordinance the grey market will still operate with workers agreeing to work for less and contractors cheating workers and customers.The law recently passed in Texas seems to address this issue in another way, I don't know how they will enforce that one.

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