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terrible service

charged my credit card and never recieved any software nor do they give refunds

They Suck

My son received a leapster gs for his birthday and i can't get it to hook up to my computer to get games downloaded on it and every time I call support they tell me they will email me something I am to send it back to them once completed so they can diagnosis the problem still nothing. this is the worst company in the world I will never buy another product from them ever again

question for support

the Leapfrog products that I brought came with coupons attached but they were expired I want to know whether or not you will honor them because Walmart did not. its been a week since I sent the email and I have not gotten a response from leapfrog support email. I noticed other the reviews they have not received any response from support. and I see people have problems with the download and have not received any support. you make me reluctant to keep this product

No Help

No help for the leapfrog explorer globe, stopped working properly, will not fix nor replace...call center located in Philippines Have not tried the onshore number above yet, have to wait for timezone differences

Leap Frog

My 4 year old son was given a Leap Frog Leap Pad 2. I had bought him (2) new applications. This was back end of Feb. beginning of March 2013. I had tons of problems uploading them, and contacted the "helpless" desk 4 times, spent 30 to 45 mins. each time and the screen is still black. They keep sending me e-mails to try different things - and saying it's Kaspersky's Antivirus that I have on my machine that it's the problem. Also, that the USB cable on my lap top must not be working properly. I informed them that's incorrect, because I can upload other applications. I will never, ever buy any of their products.


I love how people post on here about a product to teach their kids with, and they can't even spell themselves. Maybe they should split the time with their kids.

This was an Amazon gift from the grandparents to my 4 year old. He LOVES this! It thacees your child the proper way to make their letters. (My 8 year old needs one LOL!)He loves tracing the dots and sliding the eraser. It cheers the kids on after they push the paw print. He will sneak to play with it when he is suppose to be sleeping. It is currently at show and tell at his pre-k, he loves it that much. One week of use and he is going all over the house writing the first letter of his name. He has shown off his letter writing skills at the Drs. office. He now writes his letters better than his big brother in 3rd grade!

I just got 2 of these for my 4 year old and letter-excited 2 and 1/2 year old. Since the boxes have been opeend, they have both been enamored for over an hour. The letter instruction is accurate and straightforward. The eraser is easy to use and the stylus is at least more accurate than the one at Target where I bought these. My 2 year old loves to write letters, so I know it would be a hit for him. But my 4 year old fights writing and drawing, so it's super exciting to see him get all excited about it AND actually write decent looking letters and lines. Get it! You'll be glad you did! Perfect back to school, starting school toy/tool for your youngster!

I ordered a LeapPad on Feb 1 for my son's birthday. He opened it on 2/15 in the evening and played with it for maybe an hour total that night -mostly the camera. The following morning he played with the PetPad on it and it froze up. Since I had to work that day I thought I'd take a look that night to see if there was anything I could do to fix it. Connected to LeapFrog Connect that night and downloaded apps-it was a very fast process. Started playing it and again it froze up. Upon calling customer service the following day I was told it was faulty and would need ot be replaced and was instructed to deface it and send them a photo. I was then to receive another email. I did as instructed and called a day later to check on the status. I was told the photo was received and the replacement was being processed. I still didn't get an email so called the following day (Monday, I had to wait the weekend) and was told the green units were out of stock for replacement and it would probably be 3 weeks before they came in. Bummer! Out of curiosity a couple days later I attempted to purchase one and got all the way to the end of the purchase and was not informed that they were out of stock. I called and asked why I could purchase 1 now but it will take so long to have a replacement sent. I was told it was different with replacements. I am really disappointed in this since I feel that since we happened to get a faulty product I would think the company would go out of their way to make sure to try to make the unsatisfied customer happy. This is not the case with LeapFrog. I have sent another email to see if I can get an explaination but am sure it will go ignored. I know that this is a very small problem in the grand scheme of things and we will just have to wait for the replacement -hopefully it will get here eventually, but it stinks that their customer service department can't be a bit more attentive. It would probably help if they were native English speakers rather than reading from scripts.

I ordered the leap pad on January 26, 2012 because every store in my area has been out of stock since before Christmas. HUGE MISTAKE!!! I should have ordered from Amazon or some other company. It is now Feb. 10, 2012 and after numerous phone calls and emails, I still do not know when I will receive my purchase of $235.00. The customer service line puts you on hold forever, then when you do finally get a real person on the phone, it is extremely hard to understand them due to their foreign accent. I will never order from this company again!!!

we bought a explorer in Sept 2011 and the screen went black...in November 2011 they mailed us a replacement..the replacement broke again and then promised another replacement and 2 game cartridges on Jan 3, 2012 its now Jan 30, 2012 and still have not received promised items. Called and asked for refund and was told since product was bought in retain store and not from their site they wont refund money ($160.00 with console and game cartridges that we bought) but will see if they can send a replacement and those games already promised...still waiting for an answer..

Sending them letters don't work either Funny that a company that markets learning toys for children has no onshore contact and don't even respond to mail

Getting through to them has to be the worst. Is there anyway you can contact them online?

I reallt want to rate this company's customer service -10 I have been on hold for 1 hour and still no one have even picked up the call to see what i need. I never been on hold with any other company this long. (IM OUTRAGED)I got my son a tag pen but it will not read any other book, other then the one it came with. I bought the same book that leap frog clam it will read. ( THIS IS A LIE)

It's too bad we can't make 0 stars. I was on hold trying to find out why my computer was recognizing the Explorer, but Leapfrog Connect was not. Finally, after 55 minutes (not even exaggerating)on hold, a man answered my call and gave us instructions on how to reconfigure the leapfrog, he left us a reference and hung up. That took all of 5 minutes. Well, now I'm back on hold with an estimated 20 minute wait to try and get the problem solved. I'm sure the product is great, but the customer service is terrible! We sur-mise Leapfrog is only compatible with Internet Explorer and to Firefox. But, if anyone wanted to call corporate, their number is 510-420-5000. They are, of course, closed for the holiday (what major company that sells toys, nonetheless, CLOSE during Christmas?).

I placed an order from Leapfrog and one of the items that was on my packing slip was not in my box. I knew that it was a shipping error because I received an additional item which I had not ordered. Leapfrog is closed on the weekends so in addition to having to wait until Monday, I also now have to wait until they determine what the mix-up was. When I tried to call the corporate office I was on hold for 10 minutes and then was disconnected. This has not been my last order placed via leapfrog.com, but it will be my last.

I am using two phones and have been on hold for over 1/2 hr and still unable to connect with LeapFrog c/s. I bought my 4year old a lEapster Explorer and gave it to her for her b-day 12.3.10 It keeps freezing up and goes to opening screen, it will not respond to pwr off as suggested on your site, I have to take out the batteries so that the explorer resets. For a US company your c/s is below 3rd world at least you can through when calling India. Now what? still on hold.

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