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My wife & I went to your krispy Kreme location over by the theatres on Sunday to get a doughnut. We found that you went out of business again. In a way I was saddened for a moment and then I remembered our last visit to your store. there were only 3 customers in your store at the time. We waited for 19 minuites to get waited on and then the person that was taking our order made us feel like we owed her for waiting on us. Then the price 1.00 for a doughnut. You must be joking. Then after we got our order we had to wait another 7 minutes to pay for it. Now I am feeling happy that you went out of business. You don't have a clue about customer service and you certainly don't know anything about human resources. From now on Dunkin Doughnuts will get all of our business. Now there's a company who knows where they are going and how to get there. Good Riddence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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