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Hello Kirkorian Theater Corporate Hdgtrs My name is Mr. Lugan and Ijust wanted to voice a small complaint at the San Marcos Theater. Last night Tuesday on June 26th my daughter Christina Araya took me to go see Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter, we throughly enjoyed the movie except for the 4-5 men who were drinking in the front row above the second ledge. We kept hearing them knock over there glass bottle of whatever they were putting in there coke cups. Then as the movie went along with the action one certain individual kept laughing out loud & becoming a little obnoxious. My daughter and I asked they to please keep it down when one of them told me to make. We did not pay good money only to be rudely in interrupted by 4 drunken men. I should have gotten the Theater Manger to call the local Sheriffs to have them excorted out of the Theater. I did nothing because i did not want to make a futher scene & disrupt the other viewers. In the future maybe you should have someone walk around and see how thing are going inside. Next time we will ask that Police will come. Drunks should go to a bar or stay at home. Sincerly. Mr Ed Lugan of Oceanside,Ca

The following email was sent to Monrovia City Council. Dear Members of the City Council: My fiance and I are Nevada residents. We have been housed at The City of Hope Village this week. Janine had cancer surgery Thursday and we are lingering for post-surgical visits. Yesterday she felt up to a brief escape from our room and selected a movie at the Krikorian theaters. With surgical drains dangling from her body she moved gingerly toward the car and off we went. I circled the theatre block and found a parking space on Lime that was close enough in my estimation to not be too much of a burden for her to walk to the movie. As we strolled slowly away from the car I noticed the 90-minute parking limit. I was initially concerned because I couldn't remember the last time a feature film lasted less than an hour-and-half. But my fears were immediately dampened when I noticed several other parties parking in stalls adjacent to mine and walking to the theater. They seemed to be local residents and I figured that they knew of a "grace period" when parking next to the theater. The movie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)running time was one hour and 58 minutes and we walked out with many of the people who parked with us. As we were going slower than most I noticed them entering their cars and leaving without pause. But when we reached our car I was given pause. There was a parking citation stuck on my car. There is no question that I parked longer than 90 minutes since the movie running time, previews and walking to and fro probably exceeded 2 hours, for all of the attendees. But I couldn't understand why I was the only one ticketed, until I remembered that my car was the one with the out-of-state plates. I also don't understand the reasoning for limiting parking to 90 minutes around a theater in this day and age when one is hard pressed to find any movies that run less than that. I would respectfully suggest to the council that they reconsider the municipal code that limits parking during the day times on weekdays around the theater to such an unreasonably short period. I would have gladly paid for more than 2 hours if there were a parking meter present. But adding the $45 fine to the movie tickets made my Monrovia movie-going experience the most espensive ever in my 65-year-old life. I will be sharing our experience with the City of Hope concierge desk so that other debilitated visiting patients are made aware of the hurdles of going to the movies at the Kerkorian in Monrovia.

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