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very disappointed

I have already wrote a note and I don't see it on line. My lawyer will send a letter to the corporation

H I M Dept

Return policy needs to be reviewed and other provisions need to be made in my opion.

Summer Purse

A personal note to Kate Spade: Dear Kate, Two years ago (or more) I purchased a summer wicker purse you designed with a turquoise leather-like handle and center open/close area with a pyramid-square rotating gold clasp. My work and home life became so busy that I never had a chance to attend any appropriate social or work functions where I could use it. This Summer I've used it and received more compliments about my purse from friends and strangers than any purse I've owned for the last 40 years! I also purchased a Kate Spade wallet and other items for myself plus gifts for others since then - Thank you for your beautiful functional well made products! Anne Thull

Defective Kate Spade Purse

I have a new Kate Spade purse that turned out to be defective. Spent weeks calling in, sending emails with photos, etc. Wasted so much time and so far no results. I'm still waiting to hear back from them as I returned the item, and awaiting a replacement. They really neglect their loyal customers. I've never been more angry and disappointed! I'll probably never purchase from this brand again given their poor customer service.

defective item, no response from mgmt

Purchased a purse for my wife for Christmas. the logo on the purse was embedded upside down. Shocked and embarrassed in front of our family and friends. I was frustrated that Katespade did not bother to do a QA check on this purse before shipping it out to me. I sent multiple emails to their customer care and only go a generic apology. I will continue to escalate this to their upper management until this fixed this and make me a satisfied customer.

unprofessional customer service

i bought 2 $400. pocketbooks from kate spade they did hold up for even one season each. when i brought them back to the woodbury commons store i was told i an 70 year old person with incurable breast cancer abused them. they will do nothing for me. shame shame.

worst place to put in a order online. they will cancel your order.

Embaressed by Bellevue Square Associates

My daughter so wanted a Kate Spade phone case, so on Christmas when she opened it, she was SO disappointed that it was broken, missing a black piece on the edge of the phone cover. Today, I went to exchange it...they were out of it and then told that I could not return broken merchandise. (hmmm, I was sold broken merchandise) I was accused of breaking it and I was told that I never purchased the item at their store. Accused of breaking and stealing. HORRIBLE return policy, not helpful and not kind either. UGG...why would I ever shop at Kate Spade again? I had to bug my husband to dig up the receipt at home and text a copy. NOT customer friendly, I was totally humilitated and felt very ripped off! I suggest the mangers Rachel Lucas and Taylor get some customer training. Christmas gift gone bad followed by terrible service.

Today I placed the 4th call to Kate Spade only to be told they have nothing to do with removing a pending transaction from my credit card account. I don't see the purpose of preauthorization because all it signifies is the credit card exists, but if a company uses this system it should make sure it works correctly. The responses I received, although politely given, except the promised return calls were not received, were absurd. Why should I get my credit card company on a 3 way call with Kate Spade or even more annoying, why should I go to my bank and resolve removing these charges. This is a credit card not "my bank." I will never purchase from Kate Spade again and at this point seriously considering the return of these items and hope you can correctly credit my card.

Every year for my birthday my husband treats me to a purse. On Dec/2011 was no different. I entered a Coach store and left with a beautiful bag, I then stopped in a Kate Spade store and saw that there were some bags on sale, I saw 2 that I liked and they happened to be on sale. I then returned my coach bag so that I could purchase the 2 KS bags. Well less than a year later, the patent leather strip on both straps on one of the bags came off, on both handles. I drove 45min back to the store to be told that they could not repair it, they offered to give me a $40 credit (insult!!), and said I should check a shoe repair shop. They dont have to worry about me buying anything else from Kate Spade again!

Marloes, if you already like my page it sholud show up as grayed, with the comment 'you like this' next to the like button. Then you only have to click the like for the minted page below and then you're all set to enter. email me if you're still having issues!

Thanks for looking into it but it didn't work. What I did now was 'unlike' your page first, then enrteed the giveaway - I clicked 'like' on both and it let me through! So I guess people who have already 'liked' your fb page should 'unlike' it first, before entering :)

I placed an order KATE00479204 on 1/10/12 for the match bon shopper bag(red) 25% discounted. I kept on waiting for my shipping confirmation and I was not sent one. I contacted your customer service department several times and they kept telling the order was being shipped out. Today, 1/18/12 I was informed the purse was out of stock and no longer available. I can't believe when I ordered it was in stock but now its out. Poor customer service and I wanted this purse for my daughter 16 birthday on 1/28/12. Why was I given the run around!!!!!!!

I'm very,very upset with your company, my husband ordered something today over the phone and it is not what I wanted. He was never told about your cancellation policy or return policy. I feel that your company was not truthful over the phone not providing all information. I called to cancel it and was told it was to late and that we only had a few minutes to cancel it from the time the order was places. Please call me regarding this. I don't believe that this is the way your customers should be treated. I would like a call from you 813-484-5587.

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