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I just ate at the Rancho Cucamuga location and the service,cleanliness,ambiance,food and all of the above was excellent. This was a great expiernece and perfect dinning adventure.

Every single time I go to the kabuki Locate in Burbank California I always have somewhat of a bad experiance. The manager who is always there, has complete attitude. One time she didn't bring me my change on purpose. She assumed that my $5 change was for my server. How ridiculous is that?! I thought that was complete disrespect!!!

To the CEO of Kabuki restaurants INC I have been a long time customer who has finally had enough bad experience at the woodland hills location to terminate all patronage of the entire chain . At 9 15 tuesday night I was forced to cancel my order and leave at9 15 pm Tues. june 21 after a manger had delayed seating me at the sushi bar after the hosts recognized my request for a seat at the sushi bar and then waiting for the area to be cleared of dirty plates which took a great deal of time I had to self seat since the manager was ignoring me . I took a logical seat and started to order .. the manager who had delayed all response to my reasonable request to be seated suddenly rushed to me and asked me to move to a seat which afforded no elbow room for the sake of two guest which he was attending to in a fashion that showed me that I had received his cold shoulder discrimination I got up and asked to be moved to a corner seat at the other end of the bar which had recently seen activity .there were dishes in that area so obviously someone had been served . He said that there was no one there to serve me this manager is arrogant ignoring and resisting my request to be seated insistent on his way and dishonest about seating options for me as a guest and I told him he obviously thought more of some guests than others as he was asking me to move .He did not respond and was waiting out my next decision in hopes he would be able to do nothing the two rude and selfish guests he was helping were rude and satisfied they had unseated me even though I was willing to move to a remote place at the sushi bar to help them and the general needs of the restaurant . The experience shows that this manager at this location as many times before can decide who gets respects and there is no good reason for this . The arrogance to know that the restaurant is busy and doing well is a reason to let individual dinners know that they can take it or leave it I am a member of the red mask club my name bruce r morgan zip is either 90409 0r 91364 I wish to find out what points are left use up some such credit in Glendale and then never use your restaurant ever again since there is no customer service training at the woodland hills location . Regards Bruce R Morgan phone 818 578 9660 I am sharing this experience in online reviews and with my attorney

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